House of Kieraya raises $15 million from TradeCred

TradeCred| Hardik Shah

Bangalore (India), 24 August 2021: House of Kieraya, well-known for furniture and lifestyle rental brand Furlenco, has entered into a $15 million asset financing deal with TradeCred, India’s largest alternate debt platform. Over eight large family offices participated in this deal.

In a recent move, Furlenco has formed House of Kieraya (HoK) that includes Furlenco, its sub-brand – UNLMTD – the world’s first furniture subscription service and Furbicle – a remanufactured furniture brand.

“We believe that one single model cannot address the entire furniture market. With HoK, we are creating a continuum of sorts for the furniture needs of different segments, and at different stages of their life. Rental, subscription, re-commerce, and retail brands are the way forward in this journey, says Ajith Mohan Karimpana, Founder and Chief Executive, House of Kieraya (HoK).

“We are seeing unprecedented growth that has exceeded our expectations. Our partnership with TradeCred will help fuel the asset demand that is coming on the back of our aggressive growth and expansion plans. In the past six months, we have seen a 100% growth, and we are looking at another 100% growth in the next six months”, says Vaibhav Laddha, Head of Corporate Finance at House of Kieraya (HoK).

“The furniture and appliances rental space is one of the most resilient asset classes for investors, as consumers are switching to subscription-driven models during the pandemic. With Furlenco being the market leader and the fastest growing business in the space, TradeCred is delighted to partner with HoK to scale efficiently with an asset light model” says Hardik Shah, Founder, TradeCred.

TradeCred, founded in 2018, has deployed $250 million till date. On the Asset Leasing side, TradeCred has partnered with 50+ businesses to help them scale faster with an asset light model.