House Of Kieraya takes a step towards sustainability, launches its re-commerce brand Furbicle

House Of Kieraya
  • Furbicle will offer customers remanufactured furniture at a value for money pricing.
  • Built in the world’s largest and most advanced remanufacturing facility, the products will help cut down on furniture waste.
  • A wide range of remanufactured furniture and renewed home appliances will be available for customers to choose from.

Bangalore, 6th September 2021: House of Kieraya (HoK), one of India’s foremost and largest online furniture and lifestyle companies, that houses brands like Furlenco and UNLMTD by Furlenco, today announced the launch of its re-commerce brand Furbicle. Furbicle provides high quality remanufactured furniture and renewed appliances in India and aims at cutting down furniture waste. This is one of the key steps taken by the House of Kieraya towards achieving its sustainability goals.

Its catalogue of premium yet affordable furniture is primarily recreated using real wood and new upholstery. Furniture pieces that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill are brought back to life with the most advanced remanufacturing techniques. Furbicle has created  a new category of remanufactured furniture and renewed appliances that provide value for money to consumers and reduce their carbon footprint.

Speaking on the launch, Ajith Mohan Karimpana, Founder & CEO, House of Kieraya said, “The launch of Furbicle has allowed us to create a new category in the market with our unique ability to give furniture and appliances a new lease of life. Not only does Furbicle provide good quality furniture at competitive prices, but it also cuts down on product waste that otherwise ends up in landfills. Our remanufacturing facility allows us to take any piece of furniture and recreate it with top-notch structural integrity and material quality, ensuring the best products for our customers.

We understand the specific needs and aspirations of various segments in the market, and House of Kieraya’s growth plan will cater to each of them with more tech-enabled and tailored solutions, just like what Furbicle has to offer.”

Furbicle offers premium furniture that is new-age, comfortable, and helps customers relax in style. Furbicle’s furniture reflects artistic craftsmanship, social consciousness, and a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Furbicle offers a wide catalogue of contemporary designs which are expertly recrafted using high quality materials.

Furbicle provides free delivery and set up within 5 days along with a 1-year warranty on its products. Additionally, it offers a no-questions-asked return or replacement at the time of delivery. The brand is already available in 14 cities and is looking to expand to 35 cities. Furbicle will also offer new categories such as laptops, wearable electronics, cameras and decor among others in the near future. Furbicle is also keen to collaborate with artisans, upcyclers, and sustainability-led lifestyle brands.

Furbicle offers furniture across all key categories, including living room furniture, beds, dining tables, study solutions, workstations, loungers, and much more. In addition to this, it also offers a wide variety of home appliances. Furbicle is currently available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurugram, Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Noida.

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About Furbicle

Furbicle was born in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India in 2021 with a vision to provide premium furniture that’s also good for the planet. All of us have struggled with furniture that’s either too expensive, bulky, flimsy, or old school. Plus all of them eventually end up in a landfill. So, it was high time for something better. Furbicle is currently operational in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurugram, Faridabad and Noida.

About House of Kieraya (HoK)

House of Kieraya (HoK) is a corporate house of brands, including Furlenco, UNLMTD by Furlenco and Furbicle, with a vision to become India’s largest tech-driven online furniture and lifestyle company with the promise of sustainability. HoK is committed to providing a larger audience with access to high quality, well designed furniture and home appliances in a way that limits overproduction and over utilisation of scarce resources. HoK’s expertise in the online rental space (Furlenco), recent entry into subscription commerce (UNLMTD), and unique ability to achieve circularity in furniture with re-commerce (Furbicle) enables the group to improve sustainability in the furniture market.