In the Data-Driven Jungle, Analytics Saves at Work Wins the Day 

Analytics Saves at Work India Pvt Ltd (ASAW)
Analytics Saves at Work India Pvt Ltd (ASAW)

As a growing business entity in modern times, you might not have found the perfect partner if you have not yet transformed your business and processes digitally. Imagine a business landscape shrouded in fog, decisions taken in the dark, and success in a game of blind luck. Sounds bleak, right? That’s where the heroes of Analytics Saves at Work Pvt. Ltd., aka ASAW, step in, armed with powerful data tools and unwavering determination to illuminate the path for businesses of all sizes.

ASAW stands as a prominent SAAS-based AI and Analytics consulting firm in the market, with its inception dating back to 2015. “Our organization provides a range of services, including digital transformation, product development, Business Intelligence, Analytics consulting, and staff augmentation.”

Meet ASAW’s operations manager, India Ashish Verma. 

We’re not just number crunchers; we’re business whisperers, deciphering the hidden language of data, revealing insights that spark growth, optimize operations, and propel companies towards stratospheric success.”

Forget One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

ASAW customizes data-driven strategies, encompassing AI solutions and tailored to align with your unique business needs. This strategic guidance not only helps you navigate away from potential pitfalls but also directs you towards flourishing landscapes for your business.

Ashish claims, “Our impact goes beyond just numbers. We empower people and equip them with the knowledge and skills to embrace data as a guiding light, not a bewildering mystery. Our upskilling programs and workshops help our employees to transform the workforce from passive observers to active data champions, driving impactful decisions throughout the organization.”

The results? They speak for themselves. Increased profitability, streamlined operations, boosted customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge sharper than ever before. Harnessing the expertise of the best talents from India and abroad, ASAW empowers businesses across various sectors to overcome challenges, scale mountains, navigate turbulent waters, and emerge stronger and more resilient. This commitment to recruiting top talent ensures our clients receive top-quality results and are well-equipped to thrive in the constantly evolving market.

Partner with the Masters of Empowering Businesses

ASAW’s unique selling propositions (USPs) lie in innovation, a customer-centric approach, and the fusion of cutting-edge technology with sector expertise. The team is dedicated to leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in their solutions, which, coupled with their prowess in product development and staff augmentation, distinguishes them in the market. Notably, ASAW has earned recognition for its excellence by crafting an award-winning product for a client in Hong Kong in the field of anti-money laundering. “This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and solidifies our position as a leader in the market.”

Many aspects make ASAW stand out in the market. According to Ashish, they’ve carefully designed their suite of services to tackle all aspects of the clients’ challenges, covering Digital Transformation, Product Development, Staff Augmentation, and SaaS-based products, offering a comprehensive range of solutions. ASAW’s competitive advantage in the market stems from its adept handling of customer-specific challenges. “With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, our Founder, Archna Wadhwa, with a team of accomplished experts had the vision of building ASAW to be a frontrunner in AI-based solutions, digital transformation and providing innovative solutions that redefine the landscape of technology and businesses,” says Ashish.

Digital Transformation, ASAP!

Further, the immersive benefits of the solutions offered by ASAW to its clients include

• Informed Decision-Making: Through its Data Science and Analytical Consulting services, ASAW helped its clients gain valuable insights for data-driven decisions, fostering sustainable growth. “Our approach integrates cloud-based platforms and AI for comprehensive and actionable intelligence.”

• Revenue Boost: “Our commitment to product development and AI-driven solutions contributes to increased sales and revenue generation.” With a focus on cutting-edge technology, ASAW empowers businesses to thrive in competitive markets.

• Cost Savings: Clients benefit from ASAW’s Staff Augmentation services and HiReachy, providing flexibility in scaling their workforce as needed. This optimization of costs, combined with cloud and AI integration, enhances overall operational efficiency.

• Efficiency Gains: “Our products SPyDER and CoLander are designed to streamline processes, reducing manual efforts and operational inefficiencies.” Leveraging cloud capabilities and AI, these solutions enhance efficiency through automation.

Being an experienced leader, Ashish shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI, ML, Cloud, and Blockchain impacts the modern business solutions sector and how ASAW contributes to the change.

Crafting Award-Winning Tech

Contemporary technologies empower organizations to explore new possibilities, improve efficiency, and secure a competitive edge. ASAW stands at the forefront of this technological transformation, harnessing the power of AI, ML and cloud technologies to provide customized offerings to our clients. “Our cloud-based solutions provide scalability and flexibility for clients, and we are actively delving into the potential of modern technologies to elevate data-driven solutions.”

Moreover, ASAW’s utilization of AI extends beyond analytics; it seamlessly integrates it into diverse facets. “Notably, we have built an award-winning AML product for our partner company in Hong Kong catering specifically to China market.” Additionally, the firm leverages AI for staff augmentation, enhancing organizational capabilities.

Also, the team is implementing Blockchain Technology in the payment gateway for one of their partner companies in Hong Kong, further exemplifying their commitment to technological advancement.

Erasing Obstacles in Your Path

Considering the current industry scenario, Ashish says that all companies face changing technology, ever-evolving customer expectations, and the imperative for continual innovation to maintain competitiveness within the dynamic landscape of business solutions. To surmount these obstacles, ASAW fosters a culture of innovation within the organization. Regular upskilling of our team ensures they possess the capabilities to navigate the ever-evolving technological terrain. “Furthermore, we prioritize staying abreast of industry trends, allowing us to proactively tackle challenges and deliver future-proof solutions to our clients.”

Success Pointers 

In his advice to budding professionals who aspire to venture into the business solutions industry, Ashish says, “For individuals aspiring to embark on a career in the business solutions industry, I recommend fostering a problem-solving mindset and nurturing a fervour for continuous learning.”

Investing in research and partnering with companies can aid in staying ahead of emerging technologies and understanding industry dynamics. Equally important is developing robust interpersonal skills, given that success in this field often hinges on collaboration and effective communication. Lastly, view challenges as opportunities for growth and recognize the significance of building a strong professional network.

Fostering A Data-Driven Crystal-Clear Future

Ashish says their future plans concerning ASAW’s operations and offerings aim to stay at the forefront of innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the market. They are upskilling their team in AI and cutting-edge technologies and are steadfastly devoted to advancing and expanding their SaaS products, integrating cutting-edge technologies. “This commitment not only enhances the services we offer to our existing clients in India, Hong Kong, the US, and Mauritius but positions us to extend our reach into the Middle East and diverse European regions in the years ahead.”

So, if you’re tired of operating in the dark and crave the clarity and confidence that comes from data-driven decisions, then embrace the power of Analytics Saves at Work. We’ll be your guide, your data shepherd, and your partner in conquering the data-driven jungle and claiming your rightful place at the top of the business food chain.

Join us, at, as we rewrite the business success story, one insightful metric at a time,” concludes Ashish.