India’s Electric Vehicles boom is built on Mopeds and Rickshaws

Electric vehicles

In India, Electric vehicles (EVs) like mopeds and three-wheeled rickshaw taxis sell for as little as $1000 and are engrossing around India’s congested urban roads. Government and environmentalists were cheered to clear polluting smog all around the cities. Its success with low-cost vehicles is also giving an innovative approach to developing countries.

This initiative of developing countries would replace igniting engines and sustainably combat climate change. The best part about this is “There’s no pollution and it pays half as much for fresh batteries as that of a full tank of fuel.” EV models get energy from coal plants and are generally responsible for greenhouse gases

Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured last year that country would get half of its energy from sources other than fossil fuels by 2030. The transition of electric vehicles has come in handy with electric production.

With arising, competition in EV mopeds and rickshaws are not expensive along with surge on fuels make it an even more convenient option. India’s goal is to mark an impression on the major pollution cities, especially New Delhi.