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India's Visionary Business Leaders Making an Impact in Industry

Times are such that corporates are in dire need of visionary business leaders. However, how to define a visionary business leader? The definition has many aspects, viewpoints and ideas. Though, all of them integrated into a resilient leadership personality can bring in positive transformation and make marvels through its farsightedness.

The concept of modern business leaders has been constantly evolving along with the changing times and for the better. In this futuristic era of post-crisis perspective shift, digitalization, and start-up booms, alongside the world, India, too, is witnessing a revolution vis-à-vis staunch leadership acumens modernizing the business arena.

Coming from all strata of society, instead of only a niche one, these awe-inspiring business leaders are giving novel assessments and diverse ideas which are unifying into a highly disruptive yet much-needed industry reshuffling. These mighty leadership personas tend to be highly motivated and self-directed; they also exhibit a high internal locus of control, with accolades and honours.

CIOLOOK INDIA is on the quest to find India’s Visionary Business Leaders Making an Impact in Industry and features their futuristic tales on a globally distinguished platform. Let us make the world listen to your heart-rousing saga.

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