Interim Dividend will be Rs. 21 Per Share Declare by Hindustan Zinc


In the board meeting, Vedanta group’s firm Hindustan Zinc said it would pay Rs.21 interim dividend per equity share. The company also declared that Rs 8,873 crores outflow would lead a dividend payout.

The Regulatory filing said, “the company wishes that the Board of Directors of the firm through resolution, which is passed by circulation on Wednesday, 13th July 2022, have approved the Interim dividend of Rs. 21 on per equity share, i.e., for the financial year 2022- 23 there will be 1050 per cent on the face value of Rs. 2 per equity share, amounting to Rs. 8,873 crores.”

The company has set the stipulated timeline under the law; the firm will pay the interim dividend to its investors, the exchange filing further noted.

And 21st July has been the recorded date for paying the dividend mentioned by the company. This declaration of an interim dividend came from the day after Hindustan Zinc reported a 14 per cent increase in their mined metal production, i.e., 2,52,000 tonnes during the first quarter of FY23.

In the first quarter of FY23 of the current fiscal, refined metal production was at 260,000 tonnes, catering for a rise of 10 per cent as compared to Q1 FY22 in process with availability of mined metal, flat sequentially, and better plant availability.

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