Introducing Premium quality Black pepper powder with combination of Himalayan Pink Rock salt.

Black pepper powder

Kottayam, 06-07-2023   Kerala Naturals, a D2C brand who deals with retail and bulk exporting of natural and herbal products has launched Premium quality pure Black pepper powder along with pure Himalayan Pink rock salt and increases the ranges of products to its customer.

Kerala Naturals always aims to provide the best quality products to its customers. Salt and pepper powder has always being a combo ingredient available in every dining tables. As a part of it Kerala Naturals aims at providing the best quality products that includes taste as well as health benefits.

Black pepper tastes great on just about anything, especially grilled proteins and vegetables, so black pepper is a great go-to for anyone’s needs. Himalayan pink salt has many health benefits like supporting immune system and respiratory functions, helps lower BP, improves skin, soothes sore muscles and helps in sleeping healthy. Black pepper powder and Pink rock salt provides the perfect combination for making the food at a perfect taste.

Newly launched pink rock salt and black pepper powder are available in glass bottle with a butterfly cap in 125 gm and 75 gm respectively with no added chemicals.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is also available in 500 gm and 1 kg as required by the customers.

Kerala Naturals products range encompassed herbs, spices, beauty products, organic products, ayurvedic products, honey, coconut oil, baby care oil, jackfruit products, Pickles , handicrafts etc. It is our pleasure to say that now we have 200000 satisfied customers in 100 countries and have earned a high market acceptance and a reputation of reliability. We supports the farmers with the brand. The brand provides fresh, natural products directly collected from farmers in different areas without using any preservatives and flavours.

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