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iSquare Data Systems
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Digitalization is imperative for enterprising entities in the rapidly evolving industry scenario. These changing situations pose challenges in terms of planning––for information technology adoption, digital adaptation, and ERP implementation––versus actual integration of advanced technologies into the core business systems and entire organizational processes.

The divide thus created is responsible for the enterprise’s long-term success and failure. There is a profound calculation to bridge this wide gap, and that equation is simple; every business’s digital transformational success is equal to iSquare Data Systems (iSquaresys).

Mr Ravi Shankar, the CEO, reveals that the global pandemic has changed their experience, and they have been working with their clients to accelerate towards…

A Digital Strategy 

He shares, “We focus on – aligning IT services with the business’s current and future needsimproving the IT services quality; reducing the long-term cost of provisioning IT services, best practices of offering numerous benefits to the businesses; avoiding reinventing wheels; reducing dependency on technology experts; increasing the potential to utilize less experienced staff by properly training them; making it easier to leverage external assistance; overcoming vertical silos and nonconforming behaviour; reducing risks and errors; improving quality, improving the ability to manage and monitor; and increasing standardization leading to cost reduction.”

That is why, today, iSquaresys is renowned as one of the best IT Solution Providers in India in the areas of Software Development, Web Development, ERP Implementation, Cloud Migrations and implementation, Project Management Consultancy, IT Security Consultancy, and Infrastructure Recommendations and Implementation.

Possessing functional and technical expertise in developing and implementing IT Solutions, iSquare Data Systems Private Limited (iSquaresys) has been registered with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) in Chennai, India, since 2011. With their long years of experience in implementing innovative IT solutions, the consultants of iSquare are aware of mastering challenges in the implementation process.

Their solutions include custom-developing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to meet customer demands and meet their business requirements. They have clients in India, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Singapore. “We provide the secure flexi recharge and online Airtime Electronic voucher distribution for our clients integrated with ERP systems,” informs Ravi.

A Technologically Adept Leader

As a CEO, Ravi is taking full responsibility for the company’s sustainability and making major business decisions, managing the overall operations and resources.

Ravi has a proven track record with a rich experience of 35 years in managing the entire gamut of HR/IR/General Administration functions with demonstrated leadership qualities across

manufacturing/IT/ITES/Educational/Service sectors. He initiated and implemented various HR strategies and policies in the organization and was a key member of information security management.

Ravi is well-versed in HR automation/HR audit, skilled in long and short-term workforce planning and designing innovative recruitment strategies for quick ramp-up of the large-scale and specialized workforce. He has the distinction of playing a key role in devising and implementing effective employee retention strategies to maintain attrition at below-industry-average levels.

Ravi has been continuously contributing distinctively to employee skill enhancement through training and development as an enterprising leader who can motivate personnel towards achieving organisational objectives and adhering to industry best practices. As part of the management team maintaining excellent Human Relations, he has very good experience handling IR and general management administration concerning multiple location units.

It is Ravi’s exemplary leadership qualities, strong business acumen, and visionary guidance that iSqauresys has an impressive clientele in the verticals of trading, construction, energy, manufacturing, food Industries, retail, transport, telecom, education, pharmaceutical, automobile, e-commerce spread across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nigeria, Singapore, Canada.

A Pivot of Professional Principles

When asked what professional qualities and values clients admire in iSquaresys the most, Ravi says that to recognize the emerging businesses’ immense potential, they augment their understanding of the international markets and cultures through information gathering and analysis in order to overcome the issues.

Further sharing the USPs of iSquare Systems, Ravi divulges that they are a team of like-minded people who aim to create perfectly crafted products and ensure them with tailored services. They value an honest approach to business and praise a fair-play attitude from all parties. They are people working together and understanding each other clearly and quickly.

According to Ravi, they listen to their clients and find the best decisions to perform cutting-edge solutions tailor-made for them. They think about every project and its details to eliminate bugs in future. They know how to find the right solution for problems of different complexity. They are proud that they offer high-quality products they create after finding the best ideas and implementing them precisely and pragmatically.

We love our job and constantly develop our skills to deliver better services to our clients. We welcome you to study how good we are, to be sure about our professionalism,” claims Ravi, adding that they are constantly enhancing their team’s skills and capabilities to match clients’ expectations.

Expanding Future Horizons

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the ERP space, Ravi tells them to study the market challenges and provide solutions based on the clients’ needs. “There are no generalized products, services, and solutions. Everything must be according to the customer’s demand. One size fits all never works in IT and ERP niche,” he adds.

On envisioning scaling iSquaresys’s operations and offerings in the future, Ravi reveals that they successfully implemented smart card solutions using NFC technology with ERP integration. Currently, iSquaresys has directed its efforts to facilitate a major client in Nigeria to implement an ERP Telecom retail business that covers all of the client’s retail partners and resellers, enabling them to access the systems.