Ivy Percy Dey: All Your Adorable Pets’ Own Fashion Designer

Ivy Percy Dey

All the failures one come across in life are only the missteps on the path to that sweat sensational destination of success. These missteps tell one who is running after her dream is that she has to take a step back, reassess the situation once again, and reevaluate her own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

This external assessment and personal evaluation are the basis for achieving any and every dream an individual sees and then pursue in her life. External environment and the world will always put challenges, obstacles, hurdles, and even storms in one’s path. It has been done by the invisible master of natural selection to test the individual living being’s survival capacity, thriving capabilities and hunger for winning.

Those who gets dejected from failures, and stops pursuing their dreams becomes the example of real failures. Because like every protagonist of every admirable story is the one who reaches her destination of her dream by going through her personal hell of storms of adversities, mountains of obstacles, and seas of hurdles, and finally emerges as the awe-inspiring leader of her own extravagantly enthralling saga.

Meet Ivy Percy Dey, the Owner and Founder of Paw; All Your Adorable Pets’ Own Fashion Boutique.

The awe-inspiring Leader shares, “My name is Ivy Percy Dey. Although, today, I am a successful entrepreneur, I was always not like this. Let me tell you my story. Since class seven, I wanted to become an entrepreneur, a fashion designer. My goal was strong that I use to self-learn about designing since then.

I graduated in Fashion Designing (BSc and ISD Italy) and started working. Started working in my city for some year’s, went to other state for work for some time and then realized that I should start my own company.

Came back to homeland and started a company, it was a failure. After a year or two got married and tried again. It was a failure too. So I stopped and asked myself ‘what am I doing wrong? What can lead me to my dream?’

Then I got my answer. I wanted to be an entrepreneur so let’s try some other which will include my skills. So I came up with ‘Paw’. Fashion for pet’s. I use all my fashion taste, fabric knowledge into it and today I am who I am.

I have achieved ‘GlantorX Women Leadership Award 2022’, ‘Fireboxx Icon Award for Best Pet Product Startup 2022′ and ‘Fireboxx Icon Award for ‘Women Entrepreneur 2022′. This is not the end, but a modest begining; I am still working on my business to improve our products everyday.”

Ivy spoke in an interview with CIOLOOK INDIA for its latest edition of ‘India’s Powerful Women Business Leaders.’ The life changing excerpts of this extraordinary story are given here.

Please tell us about the saga of Paw since its inception.

After winning some bows from pet giveaways on Instagram, I thought of making one for my kid. Did some research and made one, but I was not happy with the final product. After getting a good knowledge, I thought of making an Instagram page to sell bow’s and bandana’s only. I discussed it with my husband and finally made a page on May 2021. As the days went by, I did more research, learnt many new things and improvised my products.

Now we sell outfit’s, accessories like bow’s, bandana’s, necktie, collar, leash, harness, hairclip, scrunchie, tuxedo, bandana and what not. Our motive is to make both the pet and owner smile every single time they wear us.

What was your inspiration behind venturing into the business arena?

My first inspiration was my elder son – doggo – Max because I just like dressing him up and next was my younger son – doggo – Benzo to whom I like to make him wear bow’s.

Even our logo is inspired from them. That c-tongue in inspired from my baby Max because he always hangs out his tongue and that brown color is inspired from Benzo.

What were the initial challenges that you had to surmount to ensure your business’s success rate to reach greater heights?

I had faced some really tough challenges with fabric’s and delivery. It was hard getting a good fabric supplier with perfect print as I want because most of my prints are customized along with reasonable price. Secondly, it was hard getting a good courier service which don’t charge high and deliver the parcel on time.

What professional values and qualities do you think your clients value in you and your company the most?

Reading the valuable feedback from my customers is one of my favorite thing to do. It helps me to improvise.

As per our customer’s we have best quality products and a wide variety of collection to shop from. I love talking to my customer’s, taking their advice or to know what products or print’s they want us to add in our collection.

When they send us feedbacks like – ‘loved the product’, ‘so perfect’, ‘just fell in lovvvveeee’, ‘excellent quality’, ‘10000 out of 100 rating’ and so on – that is the biggest achievement.

What are the USPs that highlight Paw’s uniqueness in the industry you are catering to?

I have started focusing more on pet outfit’s. Being a former fashion designer I thought of utilizing my skills and fashion taste on this cute pet outfit’s. I have already started selling designer pet outfit’s and people seems to love it. Planning to launch twinning set’s where pet and human can twin up the designer collection.

As an experienced professional, what would you like to advice the budding aspirants willing to enter the business world?

Keep a crystal clear picture what you want to accomplish. In a business, things will go wrong but never stop. Keep walking the road with different steps. If you face an obstacle take it as a challenge and try to overcome it. Always stay positive and your attitude is one of the important thing because that what will make your customer’s love you.

How do you envision Paw’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations?

Emerging technologies and automated tools are really very useful these days no doubt. Fortunately, the digital technology in business are more affordable now for small businesses than they’ve ever been, and organizations are pursuing them more fervently in order to stay competitive—across all industries.

Intelligent methods for extracting data and processing them are another example of a modern technology solution that can be a huge benefit to a modern business. Purchase orders, client documents, customer records, invoices—all and more can be quickly and easily scanned for information in an accurate manner, improving data validation.