Jeet Chakarborty: Guiding Companies Through the Complexities of the Digital Realm via iLosung

Jeet Chakarborty
Jeet Chakarborty

In the dynamic landscape of India’s SAP and ERP technology industry, Jeet Chakarborty stands out as a visionary leader, making waves as the Founder and Managing Director of iLosung Private Limited, iLosung Middle East, iLosung SA Pty Ltd, iLosung UK Ltd and iLosung America. With a rich background spanning over a decade in the technology sector, Jeet has consistently demonstrated a commitment to guiding companies through the complexities of the ever-evolving digital realm.

Individuals with common ideologies and ambitious objectives often conceive brilliant ideas to fulfil their aspirations. Similarly, the inception of iLosung was fuelled by Jeet’s passion and self-motivation to embark on his entrepreneurial journey. The business enthusiast aimed to establish a brand centred around comprehending organizational pain points and delivering top-notch tech solutions, leveraging his expertise.

Inception of a Technopreneur

Formally conceptualized in 2018, the modest beginnings of iLosung took root in a two-bedroom flat. The young entrepreneur’s relentless efforts, hard work, and unwavering determination laid the foundation, marked by securing the first support order on SAP ECC. As SAP projects came on board, the company commenced full-fledged operations in Mumbai and Pune, establishing itself as a delivery centre. With gradual yet consistent growth, iLosung has recently expanded its footprint to include office space in the U.A.E, signalling its intent to establish a regional office in the region.

As the CEO of iLosung Group, Jeet has played a pivotal role in steering the company towards unprecedented success. iLosung specializes in delivering innovative technology solutions to businesses across diverse industries, tackling the challenges faced by global consulting and IT services in India. These challenges include maintaining competitiveness in the global market, delivering high-quality services under client pressures, and adapting to rapid technological shifts.

Under Jeet’s dynamic leadership, iLosung has experienced significant growth and has earned a reputation for providing cutting-edge solutions that drive business success. Jeet’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his profound understanding of technology, has positioned him as a highly respected figure in the industry, solidifying iLosung’s position as a leader in its field.

The Journey of Digital Aspirations

Jeet’s journey in the IT sector began in 2010, and since then, he has gained a comprehensive understanding of the field by assuming multiple leadership roles across various industries. His strategic vision and expertise have been instrumental in iLosung’s pioneering efforts to drive the growth of software services talent in Asia and Africa through the Global Delivery Model.

Reflecting on his leadership journey, Jeet emphasizes the importance of cultivating the right attitude, passion, and a strong work ethic as the keys to entrepreneurial success and fulfilment. In a candid statement, he asserts, “Most people waste time endlessly searching for magic shortcuts when the only real path is paved with the right attitude, passion, and lots of hard work. There’s no shortcut to success; we must challenge ourselves to improve daily.”

In terms of offerings, iLosung boasts an extensive portfolio of SAP services. The brand’s seasoned team has effectively catered to various clients, from SMEs to enterprises. Over two years, iLosung has achieved notable milestones, including successfully implementing SAP S/4 HANA, SAP Success Factors, and various projects spanning different locations and industries. Jeet proudly mentions, “We have successfully implemented but also gone live.”

The Distinctive Benchmark

Jeet highlights what sets iLosung apart and underscores the team’s strength, emphasizing a familial working environment and a commitment to timely project delivery. He further notes, “Our competitive pricing and a substantial portion of clients acquired through referrals contribute to our success.” To propel the business to new heights, iLosung strategically aligns itself with value-added partners and actively expands its global team to enhance its capabilities.

iLosung’s extensive range of services, including SAP solutions such as Rise with SAP, SAP Hybris, SAP Success Factors, SAP Analytics Platform, and more, showcase the company’s commitment to excellence. Jeet affirms that iLosung offers a repertoire of SAP services, including Implementation, Upgrade, Support, and on-call services. The company’s recognition as one of the premier professional services providers is a testament to its proficiency in managing complex projects.

Positioned as an all-encompassing technology solutions provider, iLosung extends its services across diverse sectors, including oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, automotive, engineering, FMCG, distribution and logistics data, and more. The company has played a pivotal role in catalyzing significant transformations, contributing to India’s ascendancy as a global hub for software services talent. iLosung stands out as a pioneer of the Global Delivery Model, earning recognition as one of the premier IT companies originating from India.

Providing the Solutions, You are looking For

Leveraging its extensive expertise overseeing intricate SAP projects, iLosung offers a comprehensive suite of SAP solutions, including SAP GRC, SAP Ariba, SAP Hybris C4C, SAP SuccessFactors, and OpenText Solutions. With a strong foothold in SAP S/4HANA Implementations, Support, Conversion and Cloud Services, and Success Factors, iLosung emerges as a specialized SAP service provider and a distinctive brand in the industry. Operating as a privately held entity, the company maintains its corporate headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and has expanded its operations across EMEA, ANZ, UAE, USA, and APAC regions.

SAP has recently introduced its public cloud solution named S/4HANA Cloud, foreseeing India’s ascent as one of the leading global markets for cloud services with a projected reach of a market size of US$9,220 million in 2024. Furthermore, per the projections for the ERP Software Market in India, it is anticipated that industry-specific ERP solutions will secure a market share of 25% by the year 2027. According to SMR’s research findings, SAP commands an approximately 3.71% share of the overall ERP software market. SAP’s ERP product portfolio spans analytics, expense management, human capital management, and customer relationship management, offering a versatile suite that can be tailored and implemented to meet diverse enterprise requirements.

Making an Impact

Numerous businesses have adopted SAP ERP due to its proficiency in managing financial transactions, facilitating collaborative decision-making, overseeing product life cycles, and orchestrating supply chain activities. However, the implementation of SAP is commonly perceived as a complex undertaking involving the integration of SAP with other technologies, customization to align with specific customer needs, and incorporation of data into various databases. Regardless of the enterprise’s size, the sheer volume of data processed through the SAP database is extensive and challenging to analyze. Additionally, the effective implementation of SAP is a resource-intensive and prolonged process, demanding a highly skilled workforce and substantial financial investment.

This is where we at iLosung are making all the difference by helping businesses in developing and implementing industry-specific personalized and customized SAP solutions,” concludes Jeet Chakarborty, whose leadership and iLosung‘s innovative solutions continue to leave a lasting impact in a landscape characterized by constant technological advancements. It makes Jeet and his team an integral player in India’s technology-driven business landscape in 2024.