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Trust in a legal counsellor comes from the compassion infused by your advocate in the relationship with you. When you are searching for the best law consultant, the qualities you are looking in them are their ability to listen to you, understand your perspective, comprehend your stated and unstated objectives from the issues at hand, and the intricacies that will bound to develop in the course of the administrative processes and judicial procedures. Further, their commitment, dedication, and devotion to your cause strengthen your bond with them.

Coming from a middle-class family and with his father in the State Administrative and Legislature of Madhya Pradesh, JuristechLegal and PartnersFounding Partner Mr Manindra Pandey would see the land of the law operating in his daily routine from his childhood days.

On a Lifelong Learning Journey

Further, his keen observations of how the advocates were responsible to provide justice to their clients by building a long-term trustworthy relationship by carefully and attentively listening to the people escalated Manindra’s interest in the field of law. Later he was also dazzled by the passion-rousing environment at NLU Bhopal. He feels, “The field of law gives us a chance to an opportunity of lifelong learning and it also enables us to understand the framework of the legislative body of the country.”

After finishing his HSC exam, Manindra concentrated on legal studies to excel in CLAT. However, he lost the opportunity to get entrance into NLU Bhopal by five or six numbers. Afterward, in 2010, He chose Bharati Vidyapeeth and kick-started his long-term Law Course to become an expert legal advisor having precise expertise and extraordinary know-how about The Law. Successively, he carried on his legal executive training while at the same time doing his apprenticeship in a law office in Delhi. Later, he did his LLM from Mumbai College in 2016. After this, he worked under one or two individual promoters in the city; during which he got chosen to the college of Mumbai for an LLM course.

Commencing a Commitment

During his LLM, Manindra met a companion in the school who was a Law and CS graduate with whom he would later establish the JuristechLegal firm. But, initially, they both chose to practice independently.

Manindra says, “We are an innovative, full-service, global law firm, committed to transforming the practice of law. Our Clients, People, Technology, and Brand are our foundation.”

In the beginning, their office was a single room that immediately extended into a full-fledged law firm despite the adversities imposed by the COVID-19 onslaught.

He furthers, “We are pioneers in understanding our clients’ stated and unstated objectives and delivering the highest standard of legal services, whilst making lasting contributions to society and environment.”

JuristechLegal and Partners firm was established in 2016. Today, viewed as one of the most experienced and licensed law firms in India, JuristechLegal is a one-stop solution for all your legal compliances and business advisory services. Mahendra states, “Our greatest strength is an in-depth understanding of legal, regulatory, and commercial environments, in India and elsewhere. This strength enables us to provide bespoke counsel to help our diverse clients, negotiate in any dynamic or volatile business environment.” At JuristechLegal & Partners, collaboration is an everyday reality. Manindra and the team combine individual and mutual strengths to achieve collective growth.

Keeping the Promises

Presently, the Firm has a head office in Mumbai and also operates in almost all the major cities of India including Delhi and Ahmedabad. Manindra reveals, “We provide our clients with services across 21 segments of the economy including Corporate Law and Company Registration, Foreign Investment, Taxation, Intellectual Property, Banking, white-collar crime, Litigation, Arbitration, International Commercial Contracts, Oil and Gas Law and Contracts, Insurance, Immigration Services, Labour Law, Environmental Law, etc. We serve our clients through partner-led teams with domain knowledge in industries.”

Having extended its legal services bouquet and administration contributions over the years, JuristechLegal currently fills in as a full-administration law office in India to fulfill the legitimate needs of Pan-global clients.

Manindra says, “Our firm has been reliably perceived for the capacity to guarantee the most ideal results by giving lawful solutions and consultancy of the greatest quality to the clients. Furnished with specific lawyers, we give a-z legal advisory services to clients from everywhere in the world who wish to establish and foster their business in India or foreign shores. As a significant jump towards expanding our worldwide organizational network, recently, we have started teaming up with notable legitimate firms all over the world like Italy, USA, Russia, Germany, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Oman, Iraq, UAE, China, South Korea, and others.”

Winning Against the Adversities

Speaking about his professional challenges while entering the legal space, Manindra says that initially in his struggling days, wherever he went for an entry-level position, he faced constant rejections. However, instead of getting dejected, those dismissals enlightened a burning flame of inspiration in his heart that one day he will be sitting in his own firm.

Later, after establishing JuristechLegal, fighting for their clients’ cases, he found the long and arduous process of hearings getting delayed date after date very time-consuming and nerve-testing. But they slogged on, winning case after case for their clients providing them with the utmost satisfaction. “A great deal of time was consumed while making a trip starting with one court and then onto the next while visiting various courts in the city. I spent an enormous measure of hours during my beginning days in the workplace–not returning home or visiting home only a while. It is important to note that the field of law is ever challenging and changing, thus continuous learning is very important in this field,” he recollects.

Connected Beyond Technology

However, today, in the post-pandemic times, the scenario has changed. Manindra says that with virtual hearings, and online access to cases, trials, documents, appeals, summons, and final decisions, the legal profession has been completely revamped by technology. He puts, “Although we too deploy advanced technologies into our appeal and trial processes our lawyers are linked by more than technology. All fee earners and support staff share a common culture and shared core values of integrity, compassion, committed listening, and thought leadership.”

By transforming our firm into a digital legal advisory, team JuristechLegal transcends beyond the regular solutions offered by other law firms with some distinctive approaches. “We are committed to partnering with our clients in their decision-making, creating solutions, identifying risks, and suggesting ways to mitigate the same. Individually and collectively, several members of the firm have been highly acclaimed for their contributions and expertise in their respective specialisms by clients and peers alike,” ensures Manindra.

Expanding the Counselling Horizons

In his advice to the young generation of legal enthusiasts, Manindra says that hard work in this field is extremely crucial. “Make sure to partake in every single snapshot of your life beyond your career. Progress in the field of regulation doesn’t rely upon rank, there are a great deal of effective youthful legal counsellors too who have been given the place of a senior promoter by the courtroom,” he shares.

Envisioning scaling JuristechLegal’s offerings in the future, Manindra states his goal, “We want to grow the firm in size and increase the number of partners. We want to establish the firm in foreign countries as well. We want to increase the number of interns in our office and we would love to hire experts in particular fields of law. With a nationwide presence, we will further ensure that our clients can concentrate on their work while assuring that legal issues arising across the country are handled fast and results expedited.”