K M Trans Logistics: Ensuring a Sustainable Future through Holistic Delivery

K M Trans Logistics
K M Trans Logistics

The smooth and seamless logistics and transportation act as the blood flowing through the veins and arteries of the body of the national and global supply chain. All the stakeholders of the industry of globalization are completely dependent on the functioning of a healthy supply chain.

Today, with technological integration into every functioning aspect of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management, K M Trans Logistics (KMT) is creating a working system with values like integrity, respect, safety, passion, commitment, quality, and innovation at its core.

An adept and exemplary leader, Amit Chandwar, the Director, is ensuring that KMT provides on-time delivery with a guaranteed commitment of safety to all its stakeholders. KMT, a Jaipur-based IBA-approved, and ISO 9001:2015 certified transporter is known for providing customer-oriented quality logistics services. Amit states, “Founded in 1988 as a family-owned business, today we boast an extensive experience of 34 long years in the logistics and transport industry, and have been recognized as one of the top three car and steel transporters in India – leading the market with our timely and damage-free delivery.”

The Success Saga

KMT’s growth story is full of achievements and accomplishments. In this long journey of becoming one of the leading names in the logistics and transport industry, it has crossed many small yet significant milestones, like

  • It has been Bulk LPG, POL, and Liquid Cargo transporter till 2000, and began Car Transportation in the same year.
  • Then in 2006, it began Steel Transportation.
  • Later in 2012, it commenced Chassis Transportation, and by 2019 it started Aggregate Transportation at Road Construction sites.
  • Then in 2020, KMT launched its Containerized Trailers.

Today, KMT is the proud owner of a fleet of more than 2000 vehicles which includes a mix of Car Carrier Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Containerized Trailers, Tractor Carriers, etc.”

Amit furthers that because of their utmost dedication and expertise in the field, they have been associated with many renowned brands, serve 90% of car and steel manufacturers, and hundreds of customers across India.

He informs, “We also modify the vehicle to suit the requirements of our clients. Our USP is On-time Delivery with a commitment to Safety. We strive to stand apart from the competition by aiming to deliver perfection and quality in every step.”

An Empowerer of Boundless Growth

Amit always knew that one day he would have to join his more than three-decades-old family business. However, he chose to do so only after completing his education with an MBA from Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai, and gaining some work experience. In 2000, at the age of 22, Amit took the driver’s seat in his family-owned business. Stating KMT’s mission he says that it is to become the leader in the logistics industry with state-of-the-art infrastructure, helping create a better future – through logistics.

After his joining, the company’s turnover has been on the rapid increase year after year. He diversified the business from Car Transportation to Steel Transportation, Chassis Transportation, Containerized Trailers, Tractor carrier, Aggregate Transportation at road construction sites, etc. “Our vision is to create a 100% safe and on-time delivery system by constantly improving resource performance while ensuring stakeholders’ satisfaction,” shares Amit.

Further sharing KMT’s professional qualities and values greatly admired by its clients, Amit says that they, at KMT, have always tried to maintain a warm and personal relationship with their clientele and be attentive to the individual needs of each of them. “The core values that drive us are Integrity, Commitment to Safety, Innovation, and Quality,” he mentions.

Tech-Integrated Innovations

Revealing the technology at the core of KMT, Amit says that their strength is a working system based on the strong crux of the latest technology that enables them to provide the best to their clients. This includes

  • Best of the class infrastructure of information and technology.
  • In-house-developed software for 360° maintenance of stores, tyres, accounts, driver data, analytics, and tracking.
  • Its 24 hours monitoring system to prevent or stop any driving violations.
  • Latest management softwares like VoIP, HRMS, Inventory management, Fleet, and Operations Management.
  • Advanced online vehicle tracking system which enables the organization to monitor rotations per minute of the fleet on the move.
  • TATA & Mahindra approved benchmark workshops at Gidani and Gurgaon – ensuring a minimum period to hit the roads for the fleet in case of any fault.
  • Deployed tools like Tyre wrench barcodes, RFID Tyre tags, pneumatic guns, etc.
  • Amit adds, “ABS technology in 90% of our fleet, rapidly advancing towards 100%.” ABS and Telematics technology in the entire fleet.

Amit being an experienced leader shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the logistics and transportation solution space and how KMT is adapting to the change. He says, “We are proud to say that our systems and processes are driven by the latest technology and that we are striving more and more to improve and smoothen our process flows and make ourselves highly tech-driven. In the current scenario, we are already operating through state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Our 360° maintenance software is a testament to that.”

Infra-Work Excellence

Further KMT’s infrastructure boasts 550000+ sq. Ft of warehousing land, Advanced workshop equipped with all modern facilities and equipment, authorized by Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, 2000+ best-in-class vehicles, 1000+ flatbed carriers, etc. Furthermore, all their fleet is CMVR adhered and they have the highest suspension trailers in India.

Shedding light on KMT’s workforce training and management, Amit says that their drivers are well-trained and come under the perfect average age bracket of 35 years. He divulges, “We are a well-connected team of motivated people who don’t take growth as a linear path but as a multi-dimensional approach. Thus, we grow, communicate, connect, and care about each other to create a healthy workforce system. At KMT, we consciously take steps to ensure a safe, productive, and satisfactory delivery system by leveraging the fleet data to bring healthy drivers’ behavioural change for addressing long-term sustainable goals.” Implementing a driver management system lets them comprehensively connect with their drivers while increasing their productivity and the overall safety of assets.

A Family Overcoming Adversities

Considering the current industry scenario, Amit says that the biggest challenge that a player in their industry may face is being competitive in the rates that KMT is quoting. “But due to the strong relationships that we have nurtured with our clients, we have always been able to stay relevant and stay competitive. The efficiency of a running vehicle is one such challenge that we face from time to time. However, under the able leadership of our management, we are working tirelessly to locate the causes of such inefficiency and minimize it to a great extent. Over the years, we have faced all the challenges that have come our way head-on and dealt with them as one big family who always look out for each other,” he insists.

The Proactive Network of Learning

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the logistics and transportation solution space, Amit says that one of the very important lessons that he, as a businessman, has learned during his journey in the logistics space is that always maintain a strong and reliable network and always keep them close. Also, stay alert to the changes that are happening in the industry and be proactive in introducing any change that may be required to be made to your business model as a result of the changes in the industry. Lastly, always work hard and work honestly, if you are in it for the long haul.

Fastening the Future Drive

On envisioning scaling brand KMT’s operations and offerings in the future, Amit conveys that with their corporate office located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, they are spread all over the country across 18 States, including more than 35 branches, 32 loading stations, and around 80 supporting stations with over four administrative clusters covering all corners of the country. Additionally, a state-of-the-art maintenance facility built at Gidani ensures a minimum period to hit the roads for the fleet in case of any fault. He further reveals that scaling their business and increasing their operations is always their first priority and they keep introducing new changes and tactics that help them to simultaneously grow.

“We never sit down on one day and decide that yes, the agenda for today is ‘let’s grow our business,’ we are always thinking about what is the new step that we should take to take our business to new heights and towards prosperity. To answer your question, I’d only like to say that our results will show you what we have envisioned for our business in the future,” concludes Amit.