Kerala Naturals: Symbolizing Purity with Benchmarks of Quality

Kerala Naturals
Kerala Naturals

Organic foods and herbal products often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally grown counterparts. People with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives may find their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods and use herbal products. Consequently, organic foods and herbal products are increasingly gaining popularity because a greater portion of the population wants to know their benefits.

The general fact is organic foods and herbal products are healthier than conventional food and care products, and it’s the primary reason for their increased demand over the past decade. The choice to consume/use organic/herbal foods/products is thus a growing trend in the world of today, following the realization of healthy self-improvement needs.

There has been a great demand for natural, herbal, and organic products in the marketplace. People would love to purchase them if they are genuine. So, Mr Mathew Joseph thought of why not start a store and invest in products where people can buy purely natural and organic spices, herbs, and herbal beauty products under one store itself.

Today, Kerala Naturals stands tall in marketing owing to the ‘purity’ of its products. There is an increase in love for natural, herbal, and organic products. Kerala Naturals deals with 100 % genuine products without any chemicals or preservatives in them. Kerala Naturals, an ISO 9001: 2005 certified company—was founded in 2012 in Kottayam district, Kerala—India. The company operates in the export of natural and herbal products worldwide through different e-Commerce websites.

Today, we have been distributing and exporting several natural products varying from organic spices, herbs, and beauty products to more than 100 countries with 2, 00,000 satisfied customers. We are also providing bulk orders according to the requirements at an affordable price,” shares Mathew, the Founder of Kerala Naturals.

An Epitome of Purity

Kerala Naturals supports the farmers with the brand. The brand provides fresh, natural products directly collected from farmers in different areas without using any preservatives and flavors. The sole objective is to produce and export quality products. It gives three quality checks to ensure customers get the best of all, setting Kerala Naturals apart from the rest.

Being a D2C brand, the company is committed to supplying products that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, and its product range encompasses herbs, spices, beauty products, organic products, ayurvedic products, honey, handicrafts, etc. The company has 200000 satisfied customers so far in more than 100 countries and has earned a high market acceptance and a reputation of reliability.

Its spices are pure and fresh as its workforce collects all the spices directly from the farmers in and around the Western Ghats region. Kerala Naturals ensures its products are “AS PURE AS NATURE” with the best quality, affordable price, and eco-friendly packaging. It is an entirely women-oriented team and believes in the mantra of “collective effort and success.”

The Tale of Inception

Before establishing Kerala Naturals, Mathew Joseph was a Secretary at Kuwait National Petroleum Company. After that, he started working in Global Ayurveda Magazine for several years.

He attended many exhibitions nationally and internationally where he experienced the importance and use of natural products. He realized and noticed that many people were interested in organic and natural products. He thought, why not start a store where people can buy purely natural and organic spices, herbs, and beauty products under one store? Kerala Naturals products are manufactured maintaining international standards with international benchmark certifications like ISO, GMP, etc.

With a humble beginning, Kerala Naturals started with only three nutraceutical products focusing mainly on foreign marketplaces. With time, today, they have introduced more than 80 products of different varieties like spices, herbs, and beauty products which are exported to more than 100 countries.

Now, Kerala Naturals has two more brands: Kanan Naturale – an exclusive store for spices and Preethy’s Boutique – a store exclusively for premium quality beauty products.

Its vision is to instantaneously deliver nature’s best quality herbs and spices to the world with a single click and ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing the products on time, effectively, and professionally.

Its mission is to be a brand where customers can confidently buy the best quality herbs and spices. As pure as nature – is the USP that differentiates Kerala Naturals from other brands. (To explore the range of products, click

Embracing the Technological Advancements

In this competitive world, the adoption of modern technologies is significant. The company also plans to adopt new modern technologies, freeing employees to focus on more value-added work.

It’s the voluntary Editors and team who are currently the stars of Kerala Naturals, posting ideas in their ideal categories and sharing them through their social media. One can find the same on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

The Pearls of Wisdom

‘Think big, dream big’ is the mantra that Founder Mathew Joseph believes in. He shared his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “Aspiring entrepreneurs should be daring and risk taker and provide top-tier services. With the world moving towards a healthier, environment-friendly lifestyle, India’s organic market has also been strongly growing. We know that there is always a great demand for organic and natural products in the marketplaces. Thus, with a unique strategy to differentiate themselves from the market, entrepreneurs can start a retail store for a holistic target audience. Focus on the collection, pricing, and marketing strategies. Besides all these, we should focus on building trust in customers’ minds by providing them with pure, organic, and natural products without any added preservatives.

Towards the Horizons of Success

In the next five years, the organization aims to have retail franchise stores in different metro cities initially and then slowly expand to 3-tier – 2-tier cities with more organic and natural products on its bucket list.

Furthermore, it aims to participate in more foreign exhibitions and trade fairs in order to meet new foreign clients and increase and expand our sales and business globally.

Apart from this, it ensures faster delivery of its products and increases customer satisfaction by introducing more herbal beauty products and setting its footprints at the global level. “In the next five years, we are also planning to amalgamate with big investors who would help to reach Kerala Naturals to new heights,” expresses and concludes Mr Mathew Joseph.