Kesari Tours Pvt. Ltd: Explore the World Without Boundaries

Zelam Chaubal | Director | Kesari Tours Pvt
Zelam Chaubal | Director | Kesari Tours Pvt

If we look at it from another perspective, Tourism is the world’s socio-cultural cohesion industry because it provides people with varied and meta-perceptual points of view.

It opens borders and hearts to the faiths, ethnicities, festivals, and overall living and breathing folks who only look different from them on the exterior.

Whatever their colour, creed, race is they laugh at joy and cry when sad. They might be praying to the different gods in various kinds of holy places, singing and dancing in several types of music; by their hearts and minds, they are just humans.

Thus, tourism and travelling are a true sense of human beings visiting unexplored terrains, making them a part of our lives, and cherishing them in our memories for a lifetime.

Hence, Mr Kesari Patil founded Kesari Tours Pvt Ltd in the year 1984, “With the vision to show the Indians the amazing world and display the wonders of India by spreading smiles and happiness through travel and tourism,” said Ms Zelam Chaubal, Director of Kesari

Life is Just a Holiday

Kesari Tours is the first Indian company to give all-inclusive holidays to travellers who do not have to spend anything from their pocket while on tour. KTPL is a pioneer in bringing a few concepts like Honeymoon tours, my fair lady women-only tours, second inning Senior citizens tours, Student special tours, religious tours, Mari Gold, and Chota Break tours.

Kesari Tours is one solution for any ready traveller. For travellers who enjoy group tours, Kesari has tours available on all continents, and for those who want individual holidays, strawberry holidays are to look.

For corporate tours, Kesari Mice and Zelam were proud to mention that they have done Asia’s largest group of 2400 people on Singapore Dream Cruise.

Kesari Forex provides foreign currency for students and individuals traveling abroad. Their in-house professional visa team assists travellers with their visas. The impact is that every traveller’s need is being satisfied, be it a honeymooner, a single lady, a student, a senior citizen, or a corporate.

People feel safe to travel with Kesari tours having a legacy of thirty-seven years. From a seven-year-old single child alone to an eighty-three-year-old person alone is the age range for travellers.

Zelam, the Ever-Flowing River

Ms Zelam Chaubal started her journey when she was fourteen years old as a tour assistant to her father, Mr Kesari Patil. Every vacation, she used to go on tour with him, learning the trade tricks.

While studying for her Inter CA, she got married and went to America, where she has started her own company A2Z Tours and Travel and ran it successfully for a few years.

In 2000, she returned to India for good and re-joined Kesari Tours as Director to develop the Pune market and two-tier cities. A few years after successfully doing this, she started developing Kesari Mice (Meeting Incentives Conferences and Exhibition) business tours for corporate travellers. Today, Kesari Mice is another successful division within Kesari.

She has also developed the students’ tours to Nasa, Switzerland, and other places. And Kesari Agro tours take farmers and interested people to see the exhibitions around the globe.

Travel Management via AI

The future of tours has changed due to AI. AI has enabled everyone to do more as the sky is the limit. Land and area boundaries have evaporated, and the world is available to everyone. The future will be experiential and adventurous travel.

People will travel for an experience, Learning and peace. Millennials are the new class of future Travellers for the cause. The future of travellers will be bright as increased emphasis will be on travel than accumulating wealth for next generations.

Work travel has increased, leading to leisure travel. The availability of many opportunities to earn has made global travel an extensive bucket list.

The Times the Tourism Stood Still

Pandemic for the travel industry is something unthinkable but reality. The world never stops, but it did because of the pandemic, and so did we.

It was hard on the employers, employees and the people who had booked the holidays during that time. All the stakeholders have gone through losses, unpredictability, and volatility.

The industry has been hit extremely hard, but every cloud has a positive aspect. Now the industry is slowly recovering with new challenges. It will take a few months now to get on track, and support from the government, Tourism boards, and consulates will help it be back on track.

“None of us could pay the employees fully, but all are holding on to recover and recouped. For the safety of our employees, we had taken care of their insurances,” Zelam tells compassionately.

The River of Belief’s advice to the budding entrepreneurs and aspirants

“Travel Industry is going through a red ocean. Future travel will be different. Please find a niche of your own for those who want to enter the industry. Look for experiential travel and be different,” is the simple yet excellent advice of Zelam.

Colouring the Future of Tourism

Zelam envisions the future of tourism and that of Kesari and concludes, “As mentioned above, to scale any company today is impossible with yesterday’s ideas. The scale of business and money has changed.

Today without AI, scaling is almost impossible. Technology has become the norm for growth, which we cannot ignore. The digital world needs digital thinking, and that is what we are working on.”