Kochi Students Brew Up Entrepreneurial Spirit with ‘Green Coffee’ Brand

Green Coffee
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In a refreshing twist on the traditional coffee scene, a group of college students in Kochi have launched their own brand of “green coffee” – a less explored, yet highly beneficial, variety of the caffeine-rich beverage.

The students from Laurus Institute for Logistics in Kalamassery have developed this unique coffee offering as part of an institute-led student entrepreneurship project. Launched in 2020, Laurus Nature’s Green Coffee aims to introduce consumers to the health benefits of this sun-dried, unroasted coffee.

The 10-member student team, part of a 30-member batch, decided to explore the FMCG sector, focusing on tea and coffee due to their global popularity. During a trip to Palakkad, the students came across green coffee and were intrigued by its potential. After extensive research and product development, they settled on grinding Arabica coffee beans into small granules and packaging them.

The students faced several hurdles, including issues with their initial packaging orders and difficulty in finding initial buyers due to the unfamiliarity of the product. However, they persevered, showcasing their green coffee to health clubs, gyms, medical shops, and other businesses, eventually winning over customers through face-to-face interactions and explanations of the product’s benefits.

According to the students, green coffee is rich in antioxidants and is claimed to boost metabolism, as well as help reduce diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight. This makes it an attractive alternative to the traditional roasted coffee for health-conscious consumers.

The Laurus Nature’s Green Coffee project was part of the institute’s initiative to address the skill gap in the job market and encourage student entrepreneurship. With the support and guidance of the institute’s chairman, Dr. Ajay Sankar, the students were able to develop, produce, and market their unique coffee offering.

The success of this student-led venture is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking of the Kochi-based college students, who have brewed up a unique and health-conscious coffee alternative for the market.

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