Leading Tech Company from India accelerating its International Expansion


nCircle Tech, a leading Indian IT company specialising in automation and AI in the AEC and manufacturing sectors, has kickstarted its global expansion journey with the launch of its operations into the United Kingdom (UK) and Japan. This strategic expansion aims to bring the company’s smart solutions and domain expertise to the global clientele.

AI is rapidly expanding across industries, igniting transformative change. The AI in Construction Market hit USD 594.6M in 2022 and projects to reach USD 4909.7M by 2030, with a CAGR of 35.2% from 2023-2030.

As businesses increasingly integrate AI into their operations, nCircle Tech emerges as a market leader, providing innovative and comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of the AEC and manufacturing industries. Their commitment to driving digital transformation fuels rapid growth and expansion into new territories.

The launch into the UK marks a significant milestone for nCircle Tech, solidifying its presence in the European market. The UK will serve as a central hub, enabling closer collaboration with global clients and faster response times.

Parallelly, nCircle Tech expanded its operations in Japan, a market renowned for its technological advancements and a strong focus on quality and precision. It also strategically deployed bilingual project lead to ensure seamless communication and dedicated support to Japanese clients.

nCircle Tech’s domain expertise in CAD-BIM customization and its proficiency in AI and automation positions it as the go-to partner for organization’s seeking sustainable growth and improved operational efficiency.

“With unwavering dedication, we’ve expanded to major tech cities worldwide, including the UK and Japan,” said Varun Bhartiya, Founder and CEO of nCircle Tech. “Our success reflects the trust and satisfaction we’ve earned over the past decade. These expansions propel us to achieve remarkable milestones and unlock boundless possibilities furthermore down the lane!”

“We have never shied away from exploring and capitalizing on the opportunities that come our way. By expanding our global reach, we hope to open the doors to a world of new opportunities. With each new city and market we enter, we’re discovering new ways to grow, thrive, and make a positive impact.” said Tarika Jain Bhartiya, Co-Founder and CEO of nCircle Tech.

nCircle Tech’s expansion into the UK and Japan demonstrates its commitment to global growth in AEC and manufacturing. With a track record of delivering high-quality software solutions and a dedicated team, it brings world-class expertise, an extensive portfolio, and innovative approaches to clients, enabling digital transformation and a competitive edge.

About nCircle Tech:

Established in 2012, nCircle Tech is a leading IT company specializing in AEC and manufacturing. With a decade-long experience delivering 2D/3D quality software solutions, nCircle Tech combines CAD-BIM customisation with advanced technologies like AI/ML and VR/AR to empower clients, reduce time to market, and achieve business goals.

With a focus on sustainability and innovation, nCircle Tech offers services such as facility management, project coordination, BIM services, product configurator, and project monitoring, providing cutting-edge design, engineering, and construction solutions.

For more information, please visit: https://ncircletech.com/

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