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Lex Legal Corporate Law Advocates

Today’s fast-paced world has developed in several dimensions. People encounter certain stages with serious disagreements over various matters that end up in a dispute. There arises a need for legal intervention to resolve the dispute judiciously. This is the point where the role of an able lawman is to protect the rights of a common layman, becomes essential.

Lex Legal Corporate Law Advocates is a professional corporate legal consulting firm based in Mumbai, which offers one-stop legal services to all types of requirements, including taxation, company matters, labor laws, criminal offenses, intellectual property laws, media laws, civil laws, cyber laws, etc.

Guided by Aniruth Purusothaman, Partner in Lex Legal is a law graduate from Bangalore. He is a practicing advocate with diverse experience of working with numerous reputed law firms, Audit Firms of Practicing Chartered Accountants, and Company Secretary Firms. Aniruth is enriched with experience and core knowledge in the areas of Taxation, Auditing, Corporate Law and Litigation.

Let’s delve into further details of the interesting world of Lex Legal.

The Professional Odyssey of Excellence

“Alone, we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”- Hellen Keller. As rightly said, Aniruth Prusothaman, a lawyer himself with a versatile experience in different dimensions of law achieved from his rich experience gained from different legal services entities, identified the need to do something different and better for society.

He wanted to go beyond and support the people with the right legal services. Aniruth began the professional journey on a different level through Lex Legal, where he was joined by different lawyers with several specializations teaming up together for genuine professional service.

Early Inspirations

During his early period of working as an employee in various law firms, he observed and understood the working process, the level of professionalism existing in the market, and how exactly he can improve it. The disparities in their genuineness, promptness, and dedication made him do something more for the people. Aniruth worked honestly and decided to create his own legal organization that offered every type of legal consultancy required for the various business organizations, commercial entities, and individuals.

The Story Within

Lex Legal was founded in 2019 by G. Aniruth Purusothaman, is involved in Insolvency and Bankruptcy matters before National Company Law Tribunal across India and aids various Insolvency Professionals for carrying out all the compliances under the Insolvency Code, 2016. As on September 2022, this firm was representing as many as 191 clients, including well-known clients like State Bank, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, RKW Developers 164, Van Oord India Private Limited, etc.

Specialty Services

Lex Legal practice areas encompass of many aspects of Indian law ranging from Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Corporate Restructuring Service, Admiralty, Intellectual Property Rights, Due Diligence and Legal Audit, Real Estate and Property, Partnership Laws, and Drafting and Conveyancing. The Firm has found its niche in dealing with matters pertaining to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

Rising Through Challenges

The beginning of Lex Legal was not a walk on the red carpet. The company went through numerous challenging situations, like a lack of clarity among the people and confusion and ambiguity that prevailed among the common people about the legal system. Aniruth and his team understood the client’s problems, helped in creating and building a case, and took it up strongly by adhering to the legal rules and principles of the system.  Steadily with a dedicated and focused approach, the Lex Legal team managed to get things in the right momentum and succeeded in delivering justice to their clients in various categories.

Their simple and honest approach to taking up the case and initiating the necessary steps helped them in gaining loyal customers. The growth of Lex Legal too was accelerated due to the important references coming from their old and existing loyal customers.

The Technological Advantage

“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.” – Edmund Burke.

The past decade has acted like a mini revolution for the legal service sector with a greater impact on the corporate sector. The pandemic’s ripple effect has acted as the catalyst for the legal industry to accelerate the adoption of technology due to the conversion of many court hearings from physical to virtual mode. The modern legal system has shifted the case studies of daily court proceedings to the common portal for the legal industry to view the soft copies easily, conveniently, and swiftly.

A large volume of paperwork got eliminated through this digitalization process. Legal firms connect with the courts, customers, and other government authorities over the phone, email, and online conference forums. Lex Legal adopted modern digital technologies to work smoothly, effectively, and economically. Its team comprises young, techno-savvy associates which have made this journey smooth as ever.

Golden Words

Speaking as advice to the young professional in the legal system, Aniruth appeals to them to adopt a simple and learning approach. He says, “The more you learn, the better you understand. With a better understanding, you will be able to build a logical and strong case to win the result for your client. Be ready to research and explore all the possibilities of getting the truth.

On a Futuristic Purpose-way

Set on a mission to provide dedicated, efficient, and result-oriented solutions to clients, Lex Legal’s vision is to excel as a leading, innovative, and dynamic Indian law firm acknowledged for its legal excellence with a team of high-caliber professionals having high intellect and providing high-quality service to clients. Raising the bar of professionalism through its mindful approach to legal consultancy, Lex Legal stands as a classic testimony carving a niche for itself in the legal industry and the people.