LinkedIn Achieved a Landmark of 100 Million Users in India


LinkedIn has achieved the feat of 100 million users in India. With this, India is now the second-largest market for this networking site.

LinkedIn has been making it easier for job seekers by helping them find employment opportunities, gain new skills and connect with others.

“These recent years have drastically changed the way we work. It is heartening and gratifying, to see our 100-million-member community in India using the platform extensively for more than jobs now – they are over-indexing on networking, messaging, and learning more than any other region globally ‘” stated the country manager, Ashutosh Gupta.

The company believes that in-demand skills will be key in the coming times to become more employable, irrespective of the macroeconomic conditions.

Most of the users as stated by the company are from the IT and software industry. Other industries like finance, HR and accounting and manufacturing have major contributions in fostering the growth of the firm in India.

The company witnessed 56 per cent growth in the membership count in the last 3 years. Collectively, 4.6M hours were spent by Indian users in the year 2022 learning on LinkedIn, which is 2 times more than the data from the United States.

LinkedIn claims that companies in the country are applying skill first approach while hiring new candidates. To match this skills first approach, the company has recently launched facilities to gain the major 10 skills which are in high demand in the country. The company also stated that upskilling the members is a priority for them.