Maneesh Jhawar: Failproof Qualitative Digital Leadership Acumen

Maneesh Jhawar | Founder and CEO | QualityKiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Maneesh Jhawar | Founder and CEO | QualityKiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Successful leaders are the power and intellect behind their organizations. They are the visionaries charged with steering their brand around pitfalls. They must know when to seize opportunities and how to rally employees to work hard toward their company’s goals.

Until the techno-powered digital leadership took over the baton, the star-powering leadership phenomenon was at the heart of an ever-advancing and progressive civilization.

Today’s techno-leadership is evolving to let the world comprehend the secret mantra of business success; an invincible people-centric tech revolution. The global industry realizes the importance of embracing a flawless customer-oriented digital transformation by looking up to the techno-leaders like Maneesh Jhawar, the Founder and CEO of QualityKiosk Technologies (QK), to provide it with professional and qualitative digital leadership acumen.

A Spark of Transformation

Maneesh’s corporate journey began after he graduated from IIT Kharagpur. He commenced his career in the manufacturing industry with Proctor and Gamble (P&G) in 1990. He soon transitioned into a career in technology after realizing and understanding the vast gap and the critical needs of enterprises in software testing and quality assurance.

Key Qualities of a Staunch Business Leader

Maneesh’s take on powerful leadership is, “I believe foresight and adaptability are the key traits that every powerful leader should possess in today’s fast-evolving world of business.”

With foresight, leaders can identify key trends that are shaping the future of their industry and can therefore understand and predict the changing requirements of the market. And with adaptability, they can pivot their businesses to reflect and address the changing needs of the industry and stay ahead of the competition.

These traits enable leaders to proactively evolve their business model depending on market factors such as macroeconomics, changing customer demands, emerging technologies, and potential disruptions and lead the wave of transformative change in their industry.

Exhibiting all these traits, Maneesh is steering QualityKiosk, the global pioneer in Digital Quality Engineering and the preferred transformative digital solutions provider across various industries, in paving the way for world-class—

—Failproof Digital Transformation

Maneesh shares, “We have been delivering Quality Assurance services for over 20+ years for our partners across the banking, financial services, insurance, retail, e-commerce, government, automotive, and telecom industries.”

Today, the organization caters to the evolving needs of several BFSI clients like Citi Bank, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Cox & Kings, Franklin Templeton Investments, HDFC Bank, Prudential, DBS Bank, CommonWealth Bank etc., and other companies across the globe.

QualityKiosk Technologies is one of the world’s most significant independent quality and digital assurance solutions providers. Specializing in QA automation, DevOps, data analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), CX, performance assurance, SRE, and other digital transformation enablement solutions, the organization has operations spread across 25+ countries.

Maneesh states, “We help enterprises embark on the digital transformation journey by providing intuitive and value-oriented tools and solutions designed to help them achieve their business goals.”

Failproof Performance is assured with the largest team of certified professionals, IP-led platforms, tools, and frameworks.

With a workforce of over 3600 employees and over two decades of experience in QA, the organization has been at the forefront of enabling the BFSI industry to unlock new revenue opportunities, enhance process and value chain efficiencies, improve end-user experiences, and unleash innovation with its extensive portfolio of digital transformation solutions.

QualityKiosk’s proprietary frameworks patented technologies, and intensive R&D has enabled the organization to stay ahead in the evolving and disruptive technological landscape.

This, combined with QualityKiosk’s extensive OEM partnerships, makes it the preferred digital transformation partner for businesses.

Our innovative Quality Assurance solutions enable our partners to seamlessly transform their operations and processes to increase their business agility and scale faster in the digital space,” says Maneesh.

Failproof Services: “Our strength lies in our expansive portfolio of services that enable transformative growth across your digital journey backed by #Failproof performance, experience, and resilience,” informs Maneesh.

He founded QualityKiosk in 2000 to bring customer centricity to the IT and IT-enabled industries that were primarily focused on optimizing operations and processes.

Failproof Solutions: Maneesh adds, “Our extensive technical expertise backed by a team of dedicated professionals has ensured that we have a successful track record of meeting and exceeding our partners’ expectations.

Under Maneesh’s visionary leadership, the organization became one of the few IT companies that extensively worked with the BFSI industry at a very early stage. With his far-reaching vision, Maneesh ensured QualityKiosk was an early entrant in the BFSI digitalization market and built the team, technology, and understanding to make the organization a leader in powering and driving BFSI digital transformation.

Failproof Platforms: “Our deep domain expertise, combined with the latest technologies, IP-led platforms, and accelerators, enable you to optimize every aspect of your digital transformation journey,” says Maneesh.

 Augmenting the BFSIs Operational Core

QualityKiosk offers a diverse portfolio of quality assurance solutions, each developed and customized to enable businesses and organizations to stay ahead of the evolving trends in their respective industries and seamlessly achieve their business vision.

Maneesh says, “To ensure this, all our QA experts constantly undertake training programs on emerging technologies and platforms to stay at pace with the evolving technology. In addition, our teams are always improving on our existing solutions by studying and researching industry-specific digital transformation trends.”

This, combined with QK’s continuous innovation and in-house research and development programs, makes it a stand-out brand in the QA and digital assurance market.

Towards Digital Customer-Centricity

Being an experienced leader, Maneesh opines that modern technologies like AI and ML have numerous use cases for the BFSI industry and QK continues to integrate these technologies to help the industry adapt to the change.

From enhancing back-office process efficiencies to enabling seamless customer journeys, AI and ML are enabling the rapid digital transformation of the industry and empowering the BFSI to put customer-centricity at the core of their operations.

It is vital for the BFSI to continuously leverage the evolving technology to improve their customer journeys, empower employees, improve accuracy, and understand customers’ evolving needs.

Maneesh mentions, “At QualityKiosk, our solutions and frameworks leverage these technologies creatively to build automation-driven digital assurance that empowers organizations to accelerate their development velocity, optimize customer journeys, simplify quality assurance, and enhance application performance to maximize ROI on IT investments.”

Staying Ahead of the Evolving Tech Curve

Considering the current industry scenario, when probed about what kind of challenges Maneesh faces and how he drives QK to overcome them, he replies, “The digital divide is narrowing with each passing day, and as digital transformation enablers, it’s important for us to constantly introduce and add new and emerging technologies to our systems, frameworks, and solutions to enable our clientele to accelerate their digital evolution and transformation.”

To ensure this, QK focuses on hiring and nurturing talent that will enable the next generation of digital-first businesses to scale, evolve, and future-proof their transformation journeys.

As a part of this strategy, it has founded QualityKiosk University (QKU) – an in-house learning and development program offering its talent extensive upskilling and cross-skilling courses on emerging and evolving technologies.

We are constantly investing and expanding the course offerings and believe QKU is the way forward to staying ahead of the evolving technology curve,” believes Maneesh.

Outpacing the Innovation Curve

Maneesh’s advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the tech space is enduringly distinctive. He feels that while building commercially viable solutions remains a key factor for success for start-ups, staying ahead of the innovation curve and adding value to the end-customers digital ecosystem will be the perennial differentiator across industries.

Budding entrepreneurs should, therefore, work with a customer-centric approach and focus on building platforms and solutions that are centered around the transforming needs of their clients.

Reinventing the Wheel of Future Novelties

Maneesh’s vision is grand for scaling QK’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond. He expresses that as an organization, QualityKiosk has always believed in reinventing the wheel and constant innovation.

He says, “As part of our vision, we have constantly invested in organizing multiple industry-specific and third-party workshops for our management and leadership teams to ensure we are ready for the next phase of disruption.”

He persists, “And we continue to expand our investments in upskilling and updating our talent on the latest technologies, processes, tools, products, and trends to ensure that our solutions enable the development of the next generation of digital businesses.”

Additionally, we see the next wave of growth for our organization coming from our extensive investments in building cutting-edge and disruptive products and platforms in the digital transformation space,” believes Maneesh. Concluding with a smile, he says, “Keep an eye out for some exciting announcements as we plan to reveal the products and platforms shortly.”