Mehul Choksi was illegally extradited from Antigua to Dominica, according to his lawyer.


Mehul Choksi was “unlawfully renditioned” from Antigua and Barbuda to Dominica so that he would no longer be able to appeal to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.

Mehul Choksi, the fugitive Indian diamantaire accused of illegally entering Dominica, was “unlawfully renditioned” from Antigua and Barbuda to Dominica so that he would no longer be able to appeal to the UK Privy Council, his counsel claimed on Thursday.

Michael Polak, a member of the legal team representing Choksi and an expert in providing legal assistance to foreign nationals around the world, said in a virtual news conference that the team has also filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police’s War Crimes Unit alleging that Choksi was tortured.

Choksi’s case has been described as “one of a kind.” “”What has happened to Choksi has been horrific,” Polak added, describing the incident as a “egregious breach of the rule of law and fundamental fairness.” He was kidnapped, had a sack thrown over his head, was assaulted, put onto a boat, and illegally deported to another country.”

“He has the right to go to the Privy Council in London in Antigua to see if the government is behaving properly…against him. He does not have the same level of protection in Dominica. The reason for the kidnapping is crystal plain “he stated

He also said that there was enough evidence that Barbara Jarabica and the other guys engaged in the incident conducted a “reconnaissance or a failed effort to kidnap” Choksi in April 2021, and that Choksi should be sent to Antigua.

According to Polak, Jabarica, who enticed Choksi to her AirBNB accommodation on May 23, had explicitly asked the owner if there was a location in the rear for docking a small boat.

Choksi, according to Polak, is still an Antiguan citizen who can protest any attempt to strip him of his citizenship or extradite him to India to the Privy Council’s Judicial Committee.

He further stated that in Dominica, the diamantaire would not be entitled to this legal protection.

Polak said she explored seizing two adjoining properties after getting confirmation on boat docking after seeing discussions between Jabarica and the property owner.

Polak said that one of her properties was utilised by members of her kidnapping crew.

The CBI and the Enforcement Directorate are looking for the diamantaire in India in connection with a case worth Rs 13,500 crore. He obtained Antigua citizenship in 2017 and left India on January 4, 2018, only days before the matter was made public.