Mobile Applications and the role they play in the growth of a business.

Mobile apps are now taking over the world by storm. From carrying out the smallest of actions like searching for a song to communicating with big companies. If there is anything you want done, then chances are that there is already a mobile app for it.

The existence of mobile apps has really made it so much easier to carry out any day-to-day tasks. Whether you are on the go or sitting in the comfort of your home, you can get mostly everything done by just using your phone.

Initially mobile apps were only associated with big brands and corporations. However, with the improvement in technology, every aspect of the business world amongst other industries now has the option of using mobile apps to better their business. From small businesses to large corporations, mobile applications have become an integral part of the business building process.

Yes, even before the invention of the mobile and the technology of applications, businesses were still able to build and expand through various mediums of print, radio, and telecommunications. However, mobile apps have made the process much simpler and more efficient.

Nowadays people from every sector of society have access to smart phones and therefore have access to mobile applications. This gives companies an advantage of reaching a wide range of customers.

Some other ways mobile apps help and are important for businesses are:

  1. Being visible and standing out

Statistics have shown that humans on an average spend about 5-6 hours a day on their phone. Reason being most people depend on certain applications on their phones for work, studies or entertainment. This provides an advantage to businesses to stand out and get the users attention. Building an app that stands out from others, either by design or purpose will give your business visibility as the unconscious mind records every image or text or even a well-designed app.

  1. Direct marketing channel

Mobile apps now provide for a direct marketing channel for businesses and their customers. In earlier days marketing and advertising would be done through the likes of print media, flyers, newspapers and pamphlet handouts that required to be done in person. These would not always reach a wide range of the target. However, mobiles today are accessible to mostly everyone. Through your business’s mobile application, you could execute your marketing strategies and provide updates on a regular basis to your customers just by the touch of a button.

These marketing strategies can be but aren’t limited to sales promotions or product/services updates and these are made available to your customers right at the tip of their fingers.

  1. Providing value to customers

One of the most important aspects of promoting sales of your products and services is the relationship you maintain with your customers. A mobile application of your business makes it easier and more efficient to engage with your customers. Regular updates on your products and services while also attending to customer doubts and queries is one of the many benefits a mobile application allows you to have.

Now, when it comes to providing value, what this means is that your business needs to differ from your competitors and provide customers something of value that would make your company stand out amongst others. An example of this is that certain businesses allow the customers to make a direct purchase payment through a secure gateway on the mobile application itself. While allowing customers to do that, it also provides them with ‘rewards’ like ‘cash back’ options or discounts on certain products.

This is definitely a great way to maintain customer loyalty and retention.

  1. Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness is extremely important for businesses. Without brand awareness there are no customer/sale leads. Without sale leads there are no sale conversions and therefore the business will not grow.

Creating brand awareness and recognition is all about making your target audience aware of the existence of your business and the product and services it offers.

Through the use of a mobile app, it is easier to communicate with your customers and give them reason as to why they should commit to your brand/business.

Mobile apps provide the option of changing the interface as and when your business deems it necessary in order to attract customers. It also provides the option of communicating to and informing your customers about your brand. The more customers know about your brand the sooner they will be inclined towards your brand and its services. In advertising terms this is called “effective frequency”, which translates to exposing the customer to your brand a number of times that will eventually get it recognised or noticed.

  1. Generating sales and increasing profits

Generating sales and increasing profits include all of the above-mentioned points.

Maintaining a relationship with your customers and being able to provide better customer service is what will eventually lead to customer satisfaction. If your customer is satisfied with your service and enjoys the customer experience received through your application, the demand and sales for your product/services will automatically increase.

Creating a better customer experience for your customer that differentiates your brand from others will lead to boost in sales and eventually an increase in profits.

Your customers will feel safer and more comfortable with your brand through your application interface and therefore generating loyalty.

At the same time if your business has a product or service that is in demand, informing your customers through your mobile application will naturally increase your sales.

Therefore, it is safe to say that mobile applications are of high value to businesses as it helps with the growth of your business amongst other things. Using a mobile application speeds up the process while at the same time making it easier and less time consuming.

The use of mobile applications is a growing segment in most industries. Through the mobile application you can also get certain data about the needs and preferences of your customers and plenty other analytics that will help you create better content and products to make your customers happy.

And after all, a happy customer is good for business.