Mr Apoorva Dhakad: A 19 Years Young Strategy Director at Dawn Lee by Jain Roots Infusing the Miracles of Ayurveda into Everyday Food for Global Well-being 

Mr Apoorva Dhakad
Mr Apoorva Dhakad

Today’s Bharat is riddled with awe-inspiring stories of young entrepreneurial youngsters disrupting every industry and each sector with their novel thinking, modern ideas, and a futuristic approach rooted in eternal Indian wisdom.

Following is a splendid story of how his Mother`s illness and struggle motivated a 16-year youngster to establish an exotic food brand focusing on an 18th-century food line for “Global Wellness.” 

Health, they say, is the real wealth. In our ceaseless pursuit of material riches, we often neglect the intrinsic value of well-being. This path, mired in artificiality and commercialism, can often lead to self-destruction. Yet, there are remarkable individuals like Mr Apoorva Dhakad who choose a different course, one deeply rooted in age-old Indian wisdom.

Apoorva, at the helm of Khushi Agro Pvt Ltd, Indore, has embarked on a mission to unlock the potential of Ayurveda in our daily food habits to enhance global well-being. His journey is inspired by his great-grandfather, an Ayurvedic Acharya, who dedicated his life to providing free, well-researched medicines in Rampura, Madhya Pradesh. The legacy of his great-grandparents’ support for freedom fighters during India’s struggle for independence further ingrained in Apoorva a deep commitment to community service.

Inspired by his grandfather, Virendra Singh Dhakad, Apoorva took up the mantle to share this invaluable wisdom with the world at the tender age of 16. His brainchild, Dawnlee by Jain Roots, introduces a holistic range of Satvik, alkaline-friendly, Ayurvedic products designed to be both daily nourishment for the body and medicine for the soul.

At Khushi Agro Pvt Ltd, the brilliance of Ayurveda, combined with the legacy of a great family, illuminates the path toward healthier living. The quad of leadership at Khushi Agro includes President Mr Virendra Singh Dhakad, CEO Gautam Dhakad, Director Mrs Dilkhush Dhakad, and Director Apoorva Dhakad. Together, they stand resolute in their commitment to authenticity and Indian culture, even in the face of a changing world.

The Revelation: Adulteration Threatens Our Health

Apoorva’s journey began with a stark revelation—the perils of consuming adulterated food. He advocates Satvik food, emphasizing the importance of purity in our daily diets. He solemnly states, “We are slowly poisoning ourselves, and regrettably, the younger generation too.”

In a world of constant change, Apoorva poses a poignant question: Shouldn’t change always strive for improvement?

The High Cost of Convenience and the Vanishing Wisdom of Food Ingredients

According to Apoorva, the transformation in our food habits has been profound. Time-honoured ingredients like black pepper, desi khand, A2 churning ghee, pure dalchini, and more have been supplanted by their synthetic counterparts—red chilli, refined sugar, regular ghee, cassia, and so forth. Convenience has been prioritized over authenticity, leading to the loss of genuine flavors, tradition, and, most crucially, our health.

Apoorva sighs at the price we pay for this convenience. He recognizes that we are drifting away from our roots, but it’s not too late to make amends.

Khushi Agro’s Journey: Ayurveda Meets Everyday Food

Apoorva’s journey with his father at Khushi Agro unfolded as a harmonious blend of Ayurvedic wisdom, the propagation of Vedic knowledge, philanthropy, and an unwavering commitment to purity. Through their extensive range of products, they don’t just offer nourishment; they provide a piece of enduring heritage to a world in search of authentic wellness.

An Extraordinary Guiding Philosophy

Khushi Agro’s philosophy is rooted in the transformational Vedic knowledge at the Jain Roots stores chain. Apoorva emphasizes, “At Jain Roots, we aim to comfort the consumer with authentic and healthy food products while considering health, emotions, and inner well-being. We welcome questions and feedback from our consumers, and we’ve even established a team of Ayurveda doctors & experts to ensure authenticity and health are at the forefront of our products.”

He underscores their generation’s responsibility to revive and pass on the Vedic knowledge that has been slowly fading from our daily lives for centuries. The richness of this knowledge should be systematically transferred to the younger generation through comprehensive food solutions.

Khushi Agro’s commitment to purity and authenticity can be witnessed through various aspects:

*Satvik Purity: In response to the challenges vegans and vegetarians face in finding genuinely pure products, Anadi, OutdatedDawnlee, and Jain Roots have pledged to provide products that adhere to Satvik purity. This means their products are free from onion, garlic, and non-vegetarian ingredients and devoid of any dyes or chemicals, toxins, and even the wrong combination of ingredients.

*Ayurveda Authenticity: Apporva and his team’s commitment to authenticity extends to Ayurveda’s principles, which are deeply ingrained in their products.

*Emulsifier-Free and Chemical-Free: In their unwavering dedication to purity, they abstain from using emulsifiers, chemical additives, and preservatives, preferring natural ingredients and production methods that deliver chemical-free options of the highest quality.

*Dye-Free and Food Color-Free: Their products are devoid of artificial dyes and permitted food colors, maintaining their purity in every aspect.

*Vedic Production Methods: Khushi Agro takes immense pride in adhering to Vedic production methods and recipes, ensuring their products maintain authenticity while meeting the highest quality standards.

*High-Quality Ingredients: They opt for premium ingredients like Kashmiri mamra almonds to ensure consumers savour every product’s finest quality and flavor, Dry Dates and Khand in place of Refined Sugar, and so on.

A Noble Mission Rooted in Indian Wisdom

Adaptability and staying ahead of industry trends are paramount to Khushi Agro Pvt Ltd’s mission in an ever-evolving landscape of vegan-friendly and Jain food products. The company’s unique approach, deeply rooted in Jainism and Vedic culture, sets it apart, ensuring it provides healthy and delectable products that cater to the evolving needs of its consumers.

Jainism and Vedic culture form the cornerstone of Apporva and his team’s adaptability and innovation, guiding their norms for providing food to consumers. They emphasize purity, authenticity, and holistic well-being as the pillars of their offerings.

Khushi Agro takes a distinct approach by diversifying its offerings across more than ten categories. Unlike companies focusing solely on maximizing profits, they prioritize providing a comprehensive food solution that caters to all age groups, covering daily kitchen essentials, ready-to-eat foods, mouth fresheners and even travel water purification products. The firm’s extensive offerings span from morning to evening platters, catering to every emotion and daily habit.

Apoorva and his team acknowledge that shortcuts may lead to rapid success but often lack depth and authenticity.

Therefore, they’ve chosen to tread the path of building a broader and more holistic highway. Jain Roots aspires to occupy a unique space in the market, offering food that caters to both commercial commodities and emotional and ethical choices. Their ‘18th-century goodness’ tagline and Vedic production norms, accompanied by Vedic-proven ingredients, manifest their unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality.

A Consumer-Centric Approach

At Khushi Agro, Apoorva envisions a future where consumers can comprehend their products, gaining insights into the benefits of each ingredient. They are creating a platform where consumers can transform their kitchens into ancient ‘Rasoi Ghars,’ with access to a team of Ayurveda doctors who can explain the advantages of this approach. Their product range spans daily kitchen essentials, ready-to-eat foods, mouth fresheners, and even travel essentials, which include water purification products, all designed to cater to emotions and regular habits. These are all created with solutions from Dawn to Dusk.

Timeless Principles of Antiquity: A Deep Study of Human Habits, Lifestyle, and Food Ingredients

Apoorva’s leadership style and team-building practices are deeply rooted in timeless principles derived from ancient wisdom, the rich Vedic culture, and the holistic wisdom of Ayurveda. These principles foster a cohesive and harmonious work environment where the team functions as a close-knit family.

*Anchored in Ancient Wisdom: Apoorva and his team draw profound inspiration from age-old wisdom, encompassing values like honesty, a sincere work culture, addressing root causes, and the ethos of ‘Live and let live.’ These values serve as the compass guiding the leadership decisions and interactions within the company.

*Embracing Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: At the core of their leadership philosophy lies the belief in “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” signifying that the world is one family. They cultivate a profound sense of unity among team members, highlighting their interconnectedness as they work together toward shared objectives.

*A Heart-Centric Leadership Approach: Apoorva prioritizes building authentic connections with every team member, fostering an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and heard. This approach nurtures a strong sense of belonging and dedication to the company’s mission.

*Nurturing Team Collaboration: Collaboration and teamwork are the keystones of the organization. Apoorva encourages and facilitates collaboration across all levels, harnessing team members’ diverse strengths and skills to achieve collective goals.

*Acknowledging and Celebrating Dedication: Khushi Agro values and celebrates its team members’ dedication and unwavering commitment. They acknowledge those who go above and beyond, often working 24/7 to contribute to their success.

*Fostering a Family Spirit: They instil a strong family spirit within their organization, offering personal and professional support to team members. Apoorva believes ‘a harmonious work-life balance is essential for a thriving and motivated team.’

*Gratitude for Divine Blessings: While they are dedicated to their goals with unwavering work ethics, they also acknowledge the role of divine blessings in their achievements. Their humble and sincere approach, combined with the relentless hard work of their team, is recognized as a blessing.

A Vision of Ethical Excellence in the Future

Khushi Agro’s core vision is deeply rooted in a profound dedication to ethical principles, the promotion of health and well-being, and an enduring commitment to shaping a future where they consistently impact the global landscape of Vedic, vegetarian, and holistic food.

The team led by Apporva is dedicated to establishing its brand as a specialized food provider for individuals who believe in the age-old wisdom of food and understand its profound influence on the body, mind, and soul. In simpler terms, they acknowledge that food and habits directly affect human emotions and aspire to foster a universally compassionate and live-and-let-live approach.

Team Khushi Agro’s Big ‘YES’ to All Your Questions

Q: In the current landscape, clothing, jewellery, and various daily essentials are largely associated with well-known brands. However, when it comes to healthy, natural food, a lack of trustworthy brands may be observed. Can Jain Roots step in to become a reliable and authentic source of Ayurstyle food, guided by a team of Ayurveda doctorsYes.

Q: Is there a company in the present era that provides 18th-century-inspired 100% Veg, Satvik, and Ayurstyle products, along with recipes guided by an Ayurveda doctor’s team and expert guidance on food ingredients to consumersYes, Dawnlee by Jain Roots.

Q: Are India’s ancient food culture and traditions, with their scientific significance for well-being and the concept of ‘Food as Medicine,’ more aligned with Ayurveda as a lifestyle rather than a treatment therapy? Is India in the process of rediscovering its ancient knowledge and wisdom during the recent pandemic, intending to achieve a ‘Golden Bird’ status? Yes, at Khushi Agro.

Jain Roots is the driving force behind this model, ensuring that consumers receive comprehensive solutions for their daily kitchen needs and extending to include snacks, mouth fresheners, and even essential aromatherapy and oil therapy, cosmetic products for all age groups.

Jain Roots recently introduced a cosmetic line named ‘Outdated,’ which exclusively uses 100% edible ingredients. Apoorva informs, “In this range, you can discover traditional Kajal and Face Cream, made entirely from water and A2 Ghee, processed with Copper and Mud pots. Our approach is to incorporate ingredients that are safe for health into our cosmetic range.”

By 2027, Apoorva and his team plan to expand their global presence to over 20 countries, focusing on positively influencing humanity and emotions through the wisdom of ancient food traditions while operating over 100 franchise stores. As they set their sights on the global stage, they hold unwavering confidence that their values, coupled with the support of their leader, Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Ji Modi, will illuminate their path as a beacon of authenticity, ethics, and well-being.

Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Modernity for Global Well-being

Under the exemplary leadership of Apoorva, Khushi Agro Pvt Ltd stands as a symbol of hope in a world often driven by materialistic pursuits. Their steadfast commitment to authenticity, Ayurveda, and ethical values is fundamentally reshaping the nation’s daily food habits and overall well-being. As they continue to broaden their horizons and share their rich culinary heritage, they leave an indelible mark on how the world perceives and prioritizes ethical values and principles in business. Khushi Agro Pvt Ltd isn’t just a business entity; it represents a movement towards global well-being and moral values firmly rooted in the timeless wisdom of Bharatiya Ayurveda.

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