Muhandiz Industries: Powering India’s Future with Electrical Safety and Innovation

Muhandiz Industries
Muhandiz Industries

Muhandiz Industries is a rising star in India’s manufacturing sector. It specializes in electrical safety and condition monitoring systems.

At the helm of Muhandiz Industries is Mubarak Khan, the Founder and CEO. A visionary leader, Mubarak has positioned Muhandiz as a major player in India’s manufacturing sector.

His vision and leadership drive the company’s focus on innovation and quality in electrical safety and condition monitoring systems. With a commitment to excellence, he has guided Muhandiz to specialize in these systems while offering a wide range of other electrical products. His dedication to innovation and quality promises to significantly impact the future of the Indian electrical industry.

With a focus on innovation and quality, Muhandiz Industries is poised to significantly impact the Indian electrical industry. “Our product line encompasses a wide range of electrical products, including transformers, power resistors, and switchgear,” said Mubarak in an exclusive interview with CIOLook India. The highlights are given ahead.

As a trailblazer in the manufacturing industry, could you take us back to the beginning of your journey? What motivated you to step into this dynamic field?

Initially, my professional career was very dynamic. It started by sailing across the world in merchant ships and then settled in India, promoting technologically advanced electrical condition monitoring and safety products from around the globe in India. The money was satisfactory, but there was a feeling that I was doing this work only for cash; apart from achieving my financial goals, I was not serving my community and the nation. Inherently, I had the personality of one who gets his kick from creating and innovating. Thus, I resorted to entrepreneurship and entered production to contribute to the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). So now I am equipped to contribute to our national GDP.

Muhandiz has emerged as one of India’s most promising manufacturing companies. Could you share the guiding philosophy that has propelled your organization’s success?

The philosophy which drives us is innovation. We produce innovative products through innovative processes in innovative ways. We do now want to play the game of stiff competition. Rather, we plan to win through our innovative ideas. Since the Indian market is highly driven by cost, we have focused on optimizing the cost to the customer.

We look forward to setting an example for companies on how business can be a win-win situation for all instead of killer competition or predatory sales policies.

The manufacturing landscape is continually evolving. How do you ensure your company remains adaptable and ahead of industry trends, providing innovative solutions to your clients?

Learning. It is the key to ensuring we match the pace and stay ahead. We learn by keeping our eyes open to what’s happening around us.

Also, Muhandiz Industries is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive range of electrical solutions. As authorized partners of AKTIF Elektroteknik, Turkey, we offer a robust product portfolio including:

  • MV/LV Switchgear & Capacitor Banks:Ensuring reliable and efficient power distribution for your facility.
  • Mobile Substations & Compact Substations:Providing flexible and scalable power solutions for diverse applications.
  • NGRs, Load Banks, and Breaking Resistors:Essential equipment for testing and maintaining your electrical infrastructure.
  • Medical Isolation Panels & Surgeon Control Panels:Delivering safety and control in critical healthcare environments.
  • Electrical Safety & Asset Condition Monitoring:Proactive strategies to safeguard personnel and optimize equipment performance.
  • IoT, Automation, and Industry 4.0 Solutions:Integrating cutting-edge technology for smarter and more connected electrical systems.

Partnering with Muhandiz Industries and AKTIF Elektroteknik guarantees access to high-quality products, exceptional service, and advanced solutions that empower electrical safety and efficiency and future-proof your operations.

Your leadership style is often recognized as a driving force behind your company’s achievements. Could you shed light on your approach to leadership and team building within the organization?

My main driving force is Halal, and I want to do business and earn a good Halal income. In my experience, people look for integrity and strength in a leader. I am learning to match that. I strive to communicate my principles as and when the opportunity arrives and stick to my principles.

After saying Goodbye to my rich, rewarding and exciting career in the Merchant Navy, I have spent years serving Indian and international markets for innovative products and cutting-edge technologies.

I love travelling and have travelled to more than 35 countries across the world and almost all major states of India. Thanks to my merchant navy and then sales and marketing career, I have worked with more than 15 different nationalities.

I have seen the best and the worst life situations. I have steered myself and others out of life-threatening situations like Pirate Attacks, Groundings, Fires, Blackouts, Bomb Threats, etc. I am trained in Advanced firefighting, Advanced first aid, emergency response, and survival. I am also trained in managing the hazards of handling petroleum, gas, and chemicals.

Knowledge grows when shared, and so does love. I love to share love and knowledge with those who love knowledge.

The essence of manufacturing lies in seamless operations and enhancing the end-user experience. How does your company strike a balance between operational efficiency and customer satisfaction?

It is a very difficult part as many external factors are driving the course of the journey. But we are trying to cope with that in the best way we can and learning through experience.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial aspects of the manufacturing industry. How does your company integrate these principles into its operations and contribute to a sustainable experience?

Efficiency. Efficiency in utilizing resources, such as Human capital, Raw materials, Consumables, Energy, etc. This helps save the environment and helps us with our “lower cost to customer” policy.

My passion lies in building sustainable businesses that make a positive impact. I’m excited to lead Muhandiz Industries, a company offering a comprehensive suite of products, solutions, and consultancy services in electrical safety, condition monitoring, and reliability.

In the realm of manufacturing, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency. How does Muhandiz leverage technology to optimize its services and stay ahead in a digital age?

We believe in digitalization and have good knowledge of it. But as a small company, we are only able to use digital resources in our marketing and branding. We are still far behind in implementing it in our manufacturing process as it is a capital-intensive affair, and we are not equipped to utilize that.

As a leader in India’s manufacturing sector, your company has likely faced its share of challenges. Could you share an instance where your team’s resilience and ingenuity triumphed over adversity?

It is a daily affair. As a growing organization, deadlines are part of the daily routine, and when the situation arrives, everyone hits the shop floor together, irrespective of designation.

Today, manufacturing goes beyond the physical realm, touching on safety, security, and well-being. How does your company address these critical factors in its service offerings?

I strongly believe in the term “LTI—loss time injury.” Every minute a person is not doing productive work because of an injury at work or home is a severe loss to the company. The only way to tackle this is by being vocal about it. We talk about it daily and practice it ourselves as top management officials.

Looking to the future, what is your vision for your company? How do you aspire to continue making a significant impact on India’s manufacturing landscape?

I strongly believe that we, Indians, deserve to have a per capita GDP at par or better than that of developed countries. To achieve this, we will need to optimize our product and service delivery costs through innovations and reduce the cost of production while maintaining decent salaries for floor staff. The second thing is always to keep an eye on the market and keep looking for customer problems and ways in which we can solve them. While efficiency keeps you growing steadily, the steep growth curve comes from innovation.

Since you have read through my whole interview, you seem very interested in partnering with Muhandiz. So do not hesitate to call, WhatsApp, or drop an email so that we can get in touch. If you want something when we meet, I’ll order Kadak Chai for you. Promise. That’s what I love. Call me: +91 9820017527mubarak@muhandiz.com; get in touch anytime.