Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of RIL, believes that firms have no choice but to become green.


Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s richest man, said on Monday that businesses had no choice but to become green, and that every unit of Reliance Industries will have to pivot.

Mukesh Ambani, Asia’s wealthiest man, said on Monday that businesses have no choice but to become green, and that every unit of Reliance Industries would have to pivot as the company goes towards net-zero energy.

“As a society, as a business, we have no choice but to truly adopt a sustainable business model,” he stated at the Qatar Economic Forum.

On if this green drive will necessitate a reduction in certain of Reliance’s companies, Ambani stated, “it requires changing our businesses and merging it with the future,” without providing further information. The transition to a greener, cleaner version of itself will be difficult for India’s most valuable firm, which generated around 60% of revenue from its hydrocarbon-fueled energy activities in the fiscal year ending March.

Ambani advocated for bridging the digital divide “both across nations and within nations,” claiming that connection and communication had become essential human rights.

“The digital barrier must be overcome, both within and within countries. This is because connection and communications have become essential requirements, as well as fundamental rights, of every human being on the globe, much like food, clothes, and shelter,” he explained.

“Our Prime Minister (had) made a call for Digital India, and I was privileged (that) our digital services business named Jio put out a 4G network over the length and width of the nation by 2018,” said Ambani, who runs India’s youngest but largest telecom operator.

“We have often wondered what we would have done in the face of the corona crisis if India did not have a 4G network,” he continued.

The three-day gathering began with Qatar’s monarch urging countries to avoid stockpiling vaccines to the “detriment of others.”

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has encouraged Western economies to assist Africa’s recovery, while Rwandan President Paul Kagame has stated that African governments are “looking to find partners” to produce vaccines on the continent.