Neetu Gupta: Shifting the Technological Tides

neetu gupta
Neetu Gupta

With a firm belief that execution, commitment, and effective communication is the key to delivering success, Neetu Gupta leads from the forefront as the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of VDOIT Technologies Private Limited.

Neetu understands that being a leader is a tough job, but she keeps going and has achieved several milestones along her journey. She leads VDOIT with a proven track record in delivering robust enterprise solutions in the domains such as Sports Tech, Healthcare, Agri-Tech, Assets Management, Real Estate, FinTech, Talent, Communication, Legal Tech, Data monitoring & Data Analysis.

Let us dive in-depth into her journey.

The Beginning

After graduating from Miranda House, Delhi University, Neetu pursued her Post Graduation (MCA) from Panjab University, sowing the seeds for her professional career. She started working in the Telecom sector with her campus placement in Daewoo Telecom in Gurgaon.

Later, Neetu started working as a Programmer Analyst in the USA for one of the biggest Home Improvement Retailers – Lowes Home Improvement, in 2004. At this time, a major cultural shift in Lowes regarding outsourcing practices occurred, and Neetu played a pivotal role in making that shift a successful journey. She was recognized many times for outstanding leadership qualities, and she continued delivering high-value solutions by introducing the best processes in the system.

After working for a decade in the US, Neetu returned to India in 2014 with her family. With her husband, Narinder Kamra, she started their IT services company VDOIT Technologies Private Limited. As a self-funded organization, they implemented the best learnings of their global experience. She took all challenges in learning new technologies to drive the projects successfully.

However, Neetu had to play a dual role by supporting her husband in the business while also looking after her family, who were still in the transition period after the shift from the US to India.

Both Neetu and Narinder kept on learning about losses and profits. They could scale up the company into a 50+ Engineers team for clients in 10 different countries, delivering software solutions in various sectors using high-end technologies like AWS Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, and BI on Web and Mobile platforms.

But Neetu knew that a founder couldn’t limit herself on responsibilities, and she gained knowledge in Accounting, Finances, and Operations, which could convert VDOIT into a profitable organization.

A Personal Touch

Plan, Prioritize, Execute (PPE) is the philosophy Neetu carries with her to learn from the past and be empathetic. She knows that as a woman, she must maintain a balance at work and home; thus, her handy daily planner helps her prepare for planned tasks while giving her the bandwidth o take proactive actions for the company’s strategic growth.

Neetu mentions, “For every decision and execution, I consciously apply the learnings from the past, especially the rough ones, which provide key lessons to avoid mistakes. We can develop empathy, but it generally comes more from within. It helps me build strong relationships with clients, win trust with peers, and people align with me as they understand my contribution to everyone’s growth.”

Innovating Constantly

VDOIT Technologies offers its IT Services in a few of the world’s most advanced technologies – Web 3.0, Metaverse, Blockchain, AI/ML. All solutions are deployed on 100% cloud infrastructure, keeping no overheads of the Data Centre. VDOIT is partnered with IBM, AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean.

VDOIT has delivered solutions in a few untapped sectors like Sports Tech, Legal Tech, Blockchain-based Talent Management, Telecom Omnichannel, AI/ML-based Education, Tele Medicine, Image Processing, Remote printing, and so on.

Mission: VDOIT has the task of being known in the industry for its simplistic solutions, giving its clients the world’s most delightful experience.

Vision: VDOIT has the vision to be one of the Top 10 companies in the world in transitioning the industry from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Accepting the New Norm

Neetu states, “Since we founded VDOIT, we have always maintained a culture of not carrying the weight of years of experience, which suppresses the creativity of juniors and an openness to experiment. We encourage the mindsets like Interns where Risk Taking is acceptable, and there is always an excitement to learn something new and have a “Let me try” attitude.”

Spending over two decades in IT, Neetu consistently sees Today as the fastest evolving day that needs her and everyone around to be with an utterly agile mindset. She keeps herself well-versed with current technology trends, making an annual professional development plan and empowering the team with training and certifications. “I encourage my team to go the extra mile in getting a deeper understanding of business domains and technical aspects when executing a project. Thus, to get us at a level where we become Subject Matter experts and help the stakeholders capture the product market,” Neetu explains.

VDOIT believes in acquiring and retaining talent based on Merit and Performance; however, it currently has a balanced proportion on Gender. It has working-from-home policies as required, which helps the team manage their schedule flexibly. VDOIT also enhances its work culture by promoting values such as staying agile, debating with respect, making mistakes but learning from them, and sharing what is learned.

The Long Haul

Neetu states that in the modern Business Arena where Gen X, Y and Z are primarily interfacing, they must work like equal team members and respect what best they have on the table from Experience and Prospective standpoints.

Neetu envisions herself as a more decisive leader in her current role of CTO, where other senior IT leaders in the organization can be more empowered to take the organization’s mission forward and make the VDOIT the best place to work.

“With ambitious targets of VDOIT, we have plans to expand our services to 10+ more countries in 2023-2024. Our Goals would need more support in maintaining our existing clients, which is only possible with consistent value addition through quality deliveries on time. I would keep working towards this along with support to our Business Development goals,” Neetu adds.

A Piece of Advice

Neetu knows how tough it was earlier for a woman to start her venture due to the lack of opportunities and conservative environment. However, since 1990 the startup culture has taken off with a new outburst of energy and enthusiasm. These days investing in niche areas gives a competitive advantage and increases client potential. Thus, she advises aspiring women with a specific idea that serves one of the unique needs in an industry, then be proactive, come forward, and start executing. “Since you are stepping into a new world, be resilient to handle failures and maintain positivity throughout the journey,” Neetu concludes.