New Chase Consultancy Services: Accelerating the Growth Through Skill Development

Sushil Agarkar
Sushil Agarkar

Recognized as the fastest-growing economy, India is attributed to technological advancements, surge in education and phenomenal growth in the business sector. Driven by the passion, dreams and encouragement of the Indian government, there has been dynamic growth in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise sector (MSME).

According to India Brand Equity Foundation research, India has approximately 633.9 lakh MSMEs in India. The Micro sector includes 630.5 lakh enterprises, accounting for over 99% of the country’s total number of MSMEs.

The small sector includes 3.3 lakh enterprises (0.5% of total MSMEs), while the medium sector includes 0.05 lakh enterprises (0.01% of total MSMEs). Around 324.9 lakh enterprises (52.3% of total MSMEs) are in rural areas, while 309 lakh enterprises (48.8%) are in urban areas.

The businesses in the MSME sector are generally driven by the entrepreneurs steering the business wagon through their available resources and possible solutions in the prevailing conditions. It is observed that despite having crucial technical talent and efforts made in the right direction, these enterprises are seen struggling with professional attributes.

This has led to the need for professional training, guidance and coaching in skill development. However, despite knowing the need, finding the right training and development organization can be challenging at times.

Having trained thousands of business entrepreneurs and professionals, New Chase Consultancy Services is an impactful training organization that has created its mark in the modern business scenario. Guided by the dynamic Founder and Lead Trainer, Sushil Agarkar, New Chase Consultancy has empowered business leaders and several employees with professional qualities, aesthetic adeptness, and key skills in business communication.

An Overview

New Chase Consultancy is a sales training, entrepreneur coaching and implementation company which specifically works with Indian MSMEs and helps them to grow their sales. The company helps Indian MSMEs to build a self-sustainable business and put their businesses in an automatic self-operating mode.

The company assists businesses to set up their sales teams and strengthen their revenue department by planning, recruiting the right team members, training, monitoring their daily activities, and reviewing their performance. New Chase Consultancy supports the MSMEs to build their winning and performing sales teams. Currently, it has trained more than 50000 sales professionals and over 5000 entrepreneurs across India.

The Able Leader

While working with several business enterprises, Sushil observed that despite having the talent, and technical knowhow, these enterprises lacked the professional edge in gaining new business orders, dealing with corporates and engaging with the MNCs. He strongly felt the need to polish them with the crucial skills of presentation, communication, soft skills and leadership. With the ambitious purpose of boosting the Indian business segment in the MSME sector, Sushil started this firm-New Chase Consultancy Services to equip, empower and enrich business entrepreneurs and their team members.

He identified the need for training and preparing them for the crucial selling skills which are important in the cases of small-sized sales teams and when the prospect list not being very long. Sushil helps enterprises gain maximum from these two prevailing conditions.

He supports in identifying the ‘Who’ prospects will convert and ‘How, so that the sales teams can begin generating sales for their enterprises.

F.I.G.H.T.E.R. Sushil Agarkar is an expert in transforming underperforming businesses through sales process improvements. After training over 5000 sales professionals, Sushil has become a master in identifying and solving problems faced by the small and medium enterprises (SME) and the complexities involved in scaling up their businesses.

Professionally, Sushil has deep and unparalleled experience as a sales head, business consultant, regional sales manager, business head and vice president of a clutch of reputed organizations, such as,,, and Vision Websters Pvt. Ltd. He recently served as the CEO and Managing Director – Sales, of Smart Training & Consultancy.

As a leading Sales Trainer, Sushil has added immense value to many small and medium-scale organizations by formulating fool-proof strategies to increase client-base, enhance revenues, reduce operational costs, optimize resources, measure productivity, and mine strategic partnerships for a host of business benefits.

Under Sushil’s tutelage, one is sure to learn about the various aspects of sales and business development, starting from identifying potential clients, and approaching prospects to nurture leads and converting them into loyal customers for the entire lifecycle of a brand.

Under his expert guidance, your sales professionals will learn how to approach prospects, introduce or promote a product or service, explain its value and features, justify its cost, gain extensive industry knowledge, and perfect practical sales techniques. This makes Sushil one of the finest and most accomplished trainers in the industry.

Inspirations Within

Since the past 28 years, Sushil Agarkar is associated with the MSME sector, and he found one challenge which was unanswered because of which less than one percent of MSMEs could make it to 1000 crore benchmark easily. So New Chase Consultancy offers that premium expertise which is needed for Indian MSMEs to grow and flourish at a much faster pace. He believes that the tremendous potential of the industrial business sector is hidden and unexplored, can be given the right exposure through their value-based sales training programs. Right marketing and sales strategies can boost the business scope of these enterprises and change their fundamental approach towards the business.

Tackling Challenges

Initially, being new in market acceptability was a challenge. Today, New Chase Consultancy has succeeded in making entrepreneurs understand the fact that they will not be able to scale up their businesses unless they upgrade themselves, and put systems and processes in the proper order. Sushil identified the crucial professional aspects of business that have accelerated the growth of several organizations and start-ups.

Being adept with key skills of communication, presentation and sales, business enterprises can gain the customer’s trust and respect, thereby succeeding in achieving decent sales figures. It is an obvious fact that any organization would like to deal with a professional enterprise that will reflect the class and level of communication, response time and quality services.

Key Differentiators

Sales implementation is one of the important aspects of New Chase Consultancy. Every business enterprise needs regular sales to run the business, meet the expenses and fuel the growth objectives. Sushil adds, “We just don’t teach sales, but we get the teaching implemented through active participation and interactive roleplay. The participants are given practice on making calls, initiating sales presentation, convincing the client on the business offerings, negotiations, closing the sale and the possible objection handling. We take the responsibility of the growth. The association is based on the fact that we become the part of the client’s organization and then work towards a common goal.”

Impact of Technologies

Emerging technologies will definitely help business consultancy and training industry in delivering valuable learning that will make working much easier and with faster outcomes. Modern software systems have helped the business enterprises in streamlining the processes, building control, reducing errors and working efficiently. The advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are the best tools that have organized the sales department for consistent and effective communication with the prospects and the clients.

The regular follow-up and feedback system has supported in understanding the client expectations, improving the internal systems and developing the marketing strategies accordingly.

Adapting with times

New Chase Consultancy Services is a modern organization that focuses on changing with new trends and practices. Sushil mentioned, “We use social media platforms to update training programs and coaching activities. The value-based training snippets, posts and videos help us to connect well with several other organizations, business entrepreneurs and HR professionals. We are coming up with an innovative one-of-its-kind of an App through which our clients can learn but also will be able to seek consultation whenever they feel the need.”

Golden Advice

Replying as an advice, Sushil highlights the importance of learning in the professional life. He points out that Learning is the key to understanding the industry’s changing aspects and demands. Many entrepreneurs start the business and then think about how to sustain it and what needs to be done. However, in reality, the game is the reverse, where the businessmen need to plan first, prepare themselves for the game, invest in themselves, and learn and master the required skills.

Future Projections

Revealing about the future, Sushil elaborated, saying, “We are planning to open our branch offices in this year23 -24. The first one is Ahmedabad, and we plan to create job opportunities for at least 100 professionals this year.”