New ‘collab’ feature tested by Instagram in India, UK

Instagram collab

Instagram recently stated that its new ‘collab’ feature is being tested in India and the UK. Through this feature, users will get the opportunity to collaborate with others on feed posts and reels.

As per a statement, people use collaboration as a means to connect on Instagram. This feature will help users to invite a collaborator to their feed posts and reels so that they can share the content with their followers.

The statement also added that if the other user accepts, then they will be shown as an author. Furthermore, the content will be shared on their profile grid and will also be shared to their followers in the feed.

Followers of both the users can see the content and both the users can also see the shared feedback.

As per the statement, this feature will be tested in India and the UK. It will also include a small percentage of the global community in the testing.

Many features of the Facebook-owned company is now being increasingly launched in India. Last year, India was one of the first countries where Instagram’s new feature, ‘reels’ was introduced. This feature allows users to create and share short videos. The company further launched a separate tab for reels and India first received this feature.

India was also among the first two countries to experience the launch of Live Rooms, a feature which allows four people to go live together.