Onkar Sonalker: Pioneer in Facilitating Personal Safety Through Technology

Onkar Sonalker
Onkar Sonalker | Director

Living in the modern age of digital technology, almost all work, communication, and transactions happen online through computers or smartphones. The modern features in the e-commerce and UPI payment systems have made it easier for people to make payments seamlessly. However, certain abrupt challenges that can disrupt the normal steady routine for which most people might not be prepared.

It becomes necessary to have some reliable safety system to support us in crucial times of challenging situations. Modern technologies, when combined, offer the advantage of providing crucial safety in daily life—a factor that is important in today’s fast-paced world.

Innovative technology expert, Onkar Sonalker, has developed a unique safety platform that provides clients with a reliable 24X7 service through the application of AI, VA, IoT, and Cloud-based solutions. Onkar is a first-generation entrepreneur, in his mid-thirties, with 15+ years of rich technology experience.

Educated in the United States, Onkar owns a software development company based out of the US. His panache for technology, command over app development, and forward-thinking attitude is his hallmark. He has tech exposure both on the national and international levels.

Onkar is the Director of Zimaxx Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd, headquartered in Mumbai. It is a unique tech-enabled security service provider operating through an innovative ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) concept.

As a pioneer in the PaaS-based subscription model for smart security, Zimaxx operates BPO services through an ICCC State-Of-The-Art Command Station that leverages the best of AI, IoT, VA, and cloud solutions to offer its clients unmatched safety and security solutions, 24×7, with real-time alert management, in any emergency situations.

Unfolding the Initial Phases

Entrepreneurship was a quality that was ingrained in him from a very young age. But the first time Onkar got an opportunity was when he was pursuing his M.S in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology. Onkar was working on a high-performance trading algorithm, and he knew that hedge funds were on the lookout for AI-based machine trading algorithms.

He spent four months developing-tweaking the algorithm, found a buyer, and closed the deal in just 30 days. This initial success made him understand the importance of studying the market and finding a solution for something that the customers are looking for. From there, Onkar began his journey in the tech space by starting his own company that delivered enterprise mobile applications.

Using his data modeling, machine learning, and AI background, Onkar created a platform that helped customers with a minimum $2 Mn annual logistics spend to save their shipping costs by up to 24%. This was a game changer in the industry as he was bringing data points to smaller shippers, which helped them negotiate better rates with the carriers. From here, Onkar started working on Zimaxx, his current venture, where he and his team are launching the world’s first Safety Service Aggregator Platform called “Captain India.”

Early Motivations

Today, mobile phones are ubiquitous in human lives. It’s now a lifeline for most of the people. Onkar questioned himself that if a mobile phone conducts all life business today, why does it not provide safety?

Based on this simple idea, he decided to offer life safety features on mobile phones. Onkar felt that when it comes to safety, it is important to humanize it. So, Onkar launched Captain IndiaMy Safety Superhero, a life safety app backed by a 24X7 command station. The services are delivered all over India. Onkar expressed his happiness in being a part of the Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan mission.

Rising from Challenges

Every business opportunity has its own unique challenges. Understanding customers’ problems, getting deeply involved in the customers’ psychological needs, aggregation of services bucket, pricing since Indians generally do not want to pay for app-based services, setting up of the backend including the command station, funding, researching on what will work, etc. were the challenges faced.

Admirable Qualities

Onkar always believed in adopting different approaches to doing things. The quality of management thinking is always out of the box. He aspires in being different, pioneering a new niche concept, taking bold steps to venture into unchartered territories, risking personal investments, and nurturing confidence in the team’s ability to deliver superior customer experience. Unbelievably true, the name Captain IndiaMy Safety Superhero and the Mascot was well received and appreciated.

Core Strengths

Onkar believes its core USP is in being genuine and original. The company is pioneering a new concept for the first time in India under Surakshit Bharat Abhiyan, which makes him feel so proud. Onkar has curated 14 unique life safety services covering most elements of daily existence. He says, “We are on a mission to save lives; there cannot be a more noble cause than this. All our services are available with just a click of a button; we call it the simple way to live safely.”

Inspiring Message

Replying as advice to young professionals entering the industry, Onkar mentioned that business is an exciting game compared to being on the job. Excitement comes from the uncertainty of a fixed paycheck hitting your bank account every month.

Onkar advises being ready to work for long hours, ensuring that you are the “Boss” and have to outwork all your employees. He says, “You cannot afford to be complacent, and you have to chase your targets and goals. The success or failure you will encounter is directly proportional to the effort you put into your business. And don’t be scared to pivot, and the most important advice is to value your investors’ money like it’s your own money and make sure your unit economics is perfectly in control.”

Technological Perspective

Onkar stated that emerging technologies are crucial for improving productivity and keeping track of the organizations’ performance. This leads to a more efficient process and reduces human error.

By utilizing automation, he is able to optimize his workforce to focus on areas that need improvement. This also helps to find bottlenecks and streamline his delivery. Also, these tools help improve his team’s morale as some of the mundane reporting/tasks now get automated, and the users get to see everything in real-time.

At Zimaxx, the team believes in implementing bleeding-edge technology to make sure we can have efficient and optimized operations. Also, virtual meetings have improved productivity and employee work satisfaction.

He mentioned of seeing better closures with the sales team. Innovation in the business space is quintessential for the company to see a thriving economy, and the teams at Zimaxx are constantly evaluating tools and services that can improve its way of working.