Origami the $10 Mn Seed Initiative Launched by 8i Ventures

Origami the $10 Mn Seed Initiative Launched by 8i Ventures
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8i Ventures, a venture capital firm, today announced the opening of “Origami,” a seed funding initiative designed to assist early-stage entrepreneurs.
With ‘speed’ as its defining characteristic, 8i Ventures targets companies in the pre-seed to early revenue stage through this seed program. According to the fund, the new program will guarantee a streamlined procedure that would enable founders to raise money without interruptions or delays, providing a term sheet in two weeks, a response in just one week, and deal conclusion in just four weeks.

The company, which was founded in 2019 by Vikram Chachra and Vishwanath V, is dedicated to developing the upcoming generation of business leaders. 8i Ventures aims to boost startup growth across industries by investing $250K to $2 million in pre-seed to early revenue phase companies.
Early investors in a number of startups, including Slice, M2P, Easebuzz, Transbnk, BharatX, and Blue Tokai, include 8i Ventures.

According to Vikram Chachra, the company hopes to invest in eight to ten businesses this year. If the program is well-received, it may increase its funding to $20 million.
8i Ventures raised $25 million to announce the first closing of its $50 million second fund during the funding winter (November 2022). The company has set aside $10 million from Fund II to begin this project.

The company provides a speedy fundraising without the typical hold-ups and diversion. Clients can anticipate a response in 7 days, a term sheet in 14 days, and a completed contract in 30 days with the current integrated system. To do this, 8I Ventures has a quick and open process.

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