Payal Jain: Fostering Rajasthan’s First E-Moto Bike Startup for the Youthful Next-Gen

Payal Jain
Payal Jain

Nothing is as thrilling as an extraordinary adventure, where you can course your life through a fun-filled landscape of challenges and opportunities, constant ups and downs, and continuous adrenaline rush. Welcome to the field of entrepreneurship.

Sure, a professionally typical nine-to-five job-oriented career offers a sense of stability and security. But you know what I mean by a true enterprising spirit, never settling for the mundane but challenging the challenges and thriving in obstacles to drive through the very heart of hitherto uncharted territories and unexplored vistas of innovations.

My name is Payal Jain, am the Founder of VigorEbike Private Limited, an electric bike company. I welcome you all to Vigor E-Moto Bike, where we revolutionize your journey with cutting-edge electric mobility solutions. At Vigor, we are passionate about crafting high-performance e-bikes that empower riders to embrace a greener, more thrilling future.

My Journey in Entrepreneurship

It began after completing my graduation with a BA degree in Jaipur. With a strong academic foundation, I ventured into the professional world, starting my career at Vodafone. During my tenure at Vodafone, I gained valuable experience in sales and marketing, honing my skills in customer relations, communication, and market dynamics.

My career took an exciting turn when I transitioned to PPN Network India Pvt. Ltd, where I delved into the automobile industry. This move gave me a deep understanding of the automotive sector, including product knowledge, distribution channels, and industry trends. With 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and the automobile industry, I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey.

In pursuit of my passion and armed with a wealth of knowledge, I founded VigorEbike Private Limited. This step showcased my determination and belief in the electric bike industry. Starting my own company was a significant accomplishment, marking the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, I faced the typical challenges of starting and running a business, including securing funding, building a customer base, and navigating the industry’s complexities. However, my extensive background in sales and marketing equipped me with the skills necessary to market and sell electric bikes effectively.

With a strong foundation and my entrepreneurial spirit, VigorEbike Private Limited and I’m on…

An Exciting Path Towards Future Growth and Success’

Now, you must be curious about ‘How Payal Jain was inspired to leave her job and establish her own e-mobility solution-providing company.

My initial foray into the corporate world was at Vodafone, where I gained experience in sales and marketing. This experience likely sparked my interest in the dynamic and competitive business environment. I may have been inspired by the opportunity to connect with customers, develop marketing strategies, and contribute to a well-established telecommunications company.

As I continued to evolve professionally, I transitioned to PPN Network India Pvt. Ltd, where I entered the automobile industry. This shift reflected my willingness to explore new sectors and acquire a broader skill set. The inspiration behind this move may have been my fascination with the automotive industry’s complexities and the chance to work with innovative technologies and products.

Ultimately, my inspiration to venture into the corporate world and become an entrepreneur likely came from my continuous thirst for learning, my passion for business, and my aspiration to apply my knowledge and skills in diverse fields. My journey exemplifies how a diverse career path can lead to entrepreneurship and business creation.

The Admirable Leadership

Now, you must be wondering what leadership skills, values, and qualities people admire most in Payal Jain.

I believe that in my role as a leader, several qualities and values have earned the admiration of those around me:

Vision: I’ve always had a clear vision for VigorEbike Private Limited, my electric bike company. Setting long-term goals and envisioning the future of our industry has been a driving force for my leadership.

Communication: Effective communication is vital in the dynamic world of electric bikes. I’ve strived to articulate our company’s mission, engage with stakeholders, and clearly convey our values.

Integrity: Honesty and ethical decision-making have been non-negotiables for me. Upholding strong moral and ethical standards has been a cornerstone of my leadership.

Empathy: I deeply care about the well-being and concerns of my team and customers. Demonstrating empathy in leadership has been a priority for me.

Empowerment: I’ve always aimed to empower my team members, trusting them with responsibilities and encouraging their professional growth.

Adaptability: The electric bike industry evolves rapidly, and my adaptability as a leader, guiding the company through change, has been a source of admiration.

Inspiration: I’ve strived to inspire and motivate my team to excel and innovate, which has earned me admiration among my colleagues.

Open-mindedness: I’ve embraced new ideas and valued diverse perspectives, creating an inclusive and dynamic work environment that has garnered admiration among my employees.

These qualities reflect my approach to leadership in the electric bike industry, and I’m committed to continually developing these traits to inspire admiration and lead my company to success.

Now, before you wonder, I would like to share some of the unique aspects that define me and my journey as

A Dynamically Multitalented Personality

Diverse Background: My journey started with a B. A degree, but what truly sets me apart is my extensive 15-year experience spanning sales, marketing, and the automobile industry. This diverse background equips me with a well-rounded perspective in the business world.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: I boldly founded VigorEbike Private Limited, a testament to my entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to pursuing my passion and vision.

Industry Knowledge: My career has encompassed telecommunications and the automobile sector, providing me with in-depth industry knowledge. This knowledge positions me well to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities in the electric bike industry.

Leadership Skills: I pride myself on my leadership qualities, which include a clear vision, adaptability, and a drive for innovation. These skills enable me to guide my company and inspire my dedicated team effectively.

Commitment to Ethical Business: Ethical conduct, integrity, and honesty are values I hold dear in all my business dealings. My commitment to principled leadership is non-negotiable.

Position as a Dynamically Multitalented Personality:

In the business world, I am recognized as a dynamically multitalented personality due to my versatility and ability to excel across different roles and industries. My journey, spanning telecommunications, the automobile industry, and now my role as the founder of VigorEbike Private Limited, reflects my adaptability and willingness to embrace new challenges.

My leadership qualities, combined with my diverse skill set, empower me to lead a successful electric bike company and earn admiration from my team, colleagues, and industry peers. My dedication to fostering innovation, caring for my team’s well-being, and conducting business with the utmost integrity has solidified my position as a respected figure in my field.

Overall, my unique selling points and my standing as a dynamically multitalented personality underscore my ability to bring fresh perspectives to the electric bike industry, all while drawing on my rich experiences from other sectors to drive the success of VigorEbike Private Limited.


In the electric bike industry, embracing modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has ushered in a transformative era. These advancements have revolutionized various facets of our business, impacting product development and customer engagement.

AI and ML have fueled a wave of innovation, enabling us to create electric bikes that are not only more efficient but also safer and more user-friendly. We’ve harnessed predictive maintenance, advanced battery management, and smart safety features, enhancing the riding experience.

Furthermore, the wealth of data generated by these technologies has been instrumental in our decision-making processes. We’ve adopted data-driven insights for precise market analysis, personalized marketing, and optimized supply chain management. This data has also empowered us to make our electric bikes more energy-efficient, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

In customer support, AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants have streamlined inquiries, offering immediate assistance and improving overall customer satisfaction.

As a forward-looking company, we’ve proactively integrated AI and ML into our operations. We’ve invested in R&D, partnered with tech firms, and educated our team members to facilitate seamless integration. We’re not just producing electric bikes but delivering intelligent, connected, and eco-conscious mobility solutions.

We view AI and ML as catalysts for growth, operational efficiency, and elevating customer experiences in this ever-evolving landscape. We aim to stay at the forefront of the electric bike industry by maintaining our commitment to innovation.

Overcoming Obstacles

While challenges persist for women leaders in the electric bike industry, I approach them with determination and resilience. I leverage my skills, seek mentorship and support, and actively contribute to promoting diversity and inclusion. I aim to overcome these challenges and thrive in my leadership role by focusing on my strengths and continuous growth.

Success Principles

For aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, the path to success involves believing in your vision, pursuing your passions, and continuously expanding your knowledge in your chosen industry. Building a robust support network of mentors and advisors, conducting thorough market research, and embracing failures as opportunities for growth are essential steps. Taking calculated risks, staying adaptable, and seeking funding wisely is key in the entrepreneurial journey. Balancing work and personal life, maintaining persistence, and championing diversity and inclusion are also critical. Celebrate achievements, regardless of size, and consider giving back to the community to foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. These principles collectively serve as a roadmap for budding entrepreneurs, empowering them to navigate the challenges and seize entrepreneurship’s opportunities.

On Envisioning the Future

VigorEbike Private Limited continues leading the electric bike industry by prioritizing innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Our plans include

  • Expanding our product range,
  • Investing in research and development, and
  • Maintaining a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices.

We aim to reach a global audience, all while promoting diversity, adaptability, and community engagement. Our vision encompasses technological advancements and a dedication to creating a positive societal impact. With a customer-centric approach and a focus on empowerment, we are poised to shape a dynamic and successful future in the electric bike industry, setting new standards for innovation and responsible mobility solutions.

Define Yourself

According to me, ‘Outstanding women leaders in business exhibit a range of vital qualities and traits, including vision, resilience, and confidence. They excel at adapting to changing environments, empathizing with team members, and fostering effective communication. These leaders think strategically, champion innovation, and promote collaboration while upholding ethical standards. They are problem solvers, empower their teams, and often serve as mentors and role models. They adhere to core values, are results-oriented and committed to diversity and inclusion, and demonstrate strategic networking skills. Exceptional women leaders manage their time effectively, prioritize continuous learning, and possess the courage to take calculated risks. These qualities collectively contribute to their success in inspiring and driving positive change within their organizations and industries.

A Few Recognitions:

  • In 2023, Payal Jain was recognised by Sonu Sood in a ceremony Veneration.
  • In 2020, Payal Jain was recognized by Her Ka Hunar and the Real Super Women.
  • Recognition in the year 2019 by the Indian Circle of MOMS.

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