Payments through UPI in Europe soon be Possible for Indians

Payments through UPI

Making payments in Europe using UPI (United Payments Interface) will be possible for Indians as NIPL (NPCI International Payments Ltd) has collaborated with European Payment Services Facilitator Worldline.

NIPL, which is the global arm of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has partnered with Worldline to expand the acceptance of Indian payment modes across Europe, according to the joint report. Worldline will facilitate convenience for Indian businessmen and customers in European markets by permitting merchants’ point-of-sale (POS) systems to accept payments from UPI.

As a result, Indian customers will be able to use their RuPay debit or credit cards to make payments in Europe. Till now, payments were made through international card networks. The versatility of UPI allows multiple bank accounts to be accessed through one single mobile application, which will enhance customer experience while beginning new business prospects for businessmen. As a result, a multitude of customer-related merchant benefits would happen due to an increase in footfall and spending from Indian tourists.

“Our partnership with NPCI International seeks to mitigate the risk of excluding or limiting Indian customers from safely using electronic payments in the EU,” Marc-Henri Desportes, Deputy CEO of Worldline, said.