Petrokens Engineering and Services Pvt. Ltd: Delivering Value-Added Engineering Solutions to Client Assets

Jeyaraj S | CTO || Murali G | CEO || Petrokens Engineering and Services Pvt. Ltd.
Jeyaraj S | CTO || Murali G | CEO || Petrokens Engineering and Services Pvt. Ltd.

The leading consulting startups have both the expertise and the experience to guide its clients towards executing their plans into action, which helps them in saving, money, time, and aggravation. They review the clients’ business plans, compare it with their goals, and suggest ways to improve their chances for success.

One such renowned consultant startup which is delivering lasting customer experiences is none other than Petrokens Engineering and Services Pvt Ltd. It is a Chennai based oil and gas engineering consultancy. It offers a full range of engineering services from end-to-end complete solutions in engineering design, project management consultancy, specialized technical services, risk management, and technical staffing in oil & gas sectors.

Petrokens’ values reflect the blueprint for the company to operate successfully and are consistently applied across all its operations. Safety, integrity, and cost effectiveness are the core values of Petrokens.

Petrokens’ vision is to be the preferred partner of companies and corporations worldwide in successfully delivering solutions with value additions, ensuring technical integrity, quality, and safety.

The company’s mission is to deliver sustainable and quality projects at optimum costs for its stakeholders.

A Frontrunner in Delivering Excellent Services

Petrokens provides multi-disciplinary design engineering and consulting services in concept, feasibility, and detail engineering. The company’s capabilities comprise of process, piping, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and HSE. It offers complete cost-effective solutions from concept to commissioning, establishing the difference between Petrokens and its competitors.

The unique in-house design engineering services gives customizable options to the clients for their project. Combining flexibility with innovation and complete solutions, the experience for the client is curated with excellence and showcases uncompromised quality. The team is dedicated to delivering solutions to the client’s requirements across every phase of the project. It may vary from the concept, development to simulation, detailed design to validation, and optimization tasks.

The Leading Personalities of Petrokens Engineering

The person responsible for driving the business excellence journey globally is Murali G – the CEO of the company. He has completed his master’s in design engineering and has more than two decades of extensive experience in operation, maintenance, engineering, technical services, and project management. Mr. Murali was associated with mostly offshore, oil and gas refinery along with petrochemical plants.

Another gem in the firm is Jeyaraj S – the CTO of Petrokens. He has been instrumental in strategic planning and technical execution. Mr. Jeyaraj has done his bachelor’s in chemical engineering and has 20 years of experience in Oil and Gas Engineering and Technical Services. Also, he is a member in Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and an Associate Member in IChemE, UK. Their combined experience has been quintessential in exploring the opportunities and executing the tasks timely with quality and integrity.

Tackling Challenges with a Game Face

Team Petrokens believes that the challenges in engineering come from uncertain conditions prevailing to change in oil prices and an industry-wide staff shortage. The requirement for skilled engineers has been realized as an unending necessity in the industry since technology is developing rapidly. “We have to align ourselves to meet the end users’ requirements. It’s at the hands of the engineering sector to sustain many crucial aspects of our day-to-day lives,” claims Mr. Murali while shedding some light on the dynamics of challenges faced by the company.

Facing the Pandemic Bravely

Hit by the Covid-19 slump followed by social distancing and a nationwide lockdown, businesses are experiencing major impacts no matter how established they are. Now, they have to re-look at how they manage and operate their business including re-visitation of their business plan.

It has become challenging for most businesses to keep their financial wheels turning during the lockdown period due to less revenue churn and the general uncertainty in the global financial environment.

The management states, “We are all in this together, so the ideal way is to stay transparent with our clients about what our business is going through. Customers can empathize with companies facing a crisis, as long as the communication is transparent”.

Moreover, the company is maintaining healthy relationship with all stakeholders. Petrokens believes that it is very important to maintain high spirits within the team and understand the general mood within the remote workforce.

Advice for the Budding Entrepreneurs

Adressing the emerging entrepreneurs, team Petrokens states, “Don’t give yourself excuses and let yourself procrastinate. Test your idea as soon as possible. Start talking to your future clients to get feedback on your idea and see what they are willing to pay for it”. The company encourages these young entrepreneurs to refine their assumptions and to start providing solutions instead of conventional services.

The Future Roadmap

Petrokens has tied up with global oil companies and EPC companies. In the future, the company plans to concentrate on the African continent. Understanding its position in the market, Petrokens derives the scale needed to cut costs and remain competitive. The company believes that the oil and gas sector is likely to be dynamic over the next few years. Hence, the ability to assess and accurately value potential targets faster than the competition will be critical. In this sector, prices are said to be on the recovering stage.

The management further states, “Still, most oil giants are cautious about new initiatives with major capital expenditures. Many MNCs are still figuring out the essence of the cost issue. Likewise, this has proven difficult for the firm to distinguish real threats from – new competition, challenging bidding procedures and risk-sharing arrangements. Team Petrokens realizes that the industry has dramatically changed and is looking for cost-effective solutions. Hence, it believes that it is better equipped to compete.