Pokemon GO is boosting the cost of remote raid entries and limiting daily involvement  

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO, the hugely popular mobile game from Niantic, has announced some changes to the game’s Remote Raid Passes for the beginning of next month.

Trainers can anticipate price increases for Remote Raid Passes on April 6, 2023, as well as new restrictions on the maximum number of times they can participate in a Remote Raid per day five and other changes to the Remote Raid.

Brief Overview

The following are the specifics of the price changes:

Alterations to the prices:

The Remote Raid Pass three-pack will now cost 525 PokéCoins more. Remote Raid Passes will now cost 195 PokéCoins for a single one. The shop will now offer a Premium Battle Pass three-pack for 250 PokéCoins.

Limits on participation in remote raids:

Each day, trainers can only take part in a maximum of five Remote Raids. For special occasions, this maximum may change and increase.

Passes to Remote Raids:

The list of possible rewards for Research Breakthroughs will also include Remote Raid Passes. Research Breakthrough-obtained Remote Raid Passes will continue to be limited to three Remote Raid Passes per Trainer. When a Trainer reaches the limit of three Remote Raid Passes from a Research Breakthrough, they will instead receive a Premium Battle Pass.

If you buy a Remote Raid Pass 3-Pack with two Remote Raid Passes already in your inventory, you can still hold up to five Remote Raid Passes.