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To provide access to high-quality, cost-effective, best-practice diagnostics 24/7, 365 days a year, Premier Health Center is a pioneering diagnostic center offering multiple services with cutting-edge technology. The company’s result-oriented approach is based on its uncompromising, transparent, customer-focused quality.

Pradeep Chakravarthy is the Managing Director at Premier Health Center. He is an expert in Business Management and Business Development. With sheer dedication, he successfully developed proficient skills in IT-enabled healthcare, primary care, wellness center, healthcare consulting and operations, innovations, and advanced diagnostic technologies. His Target-driven team building and crafting-out new business models from scratch and making them substantial value-driven models with high valuations is his forte.

The Roots

In India, a significant healthcare burden exists due to the gap between supply and demand. With the population growing and the middle class becoming more financially stable, life expectancy is rising. Unfortunately, despite these positive trends, access to quality healthcare remains limited, and healthcare professionals often need to be more skilled to meet the needs of patients. The diagnostic industry plays a crucial role in the healthcare continuum, impacting patients at every stage of their journey, from healthy individuals to those with acute or chronic illnesses. Diagnostics account for seventy percent of clinical decision-making, yet only make up less than 10% of the overall cost of healthcare. In the era of evidence-based medicine, doctors rely on diagnostics to validate their diagnoses, making it an essential aspect of the healthcare industry. With the emergence of new methodologies like Molecular Diagnostics and Genetic Testing, diagnostics have become even more critical in picking up diseases early, preventing their development, and even reversing conditions.

The Unmatched Expertise

Mr. Pradeep is a highly experienced professional with 25 years of expertise in laboratory diagnostics. He has played a crucial role in strategizing and implementing a unique business model for the company, enabling it to become one of Tamilnadu’s leading diagnostic laboratories. His visionary ideas and watchful guidance have helped the firm to earn recognition from several prominent bodies, including the State Government, the Central Government, and the Indian Council of Medical Research.

Under Mr. Pradeep’s leadership, Premier Health Center has been recognized as one of the best-equipped diagnostic laboratories in the state. Recently, the company received the prestigious Times Health Care Award for Best Diagnostic Center and the Pulse Healthcare Award for Best Diagnostic Chain, North Tamil Nadu, highlighting its exceptional contribution to the healthcare industry.

Besides his successful stint with Premier Health Center, Mr. Pradeep has ventured into other domains, including Premier Food and Beverages, Premier Beauty and Wellness, and Premier Fitness, indicating his diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit. His impressive track record and outstanding achievements make him a prominent figure in the field of laboratory diagnostics and a valuable asset to the healthcare industry in Tamil Nādu.

The Foundational Values

Premier Health Center, established in 1977, has been at the forefront of medical diagnostics in Tamil Nadu, firmly committed to providing high standards of care and precise testing. The NABL-accredited lab aims to promote healthier living for all patients and has become a pioneer in world-class diagnostic services. The center has earned a reputation as a trustworthy brand in the state offering exceptional diagnostic services .

Premier Health Center has worked tirelessly to bring excellence to medical diagnostic services with a panel of expert pathologists, radiologists, MD physicians, cardiologists, technicians, and support staff. The center’s vision is to create a disease-free society by offering better diagnosis and timely prevention through health screening. The team at PHC is dedicated to transforming patients’ lives using high-end technology and is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve patient outcomes.

To achieve this goal, Premier Health Center has a continuous cross-functional discussion between heads of departments, aligning them with a cross-functional and organizational strategy for effective execution. The center’s commitment to providing the best care possible is reflected in the daily footfalls of more than 2500 patients, who trust Premier Health Center for their medical diagnostic needs. Overall, Premier Health Center is a leading name in medical diagnostics, committed to providing high-quality services that improve patients’ lives.

The Best-in-Class

Premier Health Center is a leading diagnostic center that offers a comprehensive range of pathology, radiology, cardiology services, and preventive health check-ups. The center’s state-of-the-art lab facilities are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly skilled professionals. In addition, Premier Health Center offers convenient home visit facilities and online reports via Whatsapp.

The center’s focus on radiology services includes Sonography, Digital X-ray, Mammography, and Bone density testing, while its cardiology services include ECG, 4D Echo, and Stress tests. Premier Health Center also provides value-added services like Audiometry, Optometry, Lung Function Tests, and Diet and Nutrition Counseling, making it a one-stop destination for all diagnostic needs.

With a vision of preventive healthcare, Premier Health Center aims to provide easy and convenient access to 360° quality healthcare services. Its comprehensive range of diagnostic services ensures that patients receive accurate and timely diagnoses, enabling them to take proactive steps to maintain their health and prevent the onset of diseases. Overall, Premier Health Center is a trusted and reliable diagnostic center that offers comprehensive, high-quality services to meet the diverse needs of patients in Tamil Nadu.

The Premier Health Center has significantly impacted the healthcare industry by introducing a unique model of management of the entire laboratory from 30 bedded hospitals to 300 bedded hospitals. Under this model, Premier Health Center takes care of the laboratory as the whole from the hospital.

This innovative approach was groundbreaking and had not been seen before in the industry. Today, Premier Health Center has partnered with more than 85 hospitals in the state, offering their expertise and experience in managing laboratory services, allowing hospitals to focus on providing excellent patient care.

This partnership benefits hospitals as they get access to Premier Health Center’s advanced technology, experienced pathologists, and other healthcare professionals.

Overall, Premier Health Center’s outsourcing model has been successful, providing hospitals with the flexibility and resources they need to deliver exceptional patient care while improving the overall quality of laboratory services.

Pathology Services to home at NO COST: Pathology services have been done via home sample collection with the Premier’s trained phlebotomist, where they do not charge anything extra apart from test costs.

Apart from this, Premier Health Center has also established three centres of excellence in Medical Diagnostics by creating a new phenomenon in the diagnostic landscape of the state. Premier Health Center – SELECT, this architecturally designed facility with opulent interiors comes as a benchmarking standard to the diagnostic environment of the state.

Premier Health Center – SELECT in Anna Nagar and Mogappair, Chennai spreads over an area of 4500 sq. ft. each, and the one in Kanchipuram extends over an area of 13500 sq. ft. These SELECT centers will make patients feel energetic. The soothing ambience coupled with pleasant lighting will make them feel comfortable.

 Drive-in Collection: For the first time in State, PHC-Select offers their customer a drive-in blood collection facility. The drive-in blood collection facility will provide ease, especially for senior citizens and the physically challenged, for quick blood collection even without getting out of the car. They can give the sample in the drive-in area without getting into the laboratory and waiting in a queue. All testing requests can be made via phone, and the validated results sent  through Whatsapp.

Lounge Access: This ultramodern facility has opulent lounge access to conduct your tests in a relaxing and comfortable environment. The facility has pleasing interiors, making your waiting time pleasant and comfortable.

Preparing for the Next Change

Premier Health Center recognizes the pressing need for growth in the healthcare sector in the coming years due to the increasing population and lifestyle disorders. The current state of the healthcare ecosystem in India highlights the need for more infrastructure, a skilled workforce, and diagnostics centers in rural areas. Premier Health Center has been serving patients with various diseases, including cancer, thalassemia, maternal and child healthcare problems, obesity and malnutrition, diabetes, heart, and genetic diseases, bone and joint diseases, and more. This experience has enabled the team at Premier Health Center to learn and embark on a mission to reduce the growing burden of diseases in the country.

To support this endeavor, Premier Health Center has launched a campaign urging people to undergo preventive health checks, monitor their health, and reduce disease risk. The center is also working closely with clinicians to offer early and accurate diagnoses of diseases and help reduce the overall burden of diseases on patients. With its dedication to providing high-quality diagnostic services and its commitment to improving healthcare in India, Premier Health Center is a trusted and reliable healthcare service provider in Tamil Nadu.

Improving Healthcare Solutions

Digital diagnostics: From traditional diagnostic procedures, the growing advancements in technology have strengthened digital diagnostics, which is used to support clinical decision-making and improve patient outcomes. This technology includes tools such as electronic medical records, clinical decision support systems, and computer-aided diagnosis. Digital diagnostics have the potential to transform healthcare delivery by providing timely, accurate, and consistent information to clinicians. This technology has already begun to impact healthcare in several ways, including reducing the time to diagnosis, improving patient safety, and increasing the efficiency of care delivery.

An essential aspect of preventive care is timely diagnosis at the primary care level. Digital diagnostics can play a pivotal role here. Programs like the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) launched by the Government of India are bridging the gap among stakeholders in the ecosystem through digital diagnostics. Digital diagnostics transform healthcare delivery by providing clinicians with timelier, more accurate, and consistent information. This technology has already begun to impact healthcare in several ways, including reducing the time to diagnosis, improving patient safety, and increasing the efficiency of care delivery.

  1. Early detection and diagnosis of diseases: Digital diagnostics can help in the early detection and diagnosis of diseases. This is because digital diagnostic tools can monitor patients’ health more closely.
  2. Improved Accuracy: Digital diagnostics can also improve the accuracy of diagnosis. This is because digital diagnostic tools can provide more accurate results than traditional diagnostic methods.
  3. Reduced Costs: Digital diagnostics can also help in reducing the costs associated with healthcare. This is because digital diagnostic tools can replace expensive traditional diagnostic methods.
  4. Increased access to healthcare: Digital diagnostics can also help increase access to healthcare. This is because digital diagnostic tools can reach remote areas where traditional healthcare facilities are unavailable.
  5. Patient Safety: Another benefit of digital diagnostics is improved patient safety. This technology can help identify care errors and ensure patients receive the right treatments. In one hospital, using digital diagnostics resulted in a 70 percent reduction in medication errors.
  6. Efficiency of Care Delivery: In addition to reducing the time to diagnosis and improving patient safety, digital diagnostics can also increase the efficiency of care delivery.

Guiding Light

“In 1980, my parents started Premier Health Center with a space of 250 sqft. At that time, there was much criticism about their capability. But my parent’s hard work broke the barriers, making quality diagnostics affordable to ordinary people. From a single center, a low price to ordinary people,” says Mr. Pradeep. He continues, “From a single center to five centers before being taken over by me in 2000. My parents made a strong team technically, which has a tremendous output; even today, it has been maintained at the same pace. My parents were my role models; I am laying the path on their foundation.”

According to Booker T. Washington, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

Talent Acquisition: Hiring the right talent, building the right culture that focuses on the patient experience, quality of results, and enjoying work, and finally setting the right goal and implementing a collaboratively working process (i.e.) Teamwork. Lastly, “Never be afraid of failure and take risks.”

Aim for the Future

Premier Health Center has come a long way since its inception in 1980, from a small space of 250 sq. ft. to serving over 3 million patients and conducting 10 million tests. Today, the center provides accurate and precise diagnostics while promoting wellness and preventive healthcare. Premier Health Center also offers a variety of health check-up packages and patient care initiatives to meet the needs of its patients.

Premier Health Center has ambitious plans to expand its operations by setting up 50 more diagnostic centers by the end of 2025. It also aims to extend its services to other parts of the State, creating more employment opportunities. Premier Health Center is committed to maintaining its high quality and patient care standards while striving for growth and innovation in the healthcare sector.