Promising Startups Transforming the Future

The Indian startup ecosystem is quickly mushrooming into the world’s largest budding industry. In an alternate niche, the consultancy startup sub-stratum is also evolving. This is indeed a positive sign for the Indian industry to transform itself to match the pressing demands of the industry 4.0 phenomenon.

The most necessary components, qualities, and traits Indian industry must acquire to be ready for the fourth industrial revolution are many: innovation, digitalization, emerging technological adoption, modern approach, human-tech collaborations and much more.

But the most urgent question every budding startup must answer is what kind of technology it should go for in its initial growth phase and is that technology upgradable according to the future need. This is where the startups need precise and expert counselling, advice, and guidance, which is crucial for not only their progress and development but for their very existence.

Talking about emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, automation, robotics, and even extended reality is one thing, but investing in them a considerable sum of money is quite another thing. These just commenced enterprises do not have that kind of financial options to go for hugely promising yet big-investment driven technologies.

It is when budding consultancy startups come to their aid by conducting thorough viability or practicality research for other startups and then offering consultations based on the actual numbers rather than giving flimsy unfeasible solutions, which are more bane than boon. Another extraordinary feature of these much-needed consultants is their all-time access, real-time availability, and up-to-date information sharing, which is critical for the management of startup enterprises.

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– Abhishek Joshi,

Deputy Editor, CIOLOOK INDIA