Property Marshal: The Best Hassle-Free Property Management You Will Ever Get

Jeevan Gowda
Property Marshal

There are two sides to real estate investment to be considered before going for it. The first side is overt, that whatever the times be, your property always gives substantial ROI compared to other outlays.

Property management is the other side, which is inert and goes overlooked. Those who own multiple real estate assets in various locations know how hard it is to keep track of all the minute details when renting, leasing, maintaining, and leveraging substantial returns from these immovable resources.

If you are one of those, with the majority of your investment in Bangalore, then all your worries, concerns, tensions, and issues regarding managing your property will be erased once you meet the most competent team of Property Marshal led by the exceptional team leader and CEO, Jeevan Gowda.

The Property Marshal’s League

Speaking about his exceptional core team, Jeevan says first is his spouse Spoorthi Shetty, Director of the firm. Spoorthi is an MBA Marketing from Manipal Institute of Management. She has served corporates for ten years in Financial Service Industry. Spoorthi being another director of Property Marshal firm supports in many ways. “She is like an anchor to all of us,” says Jeevan.

They incorporated this company as M/S Propgain reality LLP in 2015. Jeevan and Spoorthi Shetty are the directors of the firm. Property marshal ® is the brand name for tenancy management having grabbed many ISO certifications.

The Most Sensible Return on Investment

Sharing his thought, Jeevan says that time and again, it has been proven that the best, safest, and often the most lucrative investment for the long run is in real estate. Thus, it is unlikely to surprise anyone that people prefer investing in real estate units like apartments or other properties wherever they can. That said, managing too many properties can be a challenge and consume too much of your time. Thus, it is only sensible to go for property management services.

These are the services given by property management companies to the owners of various properties for a small fee. The exact nature of services included varies from company to company. With Property Marshal, you can get property management done through a single company. These services especially benefit non-residents or people with a long cluster of companies.

According to him, everyone living in a house or needing premises, like renters, first home buyers, investors, and employers needing corporate accommodation, more than any NRI seeking professional help in managing their properties, are the main target audience.

What makes Property Marshal different from other competitors is that Jeevan and the team are stringent in screening tenants. They do strong background verification for higher-end properties. They even do CIBIL check before placements. “Our approval rates are very low to avoid imminent problems.”

Secondly, the obligation to collect and distribute rents through proper channels and tracking the same is done. Not all can provide this kind of effective service to property owners.

He insists, “As our services are limited to Bangalore, we hold a strong presence in all Bangalore locations. We stand as top service providers.”

Telling the immersive benefits offered by Property Marshal to the property management sector, Jeevan says they include hassle-free management to property owners selling off property, screening and placement of tenants, managing their issues, timely rent distribution, timely rental escalation and renewals, updating all of this as and then, maintenance and repairs when tenants move out etc.

The Champion of Strategic Mission

Jeevan possesses progressive management expertise with Executive MBA from IIMB, demonstrating skills in the initiative, creativity and success in the domain of Sales, Marketing and Business Development. He has served MNCs and Top Financial Institutions as VP with 18 years of rich experience managing wealth for HNI and ultra HNI’s related to liquid assets, adept in handling business with a focus on top-line and bottom-line performance and expertise in determining the company’s mission and strategic direction as conveyed through policies and corporate objectives.

Jeevan found that there was always a huge gap between the liquid assets to fixed asset front when it comes to serving the clients. Real estate is assumed to be an unorganized sector even now. He wanted to blend a personal relationship with property management services rather than just commercial intention; this strategy helps acquire and retain clients for the long term and aims to look forward long term relationships with our clients, whether NRI or IR, in managing their properties.

Envisaging Tech Advanced Real Estate

Being an experienced leader, sharing his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting today’s real estate sector and how Property Marshal is adapting to the change, Jeevan says that Artificial Intelligence has transformed the real estate industry forever, changing the day-to-day work of appraisers, mortgage lenders and developers — not to mention homeowners. AI in real estate can take many forms. It encompasses analytics that informs investing and decision-making and automation that helps professionals throughout the industry provide an optimal customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence can be applied in property management to observe and envisage when the systems of critical maintenance are ready for replacement. The technology is also valuable to keep a tab on rental trends in particular geographical zones and increase tenant rents automatically when leases terminate. Property management companies can achieve other details of property management, such as building automation and growth analysis, to regulate probable returns on the basis of critical inputs that influence rents, expenditures and proceeds in rental housing.

Smart home devices: Alexa, Amazon eco smart lock or devices supporting these allow homeowners to control appliances, thermostats, lights, and other devices remotely using a smartphone through an internet connection.

Motion sensor lights – are almost adopted in many gated communities to save energy.

Smart thermostats – using Wi-Fi to connect with an app from your phone, one can schedule heat and cooling, adjust your home’s temperature no matter where you are, and even set up automation with other smart devices.

Virtual and self-guided touring platforms: VR is the future of real estate marketing.

Delivery management solutions, Keyless building entry systems,

Visitor management systems are already very popular in residence or commercial property management.

Most of these are used or provided by luxury segment builders offering to millennials, and their younger counterparts have been raised with technology that has rapidly advanced over the past few decades and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As such, this generation naturally gravitates toward the latest technology. The latest technology allows residents to live more conveniently and streamline their everyday processes.

Property management services have their challenges dealing with these when tenants move out. Managing these devices and their wear and tear due to usage would be challenging.

But the fact is: This new technology is a sign of progress and growth, and without it, we’re stuck in the past.”

Breaking the Conventional Wisdom

When probed about considering the current industry scenario and what kind of challenges they face and overcome, Jeevan says that how much ever technology has improved the mentality or the thought process of the house owners to a large extent is not updated in India. Even if they know they need all the services from the property management end, they compromise and go to the brokers rather than opt a good property management services.

In his advice to budding professionals aspiring to venture into the property management solutions sector, he says money can’t buy many things – any aspirants who want to enter this business with VC funding or big money and want to grow immediately can’t buy patience, nor they can earn service rewards in no time. To start anything related to the service industry, one must have a lot of patience and time because it’s dealing with people and their emotionally attached assets.

Expanding The Future Scope

On envisioning scaling Property Marshal’s operations and offerings in the future, he divulges that they have been using technology to a larger extent for maintenance updating, rent collection and distribution, tracking non-rental payments, collection process etc., beyond which the cost of managing the higher end, of technology involved services would be costlier for one who avails the property management services.

“It is these traits that earned us awards, accolades, and recognitions, including,

  • The Most Admired Real Estate Tycoons to Watch in 2022,’ by The Business Fame.
  • The ’10 Most Promising Property Management Service Providers, 2021,’ by Silicon India.
  • The 10 Best Real Estate Brands to Watch in 2021,’ by The Leader Global Magazine,”

concludes Jeevan.

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