PTS Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd: Revolutionizing ERP via SAP Business Consulting in India

PTS Systems & Solutions
PTS Systems & Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a niche where businesses find themselves wanting professionally adept and technologically advanced SAP consultancy, as has been consistently offered by PTS Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd since its inception a decade ago, in 2013, by Mr Sachin Dhane, the Founder and CEO, with the vision of revolutionizing ERP business consulting in India.

This is the story of how PTS Systems & Solutions is doing it. PTS’s client, Ghodawat Consumer Ltd is a prominent player in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, belonging to the esteemed Sanjay Ghodawat Group. Headquartered in Kolhapur, the company operates production units and six warehouses, contributing significantly to the vibrant FMCG sector.

Before the implementation of an automated solution, Ghodawat Consumer Products faced numerous challenges across various departments. Manual management, predominantly relying on paper records and Excel sheets, led to inefficiencies and shortcomings in critical business operations.

The major pre-automation challenges included

  • Manual Sales and Marketing Activities: Lack of streamlined processes for sales and marketing personnel.
  • Order Processing and Quality Control: Inefficient order processing challenges in maintaining stringent quality control.
  • Material Purchase and Inventory Management: Manual handling of material purchase and inventory management, leading to errors and delays. 
  • Traceability and Compliance: Difficulty in tracking batches and lots, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. 
  • Cost Management: Challenges in managing the cost of products, hindering financial efficiency. 
  • Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance: Struggle with regulatory compliance and maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Financial Reporting and MIS: Lack of real-time financial reports and Management Information System (MIS).

PTS Systems Superb Solutions

In the pursuit of optimizing business operations, PTS proposed and implemented SAP Business One HANA, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution tailored for the FMCG sector. The solution addressed the challenges by introducing a comprehensive end-to-end cycle:

  • Agricultural Raw Material Tracking: Initiated the cycle with robust tracking of agricultural raw materials.
  • Production Tracking: Implemented batch-wise production tracking with stringent quality checks.
  • Sales Tracking: Tracked distributor sales, ensuring a complete view of the sales cycle.
  • Material and Production Planning: Efficiency managed material and production planning, optimizing resource utilization.
  • Product Formulation Costing: Established a systematic approach to product formulation costing by mapping all components.
  • Scheme and Offer Management: Managed schemes and offers for distributors and retailers based on product classification and sales volume.

#Operational Benefits

*Reduction in Manual Work: Decreased reliance on manual processes and spreadsheets, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

*Automatic Product Costing: System-generated product costing ensured accuracy and eliminated manual errors.

*Elimination of Work Duplication: Achieved zero work duplication, streamlining workflows across departments.

*Real-time Visibility: Enabled real-time visibility into inventory, production, and quality control activities.

*Improved Material Planning: Leveraged MRP and compliance tools for better material planning.

*Enhanced Traceability and Compliance: Smooth traceability, expiry management, shelf-life tracking, and adherence to regulatory compliance standards.

*Financial Efficiency: Addressed financial reporting challenges, providing real-time MIS for informed decision making.

Mr Dhane says this case study showcases how the implementation of SAP Business One HANA by PTS resulted in a transformative journey for Ghodawat Consumer Ltd, enhancing operational efficiency, compliance, and overall business performance in the dynamic FMCG industry.

Ghodawat Consumer Ltd’s is just one example out of numerous where PTS brought in the ERP revolution. You can check more case studies at

Becoming a Trusted SAP Partner

Emerged as a trailblazer in the SAP solution industry, Mr Dhane says his motivation behind establishing PTS stemmed from recognizing the transformative power of SAP solutions and the integration of AI to streamline operations and drive business growth. “Witnessing the need for innovative, reliable, and customer-centric SAP ERP and AI solutions, we embarked on a journey to become a trusted SAP partner, delivering excellence and value to our clients.”

Sharing the guiding philosophy that has propelled PTS Systems & Solutions’ success, Mr Dhane says it is anchored in their commitment to delivering added value and improved operational efficiency through SAP solutions. The guiding philosophy at PTS Systems & Solutions revolves around customer-centricity, innovation, and continuous improvement. “We prioritize 100% ROI for our clients, and our focus on building long-term relationships has been instrumental in our growth.” Team PTS has positioned itself as a leader in the SAP solutions landscape by staying true to its core values and fostering a culture of excellence.

Embedded Evolution

The SAP solutions landscape is continually evolving. To ensure that they remain adaptable and ahead of industry trends, providing innovative solutions to their clients, Mr Dhane says that staying ahead of industry trends is essential. “It is ingrained in our company culture. We invest in continuous learning for our team members and actively engage with technology partners such as SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and other AI innovators.”

This commitment to ongoing education ensures that their solutions, incorporating AI advancements, are not only up-to-date but also at the forefront of innovation. “Our adaptability is reflected in our ability to seamlessly integrate emerging technologies, including AI, into our offerings, providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions.”

An All-Inclusive Leadership 

Mr Dhane’s leadership style is often recognized as a driving force behind PTS Systems & Solutions’ achievements. Shedding light on his approach to it and team building within the organization, he says that at PTS Systems & Solutions, leadership is about inspiring and empowering the team. “I believe in fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment where each team member’s contributions are valued.”

Open communication, a shared vision, and a focus on individual growth are key elements of Mr Dhane’s leadership approach. By encouraging creativity, innovation, and the integration of AI technologies, he cultivates a culture where every team member feels motivated and invested in the company’s success.

A Constant Client-Focus

The essence of SAP solutions lies in seamless operations and enhancing the end-user experience. Thus, to balance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, Mr Dhane and his team’s approach is centred on understanding their client’s unique needs and providing tailored solutions, including AI enhancements. Team PTS ensures operational efficiency by following the ASAP methodology in their implementation process while actively involving clients in every step. “Customer satisfaction is embedded in our DNA, and we prioritize comprehensive training, open communication, and ongoing support.” This balance ensures that their solutions, combined with AI technologies, meet operational goals and exceed customer expectations.

Contributing to a Greener Tomorrow

Sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial aspects of the modern IT industry. PTS has integrated these principles into its operations. Mr Dhane says, “We are committed to sustainability in our operations and the solutions, including AI-driven technologies, that we offer.” Their secure coding practices and stringent data protection protocols contribute to a responsible approach to IT. Additionally, they actively seek eco-friendly alternatives in their day-to-day operations, minimizing their environmental footprint. By promoting sustainable practices internally and integrating them into their solutions, which include AI advancements, team PTS aims to contribute to a greener and more responsible IT industry.

The Power of Excellent Innovations

PTS Systems & Solutions has achieved remarkable success. Highlighting a transformative project that showcases their commitment to excellence and innovation, Mr Dhane says it involved optimizing logistics and supply chain processes for a Leading Logistics company. “By leveraging SAP Business One and incorporating AI-driven analytics, we enhanced efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. This transformative initiative showcased our commitment to excellence and demonstrated the power of innovative solutions, including AI, in driving positive change for our clients.”

At the Forefront of Tech-Advancements

In the realm of SAP, advancing technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency. Mr Dhane says that to optimize their services and stay ahead in a digital age, they prioritize continuous learning for the team members and maintain active collaborations with technology partners such as SAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and leading AI innovators. “This allows us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, including AI.” Integrating the latest tools and AI-driven solutions into their offerings ensures that PTS’s clients benefit from the most innovative and efficient SAP and AI services available.

A Collaborative Teamwork

The workforce is the cornerstone of any successful organization. Thus, fostering a culture of growth, skill development, and empowerment among its employees is vital for PTS leadership. “We believe in investing in our team’s growth and skill development, including proficiency in AI technologies,” states Mr Dhane. Regular training programs, mentorship opportunities, and a culture of open communication are integral to their approach. By providing avenues for professional development, recognizing achievements, and fostering a collaborative work environment, PTS leadership empowers employees to excel in their roles, embrace AI advancements, and contribute to the organization’s overall success.

Triumphing Over Adversities

PTS has faced its share of challenges as a leader in India’s SAP sector. Sharing an instance where his team’s resilience and ingenuity triumphed over adversity, Mr Dhane says, “During the initial years, we faced challenges typical of a growing company. However, our team’s resilience was evident when we successfully navigated a complex project with tight timelines and evolving requirements.”

Through effective communication, adaptability, and a collective commitment to excellence, the team not only met the challenge but also exceeded client expectations. “This experience reinforced our belief in the strength of our team, including their adaptability to AI technologies and its ability to overcome obstacles,” says Mr Dhane.

Another was the pandemic, which posed unique challenges. But they swiftly adapted by implementing remote work strategies, leveraging digital collaboration tools, and utilizing AI-driven solutions to ensure efficiency. “Our commitment to customer support remained unwavering, with virtual training sessions and enhanced communication channels.” By staying agile and responsive to the changing landscape, they ensured seamless business continuity while prioritizing their team’s and clients’ well-being.

Creating Robust Safeguards

Today, SAP goes beyond the physical realm, touching on data security, system vulnerabilities, and seamless process functioning. Team PTS skillfully addresses these critical factors in its service offerings. “Data security is a top priority for us. We follow secure coding practices, adhere to stringent data protection protocols, and forge strategic partnerships with leading technology providers like SAP, Microsoft D 365, Salesforce CRM, and AI security experts,” says Mr Dhane, adding that their solutions, including AI-driven technologies, are designed with a keen focus on mitigating system vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust and secure environment for their clients. This proactive approach is integral to providing services that meet the highest security standards.

Fostering a Future of Sustained Success

Finally, Mr Dhane says, “As we celebrate our journey, our vision for the future involves sustained innovation and growth.” Team PTS Systems & Solutions’ aspiration is to strengthen its position as a trusted SAP and AI partner further, expanding its footprint in India and beyond. “Our focus will remain on delivering cutting-edge solutions, fostering long-term relationships, and contributing to advancing India’s SAP, AI, and technology solutions landscape. We aim to be at the forefront of industry trends, driving positive change and inspiring solutions for businesses across diverse sectors,” concludes Mr Dhane.