Public Media Solution: Promoting Businesses with Dedication and Efficiency

Ravinder Bharti | Founder & CEO | Public Media Solution
Ravinder Bharti | Founder & CEO | Public Media Solution

The noteworthy e-commerce solution providers of the country ensure that traffic and sales always meet their clients’ growth targets. They ensure that all the customers remain directly connected to their consumers’ companies. These companies provide standard solutions to meet their customers’ requirements.

One such prominent e-commerce solution provider which is delivering excellent public relation services is none other than Public Media Solution. Situated in Kharadi, Pune, the company takes public relations seriously, and provides its clients with better and more improved solutions.

We make sure that you are able to establish and maintain productive relations with your public and create your mark in the market

In an interview with Insights Success, team Public Media Relation shares about its journey, the various services it offers, the various challenges it has faced, and its future plans. Read below to get more details about the interview:

Enlighten us with the journey of your company so far.

Public Media Solution was started in 2014 with the primary objective of providing extensive PR services to clients. What started as a small startup with limited scope has now opened an umbrella of varied services that help individuals and enterprises making the most of the digital space.

The journey of Public Media Solution has been comprised of dedicated hard work, the willingness to provide the best services to the clients, and several sleepless nights! At the end of the day, all the toil and trouble were worth it.

Give a detailed summary of the key personality(s) life before and after their entry into the e-commerce space. 

Ravinder Bharti, the owner and CEO of Public Media Solution, has pursued and obtained a degree in engineering. After finishing his education, he secured a job as a Computer Science engineer at a globally reputed MNC. While having a corporate job, Ravi always had a knack for new technologies and the use of digitization in different markets for increased traction.

While working as an engineer, he once came across an article on Bloomberg about the rise of the e-commerce industry. The industry and its scope fascinated him instantly and he knew what his calling was. This made him enter the world of e-commerce and digital marketing by freelancing for a startup that dealt in cake and flower delivery.

His increasing fondness for e-commerce and his ability to understand the pulse of the market made him quit his job and assist online sellers to manage their ventures on multiple platforms.

Before starting Public Media Solution, Ravi brought in ten years’ worth of experience with him.

Kindly talk about the exclusive e-commerce solutions offered by your company.

Public Media Solution aims at helping online sellers set up and run their ventures successfully and getting the traction they desire. Some of the key e-commerce solutions offered by the company include:

  • Launch Services – The company helps online sellers enter the e-commerce space and launch their services effectively on the most suitable platforms. These services are not limited to helping the sellers create their accounts. Public Media Solution also helps them secure their first orders and get on track as a successful e-commerce venture.
  • Listing and Cataloguing – The listing services are aimed towards helping online sellers gain more traction on noted e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. Apart from helping them get their products listed, the company ensures that they rank high on the SERPs through search engine optimization.
  • Suspension Get Back – These services are directed towards online sellers who have got their accounts suspended. Public Media Solution helps them get their accounts back and regain the market share and reputation.
  • Account Management – The company helps online sellers in managing their e-commerce accounts on different platforms and multiple channels. These services ensure that the sellers are making the most of the concerned platform to optimize their ventures.
  • Sales Boost Services – These services are dedicated only to help the sellers drive home more revenue. Right from the inception of the venture until it finds its footing in the market, Public Media Solution makes sure that they make enough sales to earn the desired profits.
  • Reporting – Apart from helping online sellers manage their e-commerce ventures, Public Media Solution provides them with timely reports of their activities to allow the management to make important decisions.
  • Ad Management – These services are aimed at helping online sellers buy and place ads strategically on e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

How differently is your company competing in the market?

The team at Public Media Solution believes in providing holistic services to clients. We believe in personalizing all our services and understanding where the online sellers are coming from before commencing our services. Also, we focus a lot on gap analysis, and understanding the competitors help the clients create their niche in the market.

When we provide e-commerce solutions, they are not strictly restricted to managing online sales and setting up the clients’ accounts. We make sure that our clients’ brands have sufficient visibility on multiple digital platforms and an impeccable image in the public.

What kind of challenges has the company and its team faced industry-wise?

The biggest challenge faced by the company and our team so far has been that of intense competition. The digital marketing and e-commerce space has always been occupied with players providing similar services to the same target audience.

This has often resulted in our team treading slowly and carefully while providing our services to the clients. The last thing we would want is to lose our valuable clients.

How have technological advancements and innovation in the industry impacted/enhanced the business of the company?

E-commerce and digital marketing are essentially based on technological advancements and are bound to affect by every innovation in the field of technology. The increasing prominence of process automation through AI and CRM platforms has allowed us to provide personalized services to our clients.

Also, technological innovations have allowed us to leverage several practices such as branding, PR, advertising, reporting, and much more.

What are your strategically driven plans to be implemented in order to scale the business in 2021?

2021 is going to be the year where the trend of working remotely would be relevant to almost every industry. In order to cater to our clients better, we have decided to work more on carrying out impersonal interactions. Also, the year is going to have more and more clients demand personalization of services provided to them.

Keeping this in mind, we plan on further tailoring our services based on the specific needs and preferences of our clients by profiling them thoroughly and being there for them at every stage. We believe that service can always prove to be successful if the client feels they are the only ones being catered to by the organizations.

What advice would you like to give young entrepreneurs and budding professionals who are going to step into leadership positions at their respective workplaces?

One of the most important things to keep in mind for budding leaders is to avoid being awe-struck by the position. Always understand that a leader should lead by example and by working harder than their team members. There is no substitute for hard work, before and after you occupy leadership positions within an organization.

Moreover, it is important for a leader to stay in touch with their team members and always be approachable. The moment your team starts getting intimidated by you or start taking you for granted, you would find yourself fighting a lost battle.

What does the future look like for the company in terms of growth and expansion?

Fortunately, we have expanded the umbrella of the services provided by Public Media Solution and are looking forward to providing a range of other services apart from e-commerce solutions and digital marketing, including corporate services, seed funding services, branding services, and many more. This will help us grow our venture and make Public Media Solution a one-stop solution for an array of problems faced by organizations across the world.