Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt Ltd: Crafting Your Life’s Timeless Symphony

Purple Leaf
Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt Ltd

Genuinely artistic architects craft designs that create cultures—those cultures, in effect, shape values. And our values are the foundational principles which define and determine our future.  Thus, our future is the exemplified dream of our architecturally designed present. Designs which are not just what they look like on the exterior but profoundly mirror our inner functioning personal demands to the core.

Precisely perfect designs not only allow buildings to stand tall in all seasons but also solve the everyday problems of their inhabitants. They stay true to their master crafters’ vision that makes the best possible use of the available spaces to build homes, not houses, craft symphonies and not buildings.

Supermarkets and Retail are forming a new culture of shopping in India. Customers are looking for a great ambience and shopping has turned into entertainment. Supermarkets and retail are Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt Ltd’s expertise where it not only provides a great ambience to the customers but also with its experience of Supermarkets Purple Leaf advances retailers’ requirements and proffers the business need.

Such is the ambience of panoramas enchantingly carved by Purple Leaf that it never lets you settle your eyes in one place but compels them to wander around, trying to capture the essence of pure tranquillity and sheer elegance so that your soul rests in a pleasantly blissful serenity.

Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani, Founder and Principal Architectand Dr Parimal Gupte, Managing Partner of Purple Leaf,welcome you into their world of mesmerising designs crafted with love, compassion, and artistic passion so that you in your lifetime will live fully and prosper vibrantly.

Transcendental Designs, Transforming Lives

Kamlesh shares, “We are a small, creative team of architects and interior designers, sharing the belief thatgreat design is built on a foundation of quality and affordability.” The design studio is passionately managed by Purple Leaf Design Studio Pvt Ltd., its principal designer, expertly curating private residences, and commercial properties for over 20 years. While designing large-scale supermarkets and retail space is his expertise.

Dr Gupte adds, “Our philosophy is that design can be subjective but requirements are absolute.” The design philosophy of Purple Leaf Design Studio is an attempt to understand the business for which the building is designed. No design can be beautiful if it is not apt for the business or if not synced with the people who are living in that space.

Kamlesh elaborates, “Our underlying attempt in all projects is to participate, understand and work with nature of business, while also trying to imbibe the culture and people’s aspirations. We try to create buildings that are simple but not simplistic.”

And Dr Gupte explains, “This is the art which involves lots of commerce. If we don’t understand the commercial & business part of our client then we have missed an important requirement. An extended timeline of a day in delivering a commercial or retail project is the loss of business for client. Utility of space is as important as the design of it”

Creating Eternally Meaningful Spaces

At Purple Leaf, they believe in ideas without limits and strive to create spaces without boundaries, as architecture for them is beyond the cosmetic and about the soul: it is about falling in love with an idea and fighting relentlessly for its realization.

Kamlesh furthers, “Our goal lies in creating ‘timeless meaningful spaces’ which induce harmony, happiness and peace in the lives of the users. We endeavour to create more than just architecture, a lifestyle for the occupants.”

“Simple, intelligent ideas such as optimum use of natural light, ventilation and locally available natural building materials and techniques have been our continuous effort,” mentions Dr Gupte.

Purple Leaf Design Studios Pvt Ltd is an Architecture and Interior Designing Firm. Parimal conveys, “We create spaces andenvironments. Architecture is exploring, designing, creating, and building structures to the best of theiraesthetics and utility.”

Many believe that architecture starts with the design and ends with building the structure. Still, in reality, “We believe that architecture starts with the requirements and ends with fulfilling the client’s expectation,” says Ar. Kriplani, adding, “Architecture is about creation, the creation of the environment.”

The Tree Wizards of Purple Leaf

Ar. Kamlesh Kriplanihas been practising architecture for more than 15 years. He has designed and executed 100s of projects in his tenure, including residential, commercial, and retail projects. With over 15 years of experience designing the dream homes, commercial complexes, showrooms and offices of countless clients, Retail and Supermarket became his expertise.

Ar. Kamlesh Kriplani’s formal education is from the Esteemed Sir J.J. College of Architecture is an expert at understanding clients’ requirements and a master of converting the requirements into implementable, practical, and functional designs.

Dr Parimal Gupte embodies a rare blend of theoretical knowledge, practical expertise, and youthful dynamism. He is well versed in various fields like Business Coaching, Business Consulting, Retail Management, Analytical Research, Operational Research and management, Customer Psychology, Mythology and Cultures, etc., enabling him to comprehend, resolve, and explain any situation from a 360-degree angle.

Purple Leaf’s internal functions, policymaking, and training and development department are handled by Dr Parimal Gupte. His experience in business management is of more than ten years.

Never-Ending Nature of Inspiring Dreams

Revealing their inspirations behind venturing into the industry as an Architectural Firm, Kamlesh says that making somebody else’s dream as yours and working relentlessly to turn the dream into reality is something beyond satisfaction. He says, “This field gives me new dreams every day. The vast and never-ending nature of the industry is the real inspiration.”

While according to Dr Gupte, this is one of the oldest fields on the planet. Yet the nature of complexity and complexity of nature makes this field even more complex than anybody thinks it is. “This design to execution challenges and coordination became an attraction point for me to enter the industry,”he adds.

Timely Execution of Extraordinary Designs

Speaking about the USPs that make Purple Leaf stand out as a leading creative Architectural Firm, Kamlesh expresses that they understand the commerce behind the art. And especially in retail, a wasted day is a loss of business. Excellent architectural service is when you deliver a project within a specific time and without hampering the quality of design and work. “Our USP is to provide the best and unique designs and execute the project within a timespan nobody even thinks of,” he states.

While talking about the immersive benefits of the services/solutions that they provide to their clients, Dr Gupte says, “Our involvement in every project is extraordinary. We get involved in the decision-making process as well.” Due to this, every client gets the maximum benefit of team Purple Leaf’s vast experience, and even before the project is executed, the client gets complete clarity and understanding of the project.

Bulldozing Challenges, Educating Peers

When asked about the initial challenges after venturing into the field and the challenges faced by the team at present, Parimal says that the initial challenge was the lack of education of contractors and workers working in this field which they are still trying to resolve through training, “And we are confident that we will,” feels Parimal.

While Ar. Kriplani says that the current challenge in retail design is mainly that the customer of the retail industry has changed a lot, and he is expecting a lot better environment and services from the retailer. But the retailer cannot understand that beyond good quality material, the customer also expects a great ambience. Retailers must understand that shopping is beyond need and has reached the level of fun and entertainment. Now its retailers turn to match the pace of the customer expectations.

Tech-Enhancing User Experience

As experienced leaders, both Kamlesh and Dr Gupte share their opinion on how technology is transforming the industry and what advancements we can expect in the future. Kamlesh-Speaking of technology, let’s take an example of ‘lights’ used in the retail sector. The time had gone when the industry needed just ample light in your showroom. Kamlesh believes, “Now, with the help of technology, we need to provide different lights for different categories (products), which enhances and does justice to that particular category.E.g. for the vegetable and meat section, we need to use CASTER lighting which will present the products best for merchandising while preserving their freshness but for non-food one need to use CRI/CRE lighting.” Similarly, with many other things like billing experience and in all the areas, technology will change the entire shopping experience for the consumer.

Enlighteningly Immersive Wisdom

The dynamic duo’s advice to aspirants willing to venture into the field of Architectural Designing is apt. They say that this is a detail-oriented field; this field requires passion, empathy, and a complete understanding of nature. “You cannot prosper in the field if you are not ready to immerse into it. You need to get drowned in the field to grow high in it,” says Dr Gupte.

Branching Beyond the Future

On envisioning scaling Purple Leaf’s scope and reach in the future, Kamlesh reveals that they are already working Pan-India. In retail designs, they have done many supermarkets. “The supermarket is basically our expertise. Also talking about retails, we have done jewellery showrooms, clothing and fashion stores,” shares Kamlesh. At the same time, Dr Gupte concludes, “In future, we will be scaling our operations in other sectors like Malls, commercial and residential spaces, also corporate interiors.”

Clients’ Beautiful Praises for Purple Leaf Design Studio Pvt Ltd

When we first met the PurpleLEAF team, we knew we had found what we needed: a group of young, enthusiastic, sensitive designers. What impressed us the most was their ability to listen to our story, who we were, and what we had in mind. They were then able to propose a beautiful concept encompassing the essence of our vision. The rest was creativity, talent, and hard work with a superb final result.” – Mrs Priti and Mr Sanjay Goyal.

“The entire project was well designed, managed, and completed as expected. Thank you, PurpleLEAF; excellent Job.” – Mr Ayyub Siddiqui.

Happy with the office look and feel, and it has come up as planned. Appreciate the tedious work.” – Mr Alex Coutinho

I have been working with PurpleLEAF since moving to my new home a year ago. They helped me tremendously room by room. They have an incredible eye for design and have helped me transform my house into my ‘dream home.” – Mrs Renuka and Mr Viren Khandelwal.

Without a doubt, the best value for money during our office renovation with PurpleLEAF Design Studios.” – Mr Raviraj Jadhav.

Our ideas, needs and questions were plenty. But PurpleLEAF’s creativity was inspiring, and their impeccably detailed knowledge of commercial code was invaluable. Their assistance on any of our future projects would be imperative and indispensable.” – Mrs Neha and Mr Pankaj Kewalramani.