Radhika Gupta: Empowering Children for Life Success, Ensuring Parental Triumph!

Radhika Gupta
Radhika Gupta

Parenting abroad poses intricate challenges for Indian expatriates. In a world where 80% of parents grapple with professional demands, a prevailing sense of inadequacy in catering to their children’s needs arises. Public schools abroad seem to lack a competitive edge, pushing parents toward pricier private options. Recognizing the importance of personalized learning for unleashing a child’s potential, coupled with a dearth of understanding about geography-aligned education, Radhika Gupta founded Life Skill Learnings. As CEO, her commitment establishes the institution as a trusted partner, aiding parents in nurturing their children’s life skills, academic prowess, and holistic development. Cultivating Indian cultural values remains the ultimate goal.

Radhika says: In a rapidly evolving world, we recognize the paramount importance of equipping the future generation not only with academic prowess but also with holistic development and essential life skills.” Let me take you through our journey and shed light on our unique approach.

How We Do? Provide a One-Stop Global Learning Institute for Academic Excellence, Holistic Development & Life Skill Learning

Our institute serves as a one-stop global destination for Academic Excellence, Holistic Development, and Life Skill Learning. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals by offering extensive 21st century skill development courses that spans three key pillars: STEM, Passion, and Languages. These pillars form the bedrock of holistic development and are crucial for preparing children for the challenges of the future.

Our curated curricula for Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers cater to diverse learning requirements, making us the go-to place for academic and co-curricular excellence. The focus on a wide array of skills ensures that each child discovers and hones their unique talents and passions.

What We Do? We Provide Accessible, Affordable, and Adaptive, Online Interactive Learning Across 25+ Curated Skill Options for K-12 Globally

Understanding the challenges of modern parenting, we offer a solution that is accessible, affordable, and adaptive. With over 25 skill development courses tailored for different age groups, we bring quality education to children around the world. Our courses are not only aligned with the geography of our students but are also delivered live by the top 1% of instructors, ensuring a high standard of education.

Alongside instructor-led classes, we are building a global community for kids’ learning, fostering real-life inspirations and peer learning. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also promotes a sense of camaraderie and shared growth among our students.

Unique Value Proposition for Busy Parents: A One-Stop Learning Destination

For busy parents seeking assistance in their children’s academic excellence or holistic development, LifeSkillLearnings.com is a one-stop destination. Our platform offers 25+ skill options curated for Elementary, Middle, and High Schoolers, precisely aligned with children’s geography. These live classes, led by top-tier instructors, are complemented by a global community that promotes real-life inspirations and peer learning.

Problem Solved: Addressing the Needs of the Modern Parent and Child Learning

Our institute addresses a range of challenges faced by parents and children in the modern educational landscape. The long-term span of children’s learning from 5-18 years necessitates a dedicated and adaptive approach, which we provide. The time-consuming process of vetting quality teachers per skill is streamlined with our selection of the top 1% of instructors.

Moreover, we eliminate the challenges associated with physical classes, such as travel time and fatigue. The need for adaptive, curated, and personalized learning for kids is met through our online platform. We understand that very few institutes provide a one-stop global option, and we aim to fill this gap.

Learning Reflections

Life Skill Learnings, www.lifeskilllearnings.com, is one of the most successful training institutes, providing learning opportunities to everyone affordably and conveniently. Radhika is also one of India’s most successful women business leaders to follow. Yet, whenever she reflects on her journey, it amazes her to see herself standing at this point.

Radhika’s journey reflects a transformation from a professional with a steady career trajectory to an entrepreneur fueled by a passion for education. Despite being an above-average student, Radhika dedicated her initial professional years to the IT industry as a Business Intelligence developer. Her tenure in the corporate sphere endowed her with invaluable skills—adapting to ambiguity and an innate ability to navigate the unknown, traits that have seamlessly transitioned into her entrepreneurial venture.

Imbibing Life’s Essence

Like everything else in life, what matters most in any entrepreneurial venture is your innate passion for seeing your dream realized after an arduous pursuit. In Radhika’s words, “How do you react and stand up after failure is what matters?”

Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. If you keep tossing up that coin in your journey, with an ocean full of hope in your heart, eventually, you are bound to succeed. As Radhika articulates, entrepreneurship has allowed her to pursue her passion while maintaining a balanced life, allowing quality time with her family without compromising her earning potential. She says, “Also recently, I completed my Entrepreneurship course from IIM Bangalore as part of Goldman Sachs 10K Women program.”

Throughout her corporate journey, the seed of initiating something in the education sector consistently sprouted in Radhika’s mind. This aspiration grew stronger after she became a parent and recognized the dearth of institutions offering comprehensive, high-quality training at affordable rates. She says, “I realized during the course of finding suitable tutors for my children that the process of searching for, vetting, and ensuring timely and quality delivery wasn’t easy even in this age of internet and classifieds!”

Some companies specialize in one or two subjects, but finding suitable instructors for the holistic development of both curricular and extracurricular remains stuck in the decades-old practice of finding through asking around. Furthermore, good personalized classes in the US and UK aren’t affordable. The absence of a platform fostering holistic development across multiple domains urged Radhika to embark on her entrepreneurial endeavour.

Her journey commenced humbly with the inception of a small-scale summer camp catering to the children within her apartment complex. The remarkable success of this endeavour spurred her ambition further. Subsequently, Radhika was sought after for personalized tutoring, the positive response to which led to a series of referrals. These initial steps laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial voyage, ultimately carving a path toward success.

She adds, “I decided to set up a one-stop shop for online classes in every subject you could ask for.” Founded in 2020, Life Skill Learnings grew rapidly. “I’m looking forward to continuing the mission of making learning fun for students and easy for parents because Learning is the Essence of Life,” says Radhika. Headquartered in Bangalore, Life Skill Learnings has students and instructors across the globe.

Reflecting on her journey, Radhika acknowledges the multifaceted learning experiences that have defined her trajectory. She meticulously mastered various aspects of online education, from establishing a digital presence through websites and social media to navigating learning management and video conferencing systems. Additionally, she handled the intricacies of business setup, including registrations and taxation, exemplifying her determination to nurture her venture to fruition.

Leading by Learning

Radhika epitomizes a true leader who navigates multiple realms within her organization, donning several hats as the founder. She shoulders the responsibilities encompassing sales, marketing, operations, technology, and financial aspects, effectively managing these diverse facets single-handedly. Beyond these vital functions, Radhika constantly deliberates about market expansion, novel customer acquisition avenues, and ways to enhance student experiences. Her mind is a whirlwind of considerations aimed at refining and growing her educational venture.

Her journey is emblematic of a leader who fearlessly delves into uncharted territories, embracing every obstacle as an opportunity for growth. Radhika’s tenacity and inclination toward self-reliance have not only steered her business toward profitability but have also inspired a culture of continuous learning and innovation within her organization – Life Skill Learnings.

Tech-Transformed Education

Drawing from her extensive leadership experience, Radhika holds a firm conviction that technological advancements have ignited a transformative wave within the education domain. According to her insightful perspective, the internet has heralded an unprecedented revolution in learning methodologies. She emphasizes the profound impact of Digital platforms, which have revolutionized school education by presenting complex concepts in easily understandable formats through engaging animations and simulations. This accessibility has bridged geographical barriers, enabling a child residing in a remote Indian village to access world-class educational resources taught by professors from prestigious global institutions. Moreover, the widespread reach of the Internet has made these resources increasingly affordable, signalling the immense potential for further growth and penetration within the market.

Radhika discerns that the educational landscape is in its early stages of evolution, suggesting a vast potential for expansion and innovation. As learning is an intrinsic part of everyone’s life journey, she acknowledges the modern child’s strong inclination to pursue extracurricular hobbies with the same fervor as their dedication to mastering school subjects. This shift in educational paradigms underscores today’s learners’ evolving needs and desires, presenting a fertile ground for integrating technology-driven educational platforms that cater to a diverse spectrum of interests and preferences.

The Most Significant Milestones

Radhika reflects on her journey and shares some of the most significant milestones that have marked pivotal moments in her entrepreneurial path. With a sense of pride and fulfilment, she recounts these remarkable achievements that have shaped her venture and underscored its impact on the education sector. Among the milestones she cherishes, most are the moments of trust and belief from the first parent who entrusted their child’s learning to her initiative. The support and commitment of the first teacher and teammate who believed in the venture were equally significant, marking the beginning of a collaborative and dedicated team.

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Radhika’s initiative, becoming Cognizant UK Outreach’s preferred partner for their employee’s kids’ learning, is a testament to her dedication and adaptability. This partnership further validated the credibility and effectiveness of her approach to education during trying circumstances. The inception of the Learner Café platform, designed to cater to diverse learning needs, was another milestone that highlighted her commitment to providing a multifaceted and tailored educational experience.

Radhika expresses the joy of reaching significant business milestones. She fondly remembers the excitement and pride of surpassing the first seven-digit turnover, marking substantial growth and success for her venture. However, beyond the numerical accomplishments, the most profound satisfaction for Radhika lies in witnessing the progress and growth of the students she mentors. Their development and improvement remain a driving force and a constant source of inspiration in her entrepreneurial journey.

The trust and confidence bestowed upon her by the students and parents serve as immense motivation, propelling her to continue making a meaningful difference in the education sector. Despite operating in the shadow of larger entities within the EdTech industry, Radhika finds pride in offering a unique value proposition. This institution delivers a customized curriculum and diverse educational offerings under one umbrella, setting the venture apart and defining its distinctiveness.

Learner’s Wisdom

For budding entrepreneurs, particularly women venturing into the demanding and competitive business arena, Radhika imparts invaluable advice drawn from her journey. With a wealth of experience, she emphasizes the significance of initiating action and learning through practical experience. Radhika’s counsel underscores the limitations of theoretical business models, asserting that real business operations often diverge from textbook scenarios. She advocates for an experiential approach, highlighting that firsthand encounters and hands-on involvement serve as the most effective educators in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Encouraging an optimistic outlook, Radhika advocates for a mindset that embraces challenges and accepts failure as an inevitable part of the entrepreneurial journey. She provides a realistic perspective, acknowledging that setbacks and failures are not merely likely but essentially guaranteed. Her advice resonates with the reality that setbacks are intrinsic to the entrepreneurial path and that resilience and adaptability are key attributes for navigating these challenges.

Radhika’s wisdom extends beyond conventional business wisdom, emphasizing the importance of practical learning, optimism, and embracing failures as opportunities for growth and learning. Her guidance is a source of motivation and encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, embarking on their entrepreneurial pursuits, emphasizing the value of experience and resilience in the face of inevitable challenges.

Building on Triumphs by Embracing Future of Positivity

Radhika says that as we embrace the New Year, she is delighted to share the remarkable achievements that defined Life Skill Learnings’ journey in 2023. “Personally, completing the prestigious Entrepreneurship program at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, was a highlight, fostering insights to drive our learning mission further,” she reiterates.

Last year marked global recognition and triumphs for her students. “I am excited to carry this momentum into 2024, promising even greater impacts on our students’ educational journey. Wishing you a year filled with continued success and learning,” concludes Radhika.

For more information, please visit www.lifeskilllearnings.com.