Rajanya Ravasia: Augmenting Your Offshore Wealth Momentum with Adventum®

Rajanya Ravasia
Rajanya Ravasia

Money begets money if one knows the simple mantra of wealth management – whichever income, direct or indirect and passive or active, must be skilfully invested, re-invested, and invested again into low-to-medium risk steady-&-moderate-to-high-ROI assets. Only then your wealth will outlast you and will last long enough for your coming generations to bear the fruit. Regarding best profit-returning investments, real estate almost always trumps most other alternatives.

In the real estate market, onshore and offshore yield different returns, with risk differentials. If you are an HNI or an aspiring one, then you know well how herculean a task it is to manage all your business endeavours and simultaneously see all your assets, investments, and wealth management intricacies all the time. Then assessing and calculating everything to know the exact level at which your wealth accumulates is utterly complex.

Again, you know the many wealth managers who’ll do the job for you. But then again, if you want the best of the bests, let us assure you that Rajanya Ravasia, the Founder and Director of Adventum Group, is the only one in the league of his own. Based in London, Rajanya holds a Bachelor of Science in Management & Marketing from Bentley College, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and a doctorate in advanced finance and economics.

Returns Infinitum

As a stakeholder in one of the largest landed estates in Mumbai, Rajanya was instrumental in consolidating Adventum’s title in the late 1990s to enable one of the largest regeneration projects in the city, aimed at re-housing over a million people.

Rajanya continued seeking opportunities that made for compelling real estate investments while contributing to his sizable property portfolio overseas.

As an HNI and investor, Rajanya noticed a vacuum in terms of reliable advisors and established organisations that could assist Indian HNIs in exploring overseas investment options.

Adventum was established with the singular goal of filling this void. From structuring the company’s operations globally to partnering with reputed companies, Rajanya has played a key role in strengthening the pillars of Adventum. With his extensive experience in real estate investment and the support of his team, Adventum has grown to become a one-stop shop for acquiring real estate overseas, particularly in the UK.

Adventum is a company solely dedicated to effectively managing the real estate allocation of wealth, particularly for Indian high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Rajanya says, “We strive to demonstrate the benefits of diversification through managing residential real estate in the UK.”

The Team of Innovators

Guided aptly by Rajanya’s competent leadership, Adventum’s team of professionals includes tax advisors, lawyers, mortgage professionals, and bankers who work together to create a bespoke and compliant strategy that meets their clients’ objectives. “We identify, acquire, finance, furnish, and manage UK properties on behalf of our global clients,” informs Rajanya.

Adventum is a wealth management company with a single-minded focus on managing the real estate allocation of wealth better. Especially in the context of HNI Indian individuals and family offices, Rajanya and his team aim to showcase the merit in diversifying the real estate portfolio, emphasising operating residential real estate in the UK.

He adds, “As a company, we identify, acquire, finance, furnish and manage UK properties on behalf of our global clients. To enable this, we are a team of professionals from tax advisors, to lawyers, to mortgage professionals and bankers who can curate a bespoke efficient and compliant strategy to enable our clients to meet the objectives they have set out to achieve.”

Knowledge Distinction

Sharing Adventum’s USPs, Rajanya says Adventum’s USPs are pretty basic. It is a one-stop shop for acquiring real estate overseas, particularly in the UK. In the context of Indians, the process of remitting monies, complying with all the legalities and compliances, and planning the investment from an estate planning perspective are all paramount in terms of ironing out. In fact, this part of the journey maybe 90% of the transaction. Identifying a suitable property with the targeted yields and a clean title is barely any challenge in a mature and transparent property market such as the UK.

While some of its competitors are mostly property agents/broker shops, Rajanya and the team Adventum don’t hesitate to outsource this part of the activity should the client want more options or has identified a particular asset. Adventum’s strength lies in its research; its knowledge of laws and taxes both here in the UK and in India to practically handhold an investor on the path to the most efficient and compliant investment structure and quality of assets.

“Our unique selling points set us apart from other similar companies. While other companies may act as brokers or agents, we focus on research and knowledge of laws and taxes to create an investment structure that is both efficient and compliant and result in a quality asset,” states Rajnaya.

Premium Fundamentals 

Furthermore, at Adventum, Rajanya strives to ensure his team educates their clients about the nuances of the UK property market. They go above and beyond to ensure clients make informed decisions in their best interest. He says, “We provide clients with a range of benefits, from our attention to detail of existing leases, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, knowledge of energy ratings, and more.”

Clients avail themselves of several benefits from Adventum when they work with Rajanya and his team of experts. “Instead of being emotionally led by the beauty of the property or its heritage look and feel, or its snooty address, we drill into the basis,” says Rajanya.

He explains it with an example: Did you know most properties in the UK are leasehold, and as against leases in India where the tenant never vacates, the lease expires in the UK? So a property in the same building block with varying leases will be listed at different prices. It is not something Indians are used to. Flat A can be priced 40% less than flat B. But this is not a deal; Flat A may have only 30 years left on the lease, whereas Flat B may come with a renewed lease of 250 years. Can you now figure out which one is cheaper?

Another big conversation in the UK is about the energy ratings of the property. It is going to be illegal to be able to rent a property that does not conform to EPC-C or above. Now suddenly, older properties that are not upgraded are losing tremendous value. The older established areas tend to have the older stock of properties; imagine a One-Bedder in Mayfair appearing to sell cheaper than a zone Two-Earl’s Court area! But this is the reality. “It is our job as advisors to compare two apples and not an apple with an orange,” he quips.

Surmounting Adversities

Speaking about the challenges, Rajanya says, as with any new business, finding new clients is always a challenge. However, their focus on educating clients, their knowledge of the market, and their sharp ethical practices, sets him and Adventum apart. “We are dedicated to fostering a low-risk, moderate return on investment for our clients while providing a long-term commitment that others cannot match in the industry,” he shares.

Again, finding business is a natural challenge. However, given Rajanya’s seniority in the real estate industry, this was easier for Adventum. The real challenges are to do with the unfamiliarity of location/laws in the minds of our clients. He adds, “The distance does not help, and we had to convince our clients of the merits of such a diversified strategy. Our objective is a low-risk moderate return to investors, but clients often fail to assess the risk they are asked to take when seeing juicier returns from competing asset classes.” So it’s much teaching and much understanding of consumer Psyche and maturity.

Rajanya furthers that they also make long-term investments without being influenced by the commissions that others in the industry focus on. Many outfits keep churning their clients’ money to make money while the client gets in and when they get out of a particular investment. He insists, “This is where Adventum has a serious moral/ethical issue. I know SEBI is trying to make many of these incentives public and transparent to benefit gullible investors. It’s the right direction.”


Opening on technology, Rajanya says that ‘technology is transforming not just business but human interaction and every level. With electronic security and onboarding becoming the norm in many markets, whether transactional banking or investments, technology today is making investments truly a click of a button. Information is abundant; with targeted marketing and focused reading, one can truly read what matters.

As opposed to Indian property transactions and registrations, UK property purchase requires no travel, and from start to registration of title, it can all be done via electronic communication. Bank accounts can be set up in minutes, and one can see their monthly rent flow on their mobile app.

He says, “At Adventum, we always look for ways to improve our business. We understand the role of technology in our industry and are committed to embracing its many benefits. We aim to use electronic communication to streamline the investment process, making it fast and straightforward for all parties involved.”

According to Rajanya, wealth management is an extremely crucial tool every high-net-worth individual must use. For one simple reason – to bring objectivity and diversification away from one’s primary source of income. For the self-employed, where no amount of re-investing in one’s own business can ever be enough, to the salaried/professional lacking the time, a good wealth manager can take this burden of managing your money better. He adds, “Now I’m not saying passive wealth management can better the returns than one would potentially achieve by running their own business, but this is passive income building, while a business is an active management.” One needs financial maturity to appreciate this.

Wealth management plays a vital role in managing HNIs’ finances, especially concerning diversifying away from their primary source of income. A good wealth manager takes the burden of managing finances off clients and provides a passive income-building alternative to their active business management.

Wisdom Addendum

Rajanya’s advice to young aspirants wanting to join this industry is simple. Approach anyone’s wealth with the same dignity and respect as you would approach your own. Time and patience with the power of compounding produce better results (better guaranteed for sure) than quick bets. Take a long-term view. “As wealth managers, we are often tasked with estate planning and inter-generational wealth management solutions.”

At Adventum, they have grown very well to become the leader in the space they have worked too hard to professionalise, mentions Rajanya, and the long-term view regarding Adventum’s future roadmap is the case. “At Adventum, we are proud of how we have grown as a company and are expanding further by setting up offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Nigeria, allowing us to increase the number of clients we can service while upholding our professional standards,” he concludes.

Rajanya and Adventum’s success testament can be found in the awards it has received to date:

  • Rajanya Ravasia received the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year -2022’ title from The International Prime Awards, Dubai-2022.
  • Adventum received the title of Best International Offshore Solutions, Mumbai, from Accommodation Times International Real Estate Awards

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