Rayzon Global LLP: On the Mission to Make India an International Sports Arena

Rayzon Global LLP
Rayzon Global LLP

India is full of sports enthusiasts. They wish to either play, become sports champions, represent our country, bring glory to all, or engage in sports activities in every way. Yet, they face the biggest hurdle of lack of decent or even basic sports facilities and infrastructure in their respective areas. 

Thanks to many public and private initiatives, the scenario is rapidly changing. Many private sports enthusiasts are trying hard to develop world-class sports infrastructure that could boast international players from every part of India. 

They, too, face immense obstacles. The biggest is the unavailability of the best sports infra solution providers. If you are one of them and reading this, then fortunately, all your dreams are going to come true. Because committed to constructing world-class infrastructure that exceeds expectations, with a deep dedication to quality and a love for producing extraordinary athletic facilities, Rayzon Global LLP is eager to join you. 

Rayzon guarantees your vision becomes a reality. Together, you can transform the future of sports infrastructure in India via smart collaborations and partnerships with both local and international entities, ensuring that players and sports enthusiasts have access to top-tier facilities that inspire and improve their performance. 

In Vivek Parekh, the Founder and CEO’s words, Rayzon is at the forefront of India’s Sports Infrastructure market, leading the way with an innovative and cutting-edge strategy. He states, “I share the same notion as our beloved PM Modi, that India will win 100 Olympic medals, believing in the nation’s immense potential in competitive sports.”

A few years into Mr Parekh’s journey, Rayzon is today one of the leading sports infrastructural providersspecializing in end-to-end turn-key projects from ground zero to full-scale completion

Mr Parekh’s creative and altruistic approach to Rayzon has played an integral role in shaping the company to be resilient top-down and proactive in bridging the gaps in India’s sports ecosystem. He wants to give all sports the same importance as cricket has in the country, owing to his conviction that sports can positively impact future generations.

Mr Parekh spoke in an exclusive interview with CIOLOOK INDIA, elaborating on everything they do to make India an International Sports Destination. Given are the highlights of that discussion.

Please brief our audience about your organization, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the most impactful companies in India.

We are based in Mumbai, prioritizing optimal sports conditions. Our expertise meets clients’ specific needs. In just five years, we matched esteemed global sports infrastructure firms. Our unique selling point is A-Z turn-key solutions, saving time, money, and effort. 

We offer cutting-edge options, seamless project management, and hassle-free installations, distinguishing us from competitors. Our ambition is to be the preferred one-stop shop, leading the industry. 

We envision reaching every sports enthusiast across India, transcending backgrounds and locations. Leaving a lasting impact, we aspire to build stadiums in every state, fostering sports development nationwide.

Tell us more about your services and what makes you stand out in the cutthroat competition.

What sets us apart is our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest sports developments and specific requirements. Our brand aims to deliver end-to-end sports infrastructure facilities through comprehensive A-Z turn-key solutions. 

From flooring and lighting to civil work, modelling, and post-installation maintenance, we handle it all. Bridging gaps in the sports ecosystem, we tirelessly seek key solutions to various challenges. 

At Rayzon, my mission has always been to build one stadium in each state of India, recognizing the positive impact sports have on the youth. With this vision, we aspire to contribute significantly to sports development throughout the nation.

Tell us about the immersive benefits of the solutions offered by your company to your client organizations.

We work with partners and associates all over India, making it easier for us to manage projects in different locations. Our experience and track record help us complete work quickly and efficiently. We have access to top-quality materials and know-how because we’ve been doing this for a long time, ensuring we deliver excellent client results.

Please brief us about your journey in the industry and how you made the company excel in its niche.

My journey started when an opportunity came my way, and I decided to seize it. With the support of my family and National Plastic, our parent company with years of experience, I built my own company. 

I owe a lot of my success to my amazing team. To thrive in this industry, we work hard to attract new clients and ensure our existing ones are satisfied. We stay updated with the latest technologies, attend exhibitions and fairs, and keep busy with marketing and promotions. 

Our goal is to create awareness about our company and the industry we work in. We have managed to do well in this space by staying active and continuously improving.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI, ML, Cloud, and Blockchain; is impacting the current sports solutions sector and how Rayzon is contributing to the change.

AI doesn’t play a significant role in sports infrastructure, and its benefits in other companies are yet to be seen. However, AI could become a valuable tool in the future for the infrastructure industry as a whole. In the context of sports infrastructure, AI could offer crucial insights about materials and their optimal use in construction, leading to time and cost savings. 

At Rayzon, we continually strive to build efficient systems for smoother operations, preparing us for an easier transition to AI integration. We aim to embrace AI’s potential to enhance our services and contribute to advancing the sports infrastructure sector.

What would you advise budding professionals aspiring to venture into the sports solutions industry?

India’s youthful population (average age of 28) offers ample opportunities for budding entrepreneurs in the sports industry. With a large market and high enthusiasm for sports, there’s vast potential to explore and provide facilities, introduce new concepts, and experiment with ideas.


An exciting trend is using sports venues for social events, highlighting the dynamic nature and promising future of the sports infrastructure space. Embrace the possibilities and tap into this thriving market to make a significant impact.

How do you envision scaling Rayzon Global’s operations and offerings in the future?

We have a big vision for our company. Our goal is to cater to the needs of people in every state of India. We don’t just want to be present in big cities; we want to be accessible to all Indians, no matter where they come from or what language they speak.

Our dream is to reach everyone in the country, providing them with top-notch sports facilities and experiences. Whether they are from Kolkata, Haryana, or anywhere else doesn’t matter.


We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy our services and witness events hosted at our facilities. In my lifetime, I aspire to achieve something significant. I plan to build stadiums in each state, leaving a lasting impact on the sports infrastructure throughout India.

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