Recognizing the Energizers of the Nation


It is rightly quoted, Health is Wealth. The real meaning is understood over the years as the lifestyle starts showing noticeable indications.

Keeping the humor aside, having good health is the most essential aspect for everyone. Good health comprises of four factors of proper sleep, regular exercise, water consumption, stress management and well-balanced diet. Our body is basically what we eat as 70-75% contribution is from the diet we choose and the rest 25-30% is summed up in sleep, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

Researchers have identified that most of the health issues prevailing today are all lifestyle related, basically arising from improper eating timings, eating junk or stale food, sudden gaps in meals due to work pressure and more. Most physicians and doctors ask about the diet of the patient and can correlate the causes of the illness with the eating patterns. On prescribing the medicines, the doctors advise change in eating with allowing certain food items to create a suitable condition for the recovery.

The recent rise in gyms and fitness centers, coupled with the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, a large population has started taking food seriously. These have highlighted the need for and importance of the nutritionists and dietitians who guide and advise a proper diet plan according to the individual’s fitness goal. It could be weight loss, weight gain, muscle building or just fitness. Fitness centers, hospitals and gyms were the key places which had the importance of dietitians who advised logically and scientifically on the uniform spread of nutritious food elements in the person’s diet routine.

Offering a basic change in eating patterns, the dietitians have helped lots of people reach healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) figures, bringing about confidence in their character with a new zeal for life.

Applauding the crucial role in strengthening the people, CioLook India is pleased to present its latest edition, India’s Most Trusted Nutritionists and Dietitians, that showcases the prominent aspects of their working and dynamism of their profession.

Have an engaging and enriching read. Cheers to the Health Boosters!