Relay Express: Reliable Partner in Global Logistics

Relay Express
Relay Express

With globalization opening new avenues to brand-new markets which are making businesses reorganize and re-engineer their services and operations; owing to this, the market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10-12% and reach $380 billion value by 2025.

Many businesses that are based in product trading are required to transport their goods to various domestic as well as international destinations. The entire process of logistics involves a wide number of procedures, protocols, and compliances. The entire process from sending the goods to the final delivery confirmation is a big, time-consuming and complex process involving the senior managers for coordination.

There arises a need for reliable, well-equipped, and well-established logistics companies that can undertake the complete process of the goods transfer and goods receipt to delivery, easily. The prevailing industry scenario has several logistics companies that claim to be big but work with a lot of dependence on external sources.

Understanding the importance, one logistics organizations that has emerged as the success facilitator for several global organizations, is the Gujarat-based Relay Express which offers tailor-made solutions with low turn-around time by leveraging technology. Spearheaded by its dynamic Founder, Ashish Dwarkadas Thakkar, Relay Express has emerged as one of the leading and fast-growing brands in Warehousing, Distribution, Supply Chain Management, C&FA: Logistics and Project Deliveries.

Robust Foundation of Dedication and Reliability

Relay Express is a decade-old organization in the Indian logistics industry equipped with a group of efficient and dedicated teams that understand the specific client requirements across the sector. Its foundation was laid with a vision to facilitate employment opportunities to deserving people.

Specialized in logistics services and supply chain management, over the years, Relay Express has showcased unparallel reliability and satisfactory ratio while delivering the consignments, which has enabled the company to lay down one of the most extensive networks covering local and global locations.

The company offers round-the-clock services with more than 47 warehouses and four offices in four locations—Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Noida and Bangalore. Today, Relay Express has emerged as one of the household names for corporate clients mainly because of its cost-effective services and a proven track record of fast delivery.

Visionary Leadership

Ashish a passionate solution provider himself has envisioned a future of efficient logistic services that can empower the industry with safe, reliable, well-tracked and timely delivered goods movement. He wanted to create job opportunities instead of looking for a job for himself. He started this company with very few people who are still aligned with him even after ten years.

Relay Group is also into manufacturing sawdust pellets (green energy) and Particle boards. “Everything we use on a daily basis needs to be shipped and delivered to multiple locations before being sold and used. Logistics is an industry that is a daily requirement both, locally and worldwide, with a massive scope to grow. The logistics market is a place that fascinates me, and I can utilize my potential and talent,” says Ashish.

The relay team is always ready to solve their problems and provide necessary solutions at a genuine cost. Moreover, the company is also continuously adding more service mediums to reach the maximum number of people to solve problems, thereby, achieving all of this within the time promised to the customers. “Our focus is to serve our nation and help it grow as we grow. We wish to employ those without jobs. Also, the company’s focus is on increasing market share and expanding globally,” he remarks.

Growing from the Challenges

Relay Express grew during the pandemic while many logistics providers were not active. “We continued to grow even in the COVID period as we pay attention to customer’s requirements and take quick action, which gives them the confidence to keep doing business with us. It was very crucial to take care of every employee’s health and execute the process while taking all the precautions and maintaining social distancing. During this time, Relay was into Distribution of Corona Vaccines, ATM spare parts & IT hardware for Work from home people,” he shares.

The growth was possible because Relay is a system-oriented, and process-run company where all important and routine operations are documented. All Relay employees are well trained to execute their work and efficient to handle given responsibilities and commitments. “We continuously focus on upgrading ourselves with new technology. We have new vehicles equipped with new technology to make work easy.

Also, Relay Express keeps all the warehouses updated with the latest amenities for security reasons and maintain all health parameters checked.

Warehousing and Distribution

The company clearly understands the movement of goods across the customers, suppliers and vendors. It aims at transferring the goods to their right destinations, at the expected time and delivering in minimum consumption of time and with cost advantage to the client organizations. The Relay team strives to find new ways for improving its warehousing and distribution operations. Relay Express lifts the warehousing and distribution strategy t the next level. It can easily develop a strategy that meets the needs from the management and execution of activity within its network of warehouses and distribution. The salient features of its service are:

  • Setting up automotive distribution hubs in India
  • Providing end-to-end customized warehousing facilities
  • Complete transportation solutions
  • On-site warehouses minimizes the time in order fulfilment of electronic items
  • Smooth management of the inflow and out flow of containers and packaging/repacking.

Full Truck Load (FTL) Transportation

Relay Express are the specialists in the FTL volume transport by road through India with a largely Dutch Fleet of vehicles. The organization guarantees its clients an extremely high level of flexibility. Relay Express delivers value-added freight trucking services through its extensive managed carrier network, industry-leading technologies and its commitment to outstanding customer service. Its well-trained and experienced staff delivers customized trucking solutions tailored to the specific shipping needs of the customers. Its excellent logistic specialists offer superior care, ensuring the customers receive the best possible services. The team prides itself on delivering world-class transportation services and efficient and effective supply chain solutions.

Relay Express has partnered with some of the nation’s best carriers for providing a wide variety of FTL services across the locations in India. Relay Express offers clients the best resources and expertise, from an individual load to an ongoing carrier service in a dedicated lane.

Reverse Logistics

Relay Express offers the next generation returns and recycling management solutions with a one-stop technology-enabled comprehensive reverse logistics. The company helps its customers conserve valuable resources across India throughout the product lifecycle. It offers end-to-end data visibility of the returned products from its origin of dispatch to the destination.

Relay Express Reverse logistics provides customer satisfaction and increased profitability through its professional service offering efficient, streamlined reverse logistics processes.

  • Upped customer return experience by 100%, triggering increased sales
  • Reduced return management costs by up to 25% contributing to increased margins.
  • Business Intelligence Services support better decision-making adding to a 10% rise in productivity.
  • Providing a trusted and organized partner for managing electronic waste.
  • Restocking/repacking for future order fulfilment or resale.

Scaling Wider Horizons

The company’s vision is to become a solution provider across the Nation. In order to approach this goal, the company extends its guidance to every person who approaches them through calls, personal contact, and videos on various platforms like WhatsApp, Linkedin and Instagram Google, YouTube. Poised for a dynamic expansion, the progressive management is looking forward to scaling the operations across the industry verticals in newer geographies through the joining strengths with several other regional organizations towards win-win business associations.