Reports Say the Centre Considers Approving 100% Work from Home for Employees of SEZ Units 


Last month Prime Minister Modi declared India can work from home jobs at flexible workplaces to boost higher participation of women and for better opportunities for female labor contribution. 

Since the current situation happening, work from home is allowed for a long period ranging around a year for employees in Special Economic Zones (SEZ). The government agrees to extend 50% of the total number of employees. 

Piyush Goyal, Union commerce and Industry Minister said, “Centre received requests ever since the Covid-19 restrictions at numerous places in different countries and people opted to work from home, says PTI as well. Mr. Goyal further mentioned, “Looking at many requests, we had permitted work from home in SEZ within the Covid times. This year as well there will be a jump in that ratio “  

The flexibility granted the development commissioner of SEZ to improve the number of employees and is approved in writing by the Centre.