RodBez, Bihar’s largest Mobility Platform Reflects Inspiring Saga of Resilience

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Dilkhush, the CEO of RodBez, captivated the judges on Shark Tank India 3 with his compelling journey. Despite encountering rejections in his job searches, he took the bold step into entrepreneurship and established RodBez, Bihar’s largest mobility platform. Dilkhush’s innovative taxi service model attracted considerable attention, ultimately securing investments from Ritesh Agarwal, CEO of Oyo Rooms, and Vineeta Singh, CEO of Sugar Cosmetics. Let’s explore Dilkhush’s remarkable entrepreneurial voyage.

Dilkhush, alongside his business partner Siddharth Shankar Jha, showcased their entrepreneurial spirit as co-founders and CEOs of RodBez on a recent episode of Shark Tank India 3. Their compelling pitch not only left a strong impression on the judges but also illuminated their journey from adversity to triumph in the taxi service industry.

During their feature on Shark Tank India Season 3, ‘Shark’ Agarwal probed into Dilkhush’s background, intrigued by the genesis of a business generating an impressive Rs 8 lakh per month in commission fees. Dilkhush’s narrative struck a chord with many as he recounted his humble beginnings, having completed only his 12th grade education. His entrepreneurial spirit was sparked after facing rejection for a peon position, prompting him to embark on his own venture.

Raised by a father who worked as a bus driver, Dilkhush learned the importance of perseverance from an early age. Despite societal pressures, he opted for a different route, venturing into entrepreneurship. His resolute determination led him to teach himself driving, laying the groundwork for his initial business endeavor and, ultimately, the creation of RodBez.

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