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Our children are our future in every sense. We wish to pass on not only everything materialistic we possess to them but also whatever wisdom we gained by being rooted in the Indian cultural ethos. Of course, they will learn lessons of their life in their own times, no doubt. But we want to re-establish the broken link or strengthen the thin bond if it exists. The bond with one’s original cultural identity in a hyper-connected multicultural global ocean of diversity.

Using the advanced EdTech, Rumbum Software Services is already solidifying the next-gens connect with incredible Indian culture. Romit Mevada, the Founder and CEO, and Darshan SwamiCo-founder and CTO, welcome you all to…

Story Duniya: Baccho Ka Apna OTT

In today’s digital age, everything is going virtual. Yet, nurturing a love for reading and preserving cultural values among children is of paramount importance. Story Duniya, a pioneering video/audio based app, has emerged as a leading solution provider catering to children aged 12 and under. This comprehensive platform not only offers a vast library of high-quality animated books but also strives to impart Indian culture and values to young readers.

With personalised recommendations, multilingual learning options, motivational features, and an affordable subscription plan, Story Duniya has garnered immense popularity among parents and educators alike. Romit and Darshan share the Unique Selling Points (USPs) that have positioned Story Duniya as a rising force in the world of digital animated stories, fostering a strong foundation for children’s personal growth and cultural awareness.

Diverse Library of High-Quality Animated Books: Story Duniya prides itself on its extensive library of animated books that spans various genres and themes. From ancient mythologies and traditional fables like Panchatantra and Akbar-Birbal to contemporary tales like Gauri and graphic rhymes, the platform offers a rich and diverse collection of stories. These captivating narratives cater to different interests and age groups, ensuring every child finds content that resonates with them. The high-quality animations and engaging visuals further enhance the reading experience, making it both entertaining and educative.

Regular Updates and Personalised Recommendations: To keep the reading experience fresh and exciting, Story Duniya continuously updates its library with new stories every week. This commitment to regular content refreshments ensures that children always have something new to explore. Moreover, the platform leverages cutting-edge technology to provide personalised book recommendations based on a child’s reading level and interests. By tailoring the content to individual preferences, Story Duniya enhances the child’s engagement with the stories, fostering a deeper love for reading.

Multilingual Learning Experience: One of Story Duniya’s key differentiators is its focus on promoting Indian culture and values through multilingual learning options. The platform supports multiple Indian languages, including English, Hindi, and Gujarati, with plans to introduce more languages in the future. This multilingual approach not only allows children to read in their preferred language but also nurtures a connection with various Indian traditions and regional folktales. By providing content in local languages, Story Duniya enables children to retain and celebrate their cultural heritage.

Affordable Subscription Plan: Story Duniya understands the importance of accessibility to quality educational content. To this end, the platform offers an affordable subscription plan priced at just ₹299/year—this nominal fee grants subscribers unlimited access to the entire library, including all new releases each week. The cost-effective subscription model ensures that a wide range of families can afford the enriching experience of Story Duniya, regardless of their economic background.

Motivational Features for Enhanced Learning: Recognising the importance of motivating young readers, Story Duniya incorporates a system of rewards and badges. Children earn badges and rewards as they progress through the stories, achieving milestones in their reading journey. This gamified approach fosters a sense of accomplishment and inspires children to read more actively. The motivational features not only make the reading experience enjoyable but also instil a sense of responsibility and dedication to personal growth.

Pandora’s Learning Library

Story Duniya’s commitment to nurturing young minds through culturally immersive stories and engaging content sets it apart as a rising solution provider. “With a diverse library of high-quality animated books, personalised recommendations, multilingual learning options, an affordable subscription plan, and motivational features, we continue to gain popularity and trust among parents and educators,” reveals Romit, a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur who embarked on his professional journey after completing his Master of Computer Application degree. In 2011, he delved into mobile app development, showcasing a strong passion for software engineering. Over the next seven years, Romit honed his skills while working with various startups, gaining valuable experience in the industry.

Driven by his unwavering enthusiasm for animation and Indian tales, Romit’s passion led him to establish a software development service agency – Rumbum Software. The company thrived and achieved significant success with his exceptional leadership and dedication.

Tale of the Two Wizards

In 2022, Romit, fueled by his deep passion for nurturing young minds and promoting Indian culture, took a significant step forward. He Co-founded Kids OTT platform called “Story Duniya.” This unique venture aimed to provide children with a safe and immersive digital animated story platform. Through Story Duniya, Romit aspired to offer a treasure trove of captivating tales that entertained and imparted valuable cultural knowledge and values to young readers.

“Not only that but by investing in the education and personal growth of children, we aspire to mould them into individuals with strong values and a deep appreciation for Indian culture,” says Darshan, an accomplished Backend developer who initiated his career in 2011 after completing his B.E. In the years that followed, he demonstrated remarkable skill and expertise in the technological domain, showcasing a keen interest in innovations that could contribute to making the world a better place.

In 2015, Darshan crossed paths with Romit, and the two innovative minds found synergy in their shared passion for technology and software development. In 2018, they joined forces to co-found Rumbum Software, a thriving software development service agency.

With his proficiency in backend development and a deep understanding of technological advancements, Darshan played a pivotal role in elevating Rumbum Software’s capabilities, delivering top-notch solutions to their clients.

When Romit envisioned the launch of Story Duniya, Darshan wholeheartedly embraced the idea. Together, they worked diligently to bring the Kids OTT platform to life, leveraging their technical acumen and dedication to create a captivating and culturally enriching experience for children.


Embracing technology to disseminate the treasures of literature and culture, we, through Story Duniya, paved the way for a brighter and more enlightened generation,” says Romit and Darshan together.

Adopting technologies like AI&ML can transform startups by enhancing efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and personalisation. Rumbum Software, led by Romit and Darshan, is adapting by integrating AI into its products, using data analytics, and staying updated with tech trends. Emphasising customer experiences and scalability, they collaborate with AI experts for innovative solutions, gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic startup space.

The collaborative efforts of Romit and Darshan have been instrumental in the success of Story Duniya and its parent company, Rumbum Software. Their passion for software engineering and unwavering commitment to promoting Indian culture and values through engaging animated stories have set the stage for Story Duniya to excel in its niche. With Romit’s visionary leadership and Darshan’s technological expertise, Story Duniya has emerged as a rising force in the industry, catering to young readers and nurturing their love for literature and cultural heritage.

Duelling Challenges 

In the dynamic landscape of digital animated stories, Story Duniya, spearheaded by Romit, faces challenges such as keeping up with technological advancements, adapting to changing reader preferences and ensuring data security.

Romit informs, “To overcome these obstacles, we prioritise continuous learning, maintaining a reader-centric approach, and implementing stringent security measures.”

While Darshan adds, “Attracting and retaining top talent is vital, and we foster a supportive work environment.” Agile project management enables efficient content delivery while maintaining high-quality standards.

Embracing innovation and conducting thorough research enable us to present captivating and culturally enriching tales, positioning Story Duniya for sustained growth and excellence in the competitive market.

Words for the Wise

Romit says, “To budding entrepreneurs, my advice isfollow your passion, thoroughly research the market, build a strong team, embrace innovation, and prioritise customer satisfaction. Stay agile, manage finances wisely, and never stop learning. Believe in your vision, persevere through challenges, and realise your startup dreams.”

Future’s Time Travellers

According to Darshan, in the future, Story Duniya envisions scaling its brand by expanding the content library with diverse Indian stories and introducing more regional languages. He divulges, “We plan to collaborate with authors and creators to enhance our offerings and invest in AI to improve personalised recommendations.”

Darshan adds, “Global expansion is on our horizon.”

Reaching young readers worldwide, while interactive learning features and educational partnerships will make the platform more engaging and valuable, feels Romit, who concludes by saying that their diversifying subscription plans to cater to different customer needs will further contribute to Stori Duniya and Rumbum Software’s growth and success.