SaaS Startup Nurturev Secures $1 Mn in Antler India Funding

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In a pre-seed funding round led by Antler India, SaaS startup Nurturev has successfully raised $1 million. This funding round also saw participation from Sparrow Capital, ISV Capital, Blume Founders Fund, and notable angel investors, including Kunal Shah (Cred) and Deepak Diwakar (Mindtickle), among others. Established by Sayanta Ghosh, Nikhil Ojha, and Rajat Jain, Nurturev specializes in a revenue intelligence platform that gathers information about the budgets, challenges, and priorities of organizations from various third-party sources.

Nurturev, based in Pune, utilizes its proprietary AI/ML platform to assist B2B companies in prioritizing and auto-qualifying revenue opportunities, ultimately enhancing conversions and reducing sales cycles. Antler India, an early-stage investment firm, successfully closed Rs 500 crore of its Rs 600 crore ($75 million) maiden fund in September of the previous year. Among its portfolio companies are Bold Finance, Covrzy, Hexo, Kusho, and Figr. Recently, Reo.Dev, a revenue intelligence firm with a focus on developer-centric Go-To-Market, secured $1.2 million in its pre-seed round led by India Quotient.

Nurturev’s innovative AI-driven approach to forecasting customer behavior provides a transformative advantage in the current competitive landscape for SaaS startups. Utilizing advanced algorithms and machine learning, Nurturev’s AI mechanism enables businesses to optimize their sales and marketing strategies, enhance customer success, and ultimately foster growth.

Conventional approaches frequently depend on time-consuming manual procedures and are susceptible to human errors. Conversely, Nurturev’s AI-driven solutions provide a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Automation of tasks for time and resource savings
  • Discovery of new leads through data-driven insights
  • Prediction of customer behaviour to optimize campaigns and enhance conversion rates

Its AI system integrates real-time insights, customer intent analysis, and predictive modelling to provide an all-encompassing solution for SaaS startups. This methodology enables businesses to:

  • Track customer behaviour and engagement
  • Comprehend customer motivations and preferences
  • Make data-driven decisions grounded in concrete evidence

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