Shield Armoring Pvt. Ltd.: Bulletproof Solutions Tailor-Made for Your Complete Security Needs

Shield Armoring Pvt. Ltd.
Shield India Armoring Pvt. Ltd

In modern times, the moment you step out of your home, garage, office, work or any other place riding in your car, if you are one of those very important individuals, then you know you are bound to be surrounded by threats from every direction. In all such unforeseen and unfortunate situations, the difference between you being lucky or not is Shield Armoring Pvt. Ltd.––one of the leading bulletproof car manufacturers delivering custom armoring solutions.

Shield Armoring’s CEO, Mr Surinder Singh Rathor, ensures, “Get maximum bulletproof protection for your organization or family with the help of our personalized range of armoring solutions that are tailor-made to suit your unique security needs.”

Since its inception, Shield Armoring has gained the reputation of being one of the leading armored car companies specializing in designing and producing a wide range of armored vehicles. Being one of the top armored car companies, Shield Armoring is committed to designing and producing a wide fleet of armored vehicles, including special-purpose cars or vehicles, bulletproof luxury sedans, executive SUVs, personnel carriers, transit vehicles for cash, and so more.

We Make You Invincible

According to Surinder Singh, as Shield Armoring is one of the topmost armored vehicle companies known for designing and producing bespoke bulletproof vehicles of all shapes and sizes, their team have delivered excellence in the given industry for over several decades. “Through our in-depth industry expertise, we have the experience of providing access to high-end armored vehicles to our valuable clientele, including corporate clients, banks, agencies related to law enforcement, individuals, and so more all across the country,” he adds.

Towards addressing the common threats that its clients tend to face all around the country, Shield Armoring is one of the most famous armored vehicle manufacturers in India, employing the best industry practices. Surinder Singh assures that they take special care of top-class technological innovation, top-notch quality management, and design assurance. He claims, “Our impressive fleet of armored vehicles is assured to deliver immense security and protection.”

Now you must be wondering, can you buy an armored car?

In answer, Surinder Singh says that buying an armored car from the best armored car companies is completely legal and ethical. Armored vehicles serve a wide range of specialized purposes, from improving overall security to handling special tasks like money transfers and so on.

Defining armored vehicles, Surinder Singh says they are special vehicles that deliver great security as most are made of top-grade bulletproof materials. You can check the huge collection of armored vehicles at

We Shield You

Surinder Singh further informs that the usual time for having a vehicle armored is typically between 90-150 days (three to five months). Most leading bulletproof car manufacturers offer a typical warranty of around three years on the manufactured product. He adds, “At Shield Armoring, our clients range from banking organizations to law enforcement firms, individuals looking for advanced security, and more.”

Surinder Singh further says that they at Shield Group endeavour to accomplish achievements each year consistently and add a new milestone in their voyage with services and superior innovations. They handle market requirements and open new doors in the security industry. “The most crucial factor of our prosperity depends on our corporate governance and the culture that we have adopted. For us, our accomplishment is clients’ safety, which we deliver through our customized quality products,” says Surinder Singh.

For Shield, customer satisfaction is its number one priority. From a global perspective, you will be happy to know that Shield Armoring has left the challenging competition far behind. It is the brand-new face of a new era. The company deals with every operational hurdle and faces challenges effectively through its research and development. “We constantly strive to be your shield against all threats and therefore promise to extend our support throughout our relationship,” states Surinder Singh.

Shield Armoring’s 100% Quality Assurance

Shield Group of Companies has developed quality assurance policies and procedures that are common and practised between all four of our manufacturing facilities.


All vehicles are subjected to four categories of documented inspections from chassis delivery to the finished product being shipped. These include receiving inspection, in-process inspection, post-production and pre-delivery inspection.

~Receiving Inspection: Surinder Singh shares, “As the new Chassis arrives at our facility, the vehicle is inspected for any damage before it can proceed to production.”

~In-Process Inspection: Each vehicle is visually inspected daily by qualified quality control inspectors. The inspectors document each process throughout the production of each vehicle.

~Post-Production: Once the armoring process is complete, our quality inspectors will subject the vehicle to a post-production inspection. This inspection consists of an entire vehicle interior inspection to ensure correct fit and finish, an exterior inspection to ensure no flaws or damage and a road test to ensure the vehicle is operating at optimal performance.

~Pre-Delivery Inspection: “Before the vehicle is loaded for shipping, our quality control inspectors will thoroughly inspect the vehicle one last time to confirm the accuracy of the previous inspection,” informs Surinder Singh.


Extensive documentation is maintained for each vehicle throughout the manufacturing process. Shield Armoring retains all vehicle inspections, glass, steel certifications and all documentation about the vehicle for future reference and traceability.

Shield is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and adheres to the ISO policies and procedures to maintain high quality control standards and promote continuous improvement.

*Manufacturing Plant

Shield Armoring is India’s largest armoring company, with over 45000 sq. ft. manufacturing unit at Ahmednagar (Maharashtra). The manufacturing and sales team is dedicated to producing, selling and distributing armoured SUVs to various government agencies, commercial and civilian in India and worldwide.

Shield’s domestic presence ensures that Indian customers will get the attention and support required to make critical decisions while buying armored vehicles in India. Shield India builds bulletproof vehicles as per industry standards and is a showcase of production efficiency. Implementing the principles of Lean, Six Sigma and ISO, the company manufactures its ballistic and blast-resistant vehicles in an assembly line process. Quality tests are performed at every stage from the start till the completion of the armoring process. A successful on-road test finally completes the process, and the vehicle is ready for delivery.

Unmatched Tactical Prowess

Focus on the quick and uninterrupted flow of products and materials enables Shield India to provide the right product at the right time. Absolute value for money is delivered even for custom armoring requirements.

Shield India Bulletproof SUVs fully resemble the street version of the OEM vehicle – down to the minute details of the decorative trim. Dedicated to quality and innovation, the manufacturing plant is also home to leading-edge support capabilities for machining, testing, quality control and customer service.

Surinder Singh says, “We feel proud to be an innovative and quality-conscious armored vehicle manufacturer. Whether for tactical vehicles or personal protection, we offer you a wide range to meet your requirements and expectations best. Our pricing, quality standards, delivery time and client service have made Shield India the primary supplier to some of the most demanding clients and government agencies.”

Shield India stands reputed for consistently manufacturing top-quality armored vehicles globally.

Armoring Standards

Shield India confines its armoring to selected models produced by well-known manufacturers to ensure its customers get the comfort, performance and protection they deserve for their investment. Surinder Singh appeals, “Let Shield Group help you with the appropriate vehicle for your protection and safety needs.”

The exterior of Shield armored vehicles remains unchanged and is indistinguishable from the original manufacturers’. The armoring is installed inconspicuously, maintaining a low-profile exterior appearance and high protection.

Additional features include:

  • A complete ballistic armored firewall provides maximum protection for vehicle occupants.
  • Blast protection against simultaneous detonation of two DM 51 hand grenades, armored walls and roof.
  • Shield-designed upgraded reinforced door hinges and alignment supports.
  • Large ballistic door seam overlaps for maximum protection during the assault. Overlaps upholstered to match vehicle interior.
  • The suspension system was reinforced as necessary to compensate for the additional weight for armoring.
  • Armored Fuel Tank Protection.
  • Optional operable ballistic windows.
  • Run-flat wheel inserts are designed to keep your vehicle moving under attack.

Shield Armoring Advantages

  • A decade-long experience in building and supplying vehicles.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing set-up.
  • A vast network of dealers in India and abroad.
  • Over 100 different models are available for armoring.
  • More than ten States’ Honorable CM and VVIPs are using Shield India vehicles.
  • The design is being inspected by many state government police and approved.
  • All materials are sourced from internationally renowned suppliers.
  • Armoring material testing is done from international and Indian laboratories.
  • Vehicle after armoring being tested at Vehicle Research and Development Establishment
  • (VRDE), a DRDO establishment.
  • Certified and tested vehicles are available.
  • ISO certified.
  • Delivery 24/7 is available all over India.

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