Sidhharrth S Kumaar: Transforming Your Life by Solving Your Issues with NumroVani

sidhharrth s kumaar
Sidhharrth S Kumaar | Founder

As ancient civilizations developed numbering systems they also propagated numbers’ impact on human beings and all our affairs dictated by astro-numerical influence. Akin to modern scientists, wise people of old tried to explain our universe and our solar system by the astrological equations of numbers developing it into what they called the science of astro-numbers or numerology.

Developed and practice over millennia across older-new and modern civilizations, India is one of the biggest proponents of this subject. Not only the masses, but also many celebrities, professionals, and corporate people arrange their affairs according to numerology.

Yet, what this concept still lacks is a research-based critical inquiry, which Sidhharrth S Kumaar, the Founder of NumroVani, has taken upon himself to carry out.

The Homo-AI Integrated Stream

He states, “Being an astro-numerologist and a healer, for the last two decades, I have conducted proprietary research in the fields of astrology, numerology, sound therapy, and energy healing. By doing so, transforming these occult sciences into evidence-based sciences is my vision. And in my mission to make these sciences an integral part of the modern open-minded lifestyle I have established my brand NumroVani.”

A human-AI integrated company, NumroVani is bridging the gap between the two streams of occult sciences and the contemporary world. By leveraging the powers of modern and occult sciences integrated into a single entity, NumroVani assists individuals, professionals, and companies in accomplishing a sustainable business growth momentum.

Reimaging Research-Based Occult Sciences

Sidhharrth a registered pharmacist turned Astro Numerologist has been reinventing the world of occult sciences with its contemporary use cases in mental and spiritual wellbeing, driving sustainable business growth and building a prosperous life.

Sidhharrth has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Alwar Pharmacy College in Rajasthan and had been a professional in multiple Bio Pharma startups and MNCs with corporate experience in business, brand, sales, and marketing strategy. According to Sidhharrth, “These experiences honed my comprehension of human physiology, medicines, psychology and the methodology to be embraced, adopted and implemented for holistic patient counseling.”

He commenced learning occult sciences at the tender age of six years. With his great grandfather being his first guru, Sidhharrth has been taught by his ancestors in this field.

“On my guru’s advice, I spent fifteen years of my life hibernating. During this time, I have invested myself in reading, exploring, researching, experimenting, and analyzing the subject further. In my journey across India, traveling and visiting libraries, and museums to read whatever books available and out-of-print manuscripts, increased my occult sciences knowledge giving me insights into contemporary science and modern education as well,” he shares.

After reading and researching for around two decades on occult sciences and their application to the contemporary world, he is practicing this for around the last ten years.

He helps individuals and businesses in solving real-life problems with hidden gems of occult sciences; with a primary emphasis on preventive approaches and personalized holistic wellness programs for individuals based on their date of Birth and Name.

Resonating with the Spiritual Calling

With a prime focus on numerology, astrology, and sound/music therapy, Sidhharrth is one of the India-based Global Alliance of Numerologists (GLAON)’s founders and also a member of the UK’s Complementary Therapists Association.

Sidhharrth says that he has been aware of his spiritual calling since the age of six. He adds, “I would see people visit my great-grandfather with their problems and return to share the positive outcomes of their stories. That made me want to learn this science and help humankind be better versions of themselves.”

Sidhharrth launched NumroVani in 2013 as an MSME. Now operated by a team of ten people, the digital platform is now giving wings to people’s business aspirations, as a private limited company. “Our aim is simple – assisting in the creation of a workforce containing happy members and growing business where each stakeholder generates value,” says Sidhharrth. People connect with Sidhharrth using the NumroVani platform or through social media, email, in-person or online consultations.

Proactive Wellness Solutions

Sidhharrth offers a variety of services through NumroVani. The services include Corporate Identity Development Advice including brand names, logos, taglines, product names and logos, and auspicious launch dates; employee wellbeing-focused assistance services, a healthy workplace culture inculcation, and devising employee engagement methods, as well as employee retention strategy analysis.

Further, through NumroVani, Sidhharrth provides proactive wellness programs catering to founders of startups, CXOs, and mid to senior c-level executives for enhancement of their performance and productivity, also assisting them in a happy workforce creation. All these programs are personalized, customized, and tailor-made in accordance with individual personality mapping. For the process of recruitment, Sidhharrth leverages the power of occult sciences blending it with the science of psychology.

He shares, “By adopting a preventive approach and optimizing their growth trajectory in life, we aid individuals in solving real-life problems with the help of advising them on creating lucky names, mobile numbers, email addresses, career stream selections, proposing newborn baby names, preventive approaches to health, finance, marriage compatibility, wedding dates, wedding décor colors, stock recommendations, and other customized queries.”

Astro-Numerological Predictive Analytics

Sidhharrth recalls that while the pandemic was going on, most of the startup founders demanded services including managing their and their employees’ emotional and mental well-being, and setting up ‘people-first’ workplaces. Another popular service was employee wellness.

Sidhharrth explains the service as, “Happy workforce is more productive is a well-established fact. Businesses are built around their people. Inopportunely, in many Southeast Asian nations, in general, and particularly in India, people do not speak up or put on their claims on the stakes which are rightfully theirs. We base our model on predictive analytics of astro-numerological and psychological predictions and offering well-in-time remedial steps.”

Sidhharrth proclaims that their concentration on the most crucial aspects of business i.e., their people aids businesses in building a healthy and 10X productive team. He insists that with astro-numerology, companies can choose those names, logos, and launch dates, which will build a positive brand image.

He cites, “Over the last three years, despite the volatile market, brands named by our methods have resulted in 10-on-10 Net Promoter Scores, always.” According to him, we might not be believing in it, but our lives personally and professionally are intricately connected thus one issue overlaps and affect the other. These advices based on astro-numerology and sound therapy infuses a motivational drive for a healthy lifestyle where people holistically achieve their aims and ambitions.

Principles of Multiple Methodologies

According to Sidhharrth, the NumroVani platform edge pasts its competitor because it is based on multiple methodologies like numerology, astrology including Vedic, KP, Nadi, and Panch Pakshi, as well as sound and crystal therapies delivering solutions for various personal and professional problems. He highlights that they leverage the primary principles of these techniques.

Post their implementations, the programs’ impact is calculated by qualitative metrics. “This enables us to showcase the level of improvement effected by Sidhharrth and his team’s tremendous work. “Our brand of sound therapy and binaural beats is developed according to my research. We customize and personalize it as per the individual’s name and date of birth in question to enhance its effectiveness and productivity,” reveals Sidhharrth.

The Power of the Past

He further conducted a pilot study with a sample size of 10000 corporate employees, publishing its findings in a peer-reviewed journal. Sidhharrth has so far published over five research/review papers in renowned international journals where his research focus has been the revival of work culture using spirituality and the occult sciences’ power.

Sidhharrth also teaches occult sciences to new learners interested in learning this subject. Moreover, he publishes different perspectives in multiple media houses on the subject of the occult sciences. Sidhharrth also insists that to plan a sustainable future, it is time to leverage these methodologies like astrology, numerology, and occult science of the past in research-based ways.

Sidhharrth’s Accolades and Achievements

  • Featured as the Leading Online Spiritual Influencer by The New Indian Express
  • Famous as an occult enthusiast with skills in Numerology, Astrology, Palmistry, Lama Fera Healing, Yantra, and Mantra
  • Regarded as one of the best numerologists in India and offers his services via his brand i.e. NumroVani
  • Published 10+ Research Papers, 2 Books and 500+ Media Insights and counting with officially verified profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Koo and Telegram
  • He has guided individuals, celebrities, and business houses on their real-world problems and has brought smiles back to their faces.
  • His social media brand page –NumroVani– garnered more than 105K+ support over a period of time, and it is growing every day.

Sidhharrth concludes, “I owe all my achievements to Lord Shiva and my gurus.”